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Everyone check this out

Does anyone have symptoms that are always there and never go away??
List all your symptoms below, help everyone get a better understanding...write down all you symptoms and if there are constant put (persistent) next to it...

1.Feeling of unreality like im in a constant dream and everything looks  fake(persistent)
2.Fullness in the head
3.Kinda feel like im floating when i walk, like my body and head seems light
4.Tired no matter how much sleep i get (persistent)
5. headaches
7. constantly think im dying or i have a terrible disease or cancer
8. never feel like my self
9. nervousness

i know i have many more...please help me out even others by putting your symptoms so we dont feel like the only ones with these problems...

thank you!!!

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heres mine
1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety)
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way)
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast )
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety) flashes/warm feelings/clammy
7. crying spells/short with others
8. dont want to leave house or do much

   thats what i have maybe a few others but thats the most i have. i dont have anxiety all the time, just when something throws me into it . like health or drugs.. just coming out of anxiety from leavquion meds. hope to stay out a while. hope ya all have a great day and stress free. barbara
oh i knew i would forget a few .

tired/weak (persisent )
numbness/ tingling in extremities(persistent)
trouble sleeping(persistent)
bowel movement changes(they have been weird since I came home for the summer but get worse when I have anxiety)
chest pain(persistent)
migraines(almost every day since I was a young child)
vision problems
feeling like I am dying/have undetectable disease(persistent)
stomach nausea after eating
muscle/joint pain
becoming a hypochondriac(i pay attention to all aspects of my health now.)

thats me. i always thought i was alone.
morning nausea (everyday)
stomach problems
heart palpitations
tingling in face and hands
feeling of dread
don't like to leave the house
surreal feeling (like it isn't me)
short temper
head rushes

Probably more....
Can I just ditto all of the above lists? It is nice to know that we are not alone and that when people say, "oh no, that can't be anxiety related", we know differently!
My symptoms seem to change from time to my anxiety morphs and takes on a different form as soon as I think it is under control.
Overall has been hypochondriac problems regarding all these symptoms.
headaches (tension and migraine)
blurry vision
loss of appetite/nausea
tingling of face/arms/legs
muscle twitches
feelings of "blanking out" momentarily
feeling like i am vibrating on the inside when i lie down
chest pain
palpitations (PVC's)
high pulse

I work in healthcare, but going through this has amazed me the mind/body connection and what each can do to the other. But realize, especially those of us with hypochondriac problems, that we can learn to use that fact to our advantage. We can learn to use our mind to shut down what this anxiety does to our body.
I have thought I've had everything under the sun! MS, stroke, heart attack, some kind of heart problem, celiac, colon cancer....I am still having to realize these issues are anxiety.

Besides having hundreds of classic panic attacks throughout the last 7 years I too have constant daily symptoms!  Here they are:

Shakes and Tremors muscle twitching (hands constantly, random patterns throughout body)
Tingling/Vibrations (feet CONSTANTLY, hands forearms calves lips tounge sporadically)
Tingling Internally (inside body cavity)
Heart pounding (without excelleration in heart rate)
Rapid pounding heart rate
Extra Heart Beats (daily number and severity fluctuates)
Cold extremities
Hot flashes (full body)
Visual Disturbances
Emotional/Mood swings
Insomnia (either can't fall asleep, mind won't shut up, or can't stay asleep)
Hypochondriac, obsessed with the feeling that I am dying or that my death is eminent

I too have worried about MANY diseases:  Heart Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemica, MS, esophogeal cancer, colon cancer, POTS, Autonomic Neuropathy, Anyurism, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and AIDS.  All of these have either been ruled out through medical tests or disregarded by my doctors.  I have been told constantly that it's all anxiety related.  Thank you nellynell for opening this thread, as it has been a much need reality check in my battle with anxiety!  Hope you all felt well today!

