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ECT for anxiety

I am thinking about having ect for my panic and nausea. Anyone know about it.??
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My personal opinion is that the procedure should be banned, as it had been for years.

It results in the destruction of brain cells.
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ECT is something that shouldn't even be considered in ANY situation unless literally ALL other options have failed, and a person has severe debilitating depression that has not responded to ANY form of treatment.

ECT is totally inappropriate for the treatment of nausea....and really, isn't indicated for Anixety so much as it is depression.

Honestly....I would put it out of your mind...there are too many other treatments out there.  ECT could end up giving you SOOOOO many more problems than you started with...basically trading one problem for about 10 more.

I STRONGLY urge you to not even consider it as an option.
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I had ECT about 12 years ago.  I had 7 'treatments' over a 2 week period, while on vacation from work.  I had them as an outpatient and returned to work 3 days after my last one.
The only side effects I experienced was some minor memory loss that went away.  No one I worked with ever knew about it.
Anxiety has always been my most serious problem over the years and although I have been diagnosed with 'depression' I feel anyone would be depressed if crippled by anxiety the way I was for so long.
The ECT did not help me.  I had to take 2 different types of antidepressants along with tranquilizers to finally get me back to some stability.  
ECT is not something to be taken lightly but at the time I'd have sacrificed a 'limb' or even more to obtain relief.  Drastic problems sometimes require drastic action.
I would exhaust all other avenues if you haven't already.
ECT is said to be pretty effective BUT the effects aren't permanent.
Goto the link below for some good information.  Any questions please ask!
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I've alreasdy had 2 rounds of ect.  My last treatment was two years ag, when I had a vagal nerve stimulator implanted.  I am now getting ready to begin another round of ect.  I have bipolar disorder with sever anxiety.  I'm begining to get out of control again.  For me ect has been a literal life saver especially in canjunction with my vns.  Yes I do hav some memory loss but it seems a small price to pay for my kids to have a "normal" mom.
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So does pot.
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