oxy and male fertility
by HollyCat416, Feb 25, 2007
Does anyone know if oxycodone or hydrocodone has any affect on male fertility?  Does anyone know if either of those two drugs affect the male sex drive?  My partner takes percocets and oxycontin as well as ativan.  I want to have a baby but his sex drive has decreased and I'm worried that when we finally do have sex, that his sperm may be affected by the pills.  
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by hellc@mst, Feb 25, 2007
im unfamiliar wif ne opiate/benzo affecting fertility.i can tell u that they most definately diminish the libido of both men and women.the good news is that once the drugs are gone sex drive should return.try and catch him in the mornings u never know ur luk.even if he layed off the pills 4 a day.good luck neways.
by amythist2779, Feb 25, 2007
Hi, I'm not sure about prescription drugs affecting men like that, but I do know that when my husband was using methamphetamines we could not get pregnant. Its like the drug killed the sperm or something. As soon as he decided to stop using for awhile I ended up getting pregnant. He swore to god that I had cheated on him because he thought he had become infertal because of his heavy drug use. Well I didn't cheat, so his sperm must have decided to come alive once he became clean.
by HollyCat416, Feb 25, 2007
thanks everyone.  so far i have found nothing on the internet to suggest that fertility is affected.
by ScottQuit021907, Feb 25, 2007
I don't know what studies show, but you may be happy to know that my wife got pregnant in our first month of trying while I was on morphine, despite my libido (which I am happy to say is back (day 6)).
by m_jewellz, Mar 05, 2010
Hi. I used opiates for a long time before my girlfriend got pregnant. I have never heard anything about opiates affecting the fertility of a mans sperm. I do know that it almost kills the sex drive completely though. Someone had mentioned catching him in the morning before he uses, the problem with that is, he will most likely be sick from withdrawl and not want to have sex. Even though my sex drive was alot lower while i was using, i still had one so im sure you could talk him into. He is still a guy, you know. ;)
by PeNGuiNBoy17, Jul 26, 2010
I take Oxy everyday. And when it comes to sex, its a off and on thing. Usually when im feeling my oxy i can not ***. It takes alot of stimulation and work to go. I know when I am able to go and when I probably can't. Your man should know as well, because you have probably tried and he hasnt gone, or faked it. which leads to your self-esteem and confidence to go down. So just ask him. One thing that gets me out of it sometimes, is when my girl is determined, she gives me teasing oral. This stimulates me and gets passed the drug effect. Then in-turn i can ***. So put some time into the sex, instead of just a quickie. This also helps with better ejaculation anyways. The long you take and tease the more he will go. Its a build up with me. Take your time and you'll get better results. Hope this helps.