Hi, here are mine :)

1. sharp pains in chest (comes and goes)
2. numbness in limbs (comes with chest pains)
3. fullness in head (comes and goes)
4. feel like my pulse is racing
5. constant pressure on my chest, like I can't breath
6. feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack
7. feel like i have a terminal illness that no one can find
8. weight loss...and refusal to take SSRI's because of weight gain
9. can't travel because I'm afraid that I'll have a heart attack and won't be able to get to a hospital.
10. can't go to the gym, because I"m afraid to work out.

and the best one....symptoms of cyberchondria, where I constantly look symptoms up on the internet and get a million disease results...or that everyone I speak to, especially on this websites forum "heart disease" think that they are a doctor....or that someone can diagnose you through the internet.
haha i am so glad i am not alone in my hypochondriac issues....Cori I forgot I was convinced of the POTS seemed to explain EVERYTHING! Yes and cyberchondria is also an issue...worst of all...I am a nurse and I know waaaay too much and read into everything like crazy!
Here are mine:

1.  Early morning Body Shaking
2.  Sweaty Palms/Feet
3.  Hands Trembling
4.  Feet Buzzing (also internal buzzing)
5.  Racing Heart
6.  Blood Pressure Spikes
7.  Insomnia (at times)
8.  Fear of Flying (not that the plane will crash -- just that I'm trapped)
9.  Nervousness
10.  Fear of having a stroke
11.  Muscle Tension

I've had others too, like loss of appetite and diarrhea -- but these have lessened.  It is so true what "daughterofsarah" said above in relation to the mind.  It is very powerful and can give us these symptoms by just thinking of them.  I try to counter my negative thinking with positive affirmations.

2.Worried of dieing of a serious disease , CANCER...
5. Heart Races
6.  Always thinking something is going to happen to me
7. Mood swings
8. I cry out of the blue
9.  Loss of apptetite

I have more  always worried about EVERYTHING  If something is wrong with me I think of the worst.
Talking to everyone here my ANXIETY seems better. You ALL are very supportive..
Check out the "Fibromyalgia" site.  People state the same symptoms there as here.  Also check out info on Borderline Personality Disorder.  I have all the symptoms described above and the Fibro and BPD fit me to a tee.  I hope this is helpful.  
Hi -
Here is my list -

1. Nervousness
2. Palp's
3. Tachycardia
4. Worry I am about to die when any of my symptoms start by a heart attack, etc..
5. Edgy
6. lightheaded(at times)
7. Cry out of the blue - different times of the month!
I too could probably cut and paste some of the symptoms on everyone's list for my own list

