How do I stop being anorexic and bulimic without seeing a doctor I'm still only young and Im scared.
by Misstwilightalwaysx, Jan 03, 2011
I'm 14 years of age going on 15, I have been anorexic and bulimic for the past 2 months , I'm so scared I don't know how to stop, my Parents shout at me all the time and try to force food in me but the later at night I just throw it up again or at school. I have my teacher who is trying to help me but she is persistent on me seeing a doctor. But I can't see a doctor I'm too scared I don't want them to put me in a mental home. It's getting way out of hand though and is completely controling my life, I can't even eat something without vomiting, I feel so depressed and stressed out people around me look at me with disappointment and sometimes I actually feel like I want to die but at other times I don't and I really want to help myself but I don't know how. Is there anyone who can help me ?
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by mony0467, Jan 06, 2011
i think you should see a doctor, at this rate i dont think they will put you in a hospital or anything but by the way you are going you will end up in one. they will probably get you help with counseling etc.
by NikkiBelle, Jan 19, 2011
Hey, hon.  I used to have anorexia and binge eating disorder, and I've recovered.  So first off, there's hope.  Second, you needn't be afraid of going to 'mental home'.  If you need to go to the hospital in order to protect yourself, that is a noble action.  It shows you care about yourself and are willing to do what it takes to get well.  Your parents obviously don't know how to handle this; few parents do.  I would suggest you write down the phone numbers of 3 people you can trust to talk to.  Then ask them for help.  You need to get some kind of support, whether it be through a counselor, friends, or group.  You can get through this.  There are many reasons a young girl will get an eating disorder; for me, it was about perfection and control.  I am still learning, but I've come a long way, and you can too.  Have courage!
by redboy7, Jan 23, 2011
im not sure if u would call me anorexic but people always make fun of my weight, i have a lot of depression and stress issues, and i have mentally diagnosed myself with bipolar disorder, borderline, personality disorder, and since im lonely, i try to eat all those emotions so does that make me a bing eater? but after i eat till im about to puke, i rember what a fat *** i am, and get more depressed, i kinda feel bad for myself sometimes bevause no1 sees how muvh i go through because i balance out my anorexia with my binge-eating, i havnt been weighed or measured in a while but im a 13, going on 14 male, i think around the 5'5 area and weigh probly around 125ish, give or take but i still wish i could lose some weight, i have low self esteem in  a lot of other areas too, am i anorexic?
by Misstwilightalwaysx, Jan 24, 2011
Hello thank you so much for your advice, i think i sent you a message about it.

thanks agan, love Misstwilightalwaysx
by Misstwilightalwaysx, Jan 24, 2011
Hello redboy7, check you messages as i have sent you a message referring to you reply on Anorexia.

Love misstwilightalwaysx
by Amberlc, Jan 27, 2011
1st of all remind yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL.

Next I'm proud of you for admitting you have a problem with your eating and are wanting to seek help.

And finally, mental hospitals sound scary. But they really are not. I was forced to go to our local mental hospital almost two years ago and i was scared ******** but it really helped me a lot!

For the first time i met people who were my age struggling with the same problems that i was. And the thing i hated the most was not being able to go outside for a week which really isn't that bad. There are adult who can help you and help your parents understand a little bit more as well about what you are going though.

Don't be afraid to get help to take care of yourself dear.
by Springtiger, Jan 27, 2011
Do not be afraid or embarrassed. Millions of boys and girls go through this and it is really hard to get out of it alone. At the very least you should start seeing a counselor after schoola few times a week. Maybe if you feel your eating is out of control you should write what you eat down, and you will realize you are not eating that much. In the end it is your mental state that has to change becuase that is what is making you sick. if you try really hard with counseling and show improvement you may not need to go away to a hospital, but if you struggle you may need the extra help and that is nothing to be ashamed or scared of. I wish you the best of luck! Feel healthy and focus on your favorite parts of you!
by pmuse, Mar 03, 2011
14 yrs old is a hard age.  I went through the same emotions.  My mom would want me to eat, but I used another method of purging not to be shared here as it is not in your best interest.  Nobody should MAKE anyone eat sounds like your family needs intervention so all of you may gain a better understanding of what's happening to you ok..It is frightening to be 14, and our parents have legal control, but you do have a voice never forget that. Please try to sit with your parents and say what you feel, and pray for understanding.  A good psychologist who works in this area can help you find out what or which trauma or traumas in your short yet very long long life to be happened to create this situation.  Alot of my choices, emotions, and actions were based on an event like father passed, mom passed, gram passed, cousins passed, divorce, etc...School is particularly hard too for alot of young people.  Please note this:  That everyone has a story, a background, experiences that shape, make, decide how our brains react.  I try to replace a negative thought immediately with a positive thought. I'm trying, and succeeding. You will too.
Hang on life is a journey that will be happy for you.  Have faith, and take care.  Patty
by gods_daughter89, May 09, 2011
I have annorexia i had counselling but got on top of it then stupidly atop as i thought i was better but im not i now dabble with food on moat days eating 1-2meals i weigh about 6st 8lb and am 5ft 4 nearky im a single mum if 2children aged 1 & 3. I go through fazes of starving then binging till i feel sick i have a cigarette and binge and wil repeat until my stomach actually hurts, i have forced myself to be sick a few tyms as the thought of food sitting in my stomach rotting made me feel.dirty i know this is all psychological and am trying to beat it not only for me but for my children but its hard iv been annorexic sibce i was 9-10 yrs old thats 12-13yrs. Pkz seek help as the longer it gets the harder. God bless and take care x