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PLEASE HELP! Fuzzy tickling temple feeling (like a butterfly is in my h...
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PLEASE HELP! Fuzzy tickling temple feeling (like a butterfly is in my head!)

I am so scared. haven't been to the doctor yet, I know, I know...
I am a new mom (1 yr. old son) and for the past year I had slight vision problems- straining and slight dizziness. I do spend hrs. on the computer. Went to the eye doctor and I have a very minor astigmatism. I have NOT bought the eyeglasses yet. Sometimes I get a strange temple pressure on only my left temple. Sometimes I feel I can't think straight or get so caught up I get fuzzy headed. About a week ago, I had another flare up. Grocery stores often send me into a dizzy lightheaded zone. Then, suddenly- my left temple feels "fuzzy" like a butterfly is inside it. It has persisted and I've taken OTC allergy/sinus meds. My head has TONS of pressure when I bend forward. Now, days later- my whole head feels pressure- no pain, just heavy. The fuzzy temple is still there. No runny nose, occassional sneezing, I'm so dry I can't even blow my nose, but I have a constant gooky feeling when I swallow.
Of course, I fear the worst- brain tumors, etc.
Does this sound serious or just sinus related? I am so scared
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I can relate. I've had pressure before with allergies and especially when I bend my head over (the pressure that you mentioned)

How is your digestion ? The reason why I asked is that a gluten allergy or intolerance (Celiac Disease) can cause that head pressure sensation that you described and also cause gastrointestional symptoms. You may want to see an allergist and get tested for food allergies, especially gluten.

Also what may help is using saline nose drops... like J's Nose Drops (you can buy them online) or the saline solution at Walgreens, along with OTC allergy medication. You may want to see if that helps your symptoms.

Good luck !
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First of all, don't be afraid to discuss this with your doctor, because it's the only way you're going to get accurate testing for anything that's wrong with you.  Advice on the forums is a great thing, but you're never going to know for certain what's going on until you visit your physician.  We can't give you a CT scan or look up your nose =)

I have the same fluttering on my left temple that you describe, and it started shortly after I had my daughter.  It will flare up at any time of the day or night, whether I'm busy or relaxed, and at first it was pretty darned scary.  But it's a stress reaction and nothing more.  It stems from my squinting at a monitor for roughly 14 hours a day combined with chronic sinus congestion and the strain of caring for a new child.  There isn't some blood clot sitting on my temple waiting to travel higher.

Your face is muscular; muscles are known to twitch.  This just happens to be the kind of twitch that's alarming because it's close to your brain.  Calm yourself down when it've survived several already, you'll survive more!

Make an appointment with your doctor.  If nothing organic is found with your M.D., see your dentist to rule out any tooth or gum issues that can also lead to the twitch.  And because you're particularly anxious, have them go over any X-Ray or CT scan with you so that you can ask any questions about things that look weird to you.  This is more for self-assurance than anything, because you don't need more worry on top of everything else.

The nice news is that the fluttering has lessened as my daughter's gotten older.  If it turns out to be nothing more than strain from your newfound fountain of stress, I gets better eventually =)

Good luck!
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