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Gluten possibly causing Brain Fog?
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Gluten possibly causing Brain Fog?

Can a gluten diet cause brain fog and memory issues? Just curious, that's what I've heard and after eating certain foods I seem to be really forgetful and hazy.
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It certainly can!  Even if you don't have a true allergy and don't have definite Celiac--yes, you can get brain fog from gluten.  Particularly if you have gluten intolerance.  If you have other issues, such as IBS or if you get migraines or if you have blood type O, you should definitely stay away from gluten.  Yep, your blood type matters.  I got this information from "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. talks about how actually most people can't really tolerate the gluten so prevalent in our culture's diet.  And, it talks about how extensive the gluten is--not just in the big four of the grains that most people know about.  Gliadin is the form of gluten that is in wheat.  All grains have a different kind of gluten.  Newer information is saying that some of these other grains are also suspected, especially if someone with Celiac isn't getting better.

So, the short answer is "yes".   Brain fog is a definite symptom of gluten intolerance.  According to, it is more accurate to say gluten intolerance and not gluten sensitivity, unless you have tested positive for a definite allergy to gluten.  So, you can have gluten intolerance minus the gluten sensitivity.  But, if you have definite gluten sensitivity, you already have gluten intolerance.  

Go to YouTube, then type in and you will find their free video.  Look for the one that has a flow chart in the preview and says Glutenology in the address under the preview.
I used to be so sick! I was so pale, had no color in my face, my stomach was so bloated, and I was always hazy. I had zero clue I had anything wrong with me. After all, this was my normal. I have eliminated all grains from my diet for over a year.

Believe it or not I have a really awesome diet now. I eat so much better than I used to taste and nutrition wise. I eat in a way called Paleo style.

If you are curious you can google it, youtube it, or go to a free blog I like called (its not mine but its a great place to get all kinds of info)

I agree with the above poster about blood type O. I am O. I definitely feel like a different person. I was just talking to my family about wanting to win that big NJ lottery so I can open up a REAL food place that people can eat delicious amazing food!

I adore my new eating now. Its so much more colorfull and rich. I can always hit a burger joint and grab a bunless burger with extra lettuce, tomatoes, and pickle. I dont eat white potatoes, but I do like a good sweet potatoe fry.

I also get italian dishes over sauteed greens instead of pasta, or make mini meatball soups with greens, or recreate some of my pre-paleo style foods such as pot sticker patties instead of regular pot stickers. (one of my favs by the way)

There are lots of gluten free breads out there but I stay away from those too as they also bloat and constipate me.

Changing my diet has made me enjoy and crave greens and squashes which I never had a palette for in the past. Its amazing how your palette responds when you eliminate those foods long term. I just want to say in the transition don't be afraid to take it slow and understand it takes a long time to get the the place where I am. It is a process and be kind to yourself. Just switching to gluten free is easy, grain free is a bit more hard core for carb lovers, but I was never a big carb person to begin with.

Also, when it comes to sweets, I make an amazing cheese cake with truvia. Crust free for me, but I make it in a pie plate and my carb loving picky hubby loves it!

The recipe is on the knox gelatin box, but Truvia amounts must be converted according. I used 18 3/4 teaspoons if anyone sees this and wants to make it. I also added cinnamon. ;)  
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