If you do not mind me asking, how high does your heart rate get?
no, i don't mind - it usually never gets over 120- when i say tachy- i mean for me that is anywhere between the 90's and low 100's and I am aware of it beating faster.  I had a 10 day holter monitor, echo and stress test - passed them all and found out i have MVP, and that my pvc's/palp's are benign.  I am a nurse and I just know too much and worry too much with any little symptom that I get.  Do you have any info for me or know how to slow it down?
Glad I'm not the only nurse dealing with this!
I run tachy too, between 90-120. I have also just gone through a full cardiac work-up and everything is fine.
I know that my psychiatrist did mention to me some meds that were not necessarily anxiety meds, but ones rather that slowed down heart rate and helped with shakiness... for me, due to the side effects of them they were not options for me.
The high heart rate is annoying and worrisome at times, but it's not dangerous to have.
Even though it is a complete drag having to deal w/all of this, it is so comforting and also helps w/the anxiety of it all, to know that others are in the same boat!  
I have been through counseling in the past and it helped me deal w/a lot of things, and I think that there is a lot going on again in my life that makes me tune into these symptoms again.  My family doctor gave me a script for .25 mg of Xanax and it has helped, but after reading some of the posts out there, I am a little anxious to take it here and there for fear that is making things worse.  What were some of the meds to help w/slowing the heart rate and shakiness?  I also seem to be waking between 2-4a and feeling an internal (i describe it as) "bubbling - like a fluttery" feeling in my stomach/chest and then I jolt awake, get tachy and immediately take my HR, (I also have an automatic BP cuff) i take my BP and it is usually 100/60 or slightly lower and my HR is in the high 80's - 90's. So there is nothing really bad happening -  I don't get it!  I used to work nights and now i work days after 14 years or so and i don't know if it is an automatic response to my body "thinking" it should be awake.  Who knows!  
sorry for such a book about me!!  Just thought I would share this, in case there is anything you know or could suggest!
take care!
He mentioned Inderal...not sure that is spelled right....
Just something that stood out to me...I see a massage therapist who used to suffer with anxiety. She found out after years by way of a Naturopathic Dr. that her Melatonin levels were way off and that was the cause...could that relate at all to you with the change in your hours and you being used to being up at night and awake during the day?  I don't know much about this...and this lady was a little waaaay into the alternative stuff...but who knows?
You guys have so many that I have, I thought I was the only one who had some of these.  
OMG- that is exactly what I was considering- I have melatonin tabs in my cabinet, and infrequently took them to help me sleep!  I thought maybe it had something to do w/my serotonin levels too.  Thank you for the suggestion- i think i might see a nutritionist to see if they can help me w/vitamins and stuff.  I take vit. supple's now, but I have to do more research on this melatonin thing.  Thank you.  
I did try inderal years ago, and because my bp is so low, it really made me feel like i was "walking on egg shells"
I was desperately considering  taking benadryl on a trial basis! (i have sinus problems, so i thought it couldn't hurt!)
I also just read on another site, that the bubbly feeling I  have in the middle of the night could be d/t my GERD (i have a hiatel hernia) so, I may try taking an antiacid before bed (and a melatonin) and see if I am a brand new person when i get up!! LOL!
Thanks again daughterofsarah77!!
Isn't a nice feeling (and it definitely decreases the anxiety) to know you aren't alone w/these symptoms?!
That was why I didn't take up the offer of the BP is already low too, so no way was I going to mess with that!
The only thing my cardiologist mentioned was perhaps a slight vasovego (prob spelled wrong-I don't WORK in cardiology : ) tendency, since I have the low BP and am slender. This was brought up because I asked about POTS, which he said I do not have. But I get light-headed and dizzy, and that was a problem before the anxiety/panick attacks. I'm curious myself about Melatonin's role...I used to be a night owl, and I actually really do not get that much sunlight (because being in it makes me feel light-headed and nausea) when the lady mentioned that I thought maybe it had some merit. I can't afford to see a Naturopath, and if I ask my regular dr. about it he will really think I'm whacked....I've run out of tests to ask for!
I self-medicated with the Benadryl for quite awhile to put myself to sleep...also used it through some period to down my anxiety. But I believe it may have turned on me and caused some anxiety though after awhile. Who knows?
Thanks again for the information/suggestions!   I really can't afford a Naturopath either - I may go to this one health food store around here that has a registered dietician who works there and gives advice!  
Maybe my problem is a vaso-vagel response too, since i am on the slender side- and have a low b/p- I never realized that one either!  
I will let you know what happens w/the melatonin and/or benadryl!
I know what you mean about the benadryl too- I would feel too relaxed (if there is such a thing) and then get anxiety over that!

hey people :) thought i'd contribute!

[3]Feeling like the next days my last.(brain tumours/anyurisms etc)
[6]Top of head feels tight/tense
[7]Visual Snow/Floaters
[8]Nose feels blocked most days when i wake up/blood in it at times also(omg an actual symptom! lol)
[9]Just don't feel like myself, haven't in about 6/7 months.

neurologists tomorrow :/

have a nice day!
I hope that your appt. goes well and nothing is found- hope it is all due to stress and anxiety.  It can do some awful stuff!
take care!
I'm interested in these "visual disturbances"  I have aswell this visual snow, afterimages, along with the other symptoms.
Mine are:

1. Worry I am going to die or have cancer
2. muscle twitches and pain
3. muscle tension
4. Floaters in eyes
5. Heart  palpations, PVCs
6.Nervous and Mood swings
7. Light Headedness
8. Angry all the time
9. Tackycardia
10.Constant checking of my pulse
11.horrible fear of having an anyurism
12. Fatigued

