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suboxone is making my skin itch
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suboxone is making my skin itch

I don't know,  I thought at first it was the cold , dry weather.  I live in california.  there is no rash just itching all over not constantly, enough to annoy the heck out of me??   I take about 12-16 mg daily.  I wasn't a heavy drug user to start with .  I am concerned why I itch!  What should I do?
thank you.
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Hmmm...  Some opiates cause histamine release-- particularly morphine-- that can cause itching and a rash.  Some high-potency synthetic opiates--namely fentanyl and sufentanil-- cause facial itching, particularly around and inside the nose.  Some medications can cause a feeling of extreme restless called 'akathesia'  that sometimes presents as intense itchiness over the body, especially the legs.  

Finally, when thinking of the dosing opiates in general, I picture a line with pain on one end, and the side effects of too high of a dose on the other end-- namely nausea and itching (we docs call it 'pruritis').  You mention that you were not a 'heavy' drug user;  if that is the case, and if the itching is from too much opiate stimulation, you would become tolerant to the sensations in a few days.

Otherwise, I have not heard complaints of itching from other patients, but it is always possible to have unique side effects.  Were I your doc, my first thing to do would be to make sure that it ISN'T from dry skin  Then I would try replacing Suboxone with Subutex-- as in my experience, side effects are more common from the naloxone than from the buprenorphine.  The effect of Subutex is exactly the same as Suboxone when you take them properly.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you are left deciding whether it is practical to take a daily antihistamine to reduce the itching, along with the Subutex or Suboxone... or to taper off buprenorphine and go the 'totally clean' route.

Take care,

I too live in California and I am itching so bad from this weather its Insane !!!.....I have to put gloves on my hands when I go to sleep or I will tear my skin off.......

What do you mean "not a heavy user'??....because that could be considered a high dose for someone who is not a "heavy user".....just curious ....How much were you using and for how long?....

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