God this is horrible. I don't get why I have to be this way.  :-(
You know...Im to the point where I wish I had an actual disease instead of this stuff. Its like, you go to the doctor, they tell you that you have panic attacks, they give you some meds, and then you go home, have an episode of feeling like your gonna die, and there is nothing that can be done about it.. Im pretty fed up with this stuff. I just want to feel normal again. But then again, with all these medicines I dont even know what my normal is anymore...And I do the constant checking of my pulse....People look at me like Im crazy....Everyone has started to call me hypocondriac "which I do not think I am" its just that it seems so much severe than panic. Its kinda like you have that thought in your head that the doctors could just be wrong and it is a heart problem or something...Anyone with me on that one?
Yes, I feel that way too...It is like a roller coaster, you are down, go to the doc's go up alittle and then back down again!  I am trying to stay away from my xanax and rely on my vit's, biofeedback and exercise, not to mention my two kids to distract me!  I too, CONSTANTLY check my pulse!  I actually thought I was the only one out there who did that - and when it is too slow, I panic and when it is too fast I panic!  I am never satisfied!  Sometimes I get really mad at myself, because I know of other people with truly serious illnesses, and I am sitting here worrying about nothing. (even though to me it is something!)  oh well....getting older isn't what I thought it would be!
I would try to do some reading on how you are feeling, it does help- the libraries are great, and you might feel better knowing that it is something that can be worked through- over a lot of time, but it can be done.  Hope you have a great day today.....
Here are mine and they've gotten much worse since I gave birth 2 months ago:

*Constant thoughts of death (leaving family and friends behind)
*Fear of being alone
*Fears of disease/illness (cancer, anyurisms, brain tumor, heart attack, stroke, thrombosis...etc)
*Tingling/numbness of face, arms, legs, feet, lips
*Salty taste in mouth...most foods taste salty
*Tightness in back, left side of head
*Trapped/helpless feeling
*Feel like I'm crazy
*Feel like I exagerate or am a hypercondriac
*Feeling like dr's aren't really looking at my symptoms
*Chest pain
*Jaw pain
*Blurred eyesight
*Constant crying, especially when thinking of death
*Checking my pulse

Reading that others have similar symptoms and are physically healthy make me feel better sometimes...most of the time it's the "yeah, but what-if's". I know that I should be enjoying my life to the fullest while I AM alive and there's really no way of knowing when I'll die, but I often worry about "what if it's today and I haven't said or done everything that I needed to?"
I think most of mine have been fully covered by others already.  I've been fortunate that I've not had a full-blown panic attack in well over a year now.  (Could it be because I'm off most the meds?  Food for thought.)

I think these have both been mentioned but here are two I thought I'd add:

+ Agoraphobia - I couldn't go out for a jog because I'd feel the sky start to 'close down' on me.  I had to rush home.

+ Feeling of being trapped - I recently had to back out of a cavern tour because I panicked when the guide said "anyone who's claustrophobic please leave... I don't want to call the paramedics."  At the very mention of the idea my heart went into palpitations.  Or even little things can set this off... I won't go through the drive-thru at fast food restaurants, because if a car pulls in behind me, I'm blocked in and have no escape.  Good grief.  I used to travel around the world all by myself with not a worry and now I'm afraid to go through a drive-thru!  This is what an impact anxiety can have on your life!

would you describe the thing you feel in the middle of the night as a "vibration"?  I get this slight vibration in my chest on the left side only in the middle of the night.  When it first started I thought it was afib or something but after it happening for so long, I can feel that my pulse is regular and it isn't very fast anymore.  I guess I am getting used to it.  It has to have a cause though, right?  Who knows, I'm no doctor, I just pretend to be one when I self-diagnose myself!!!

Have a good one.

-constant fear of death
-think every ailment is something dramatic like cancer or parkinsons
-loss of appetite
-snowy vision
-unreal feelings
-i have a new one. Does anyone experience this? I feel like there is a little motor running in my enitre body, especially my head and chest. Worst when I'm trrying to sleep.
Here are mine:
-Lack of sleep
-Constant joint pain
-Tingling all over, mouth, face, legs, arms, hands, feet
-fear I may die from a terrible disease
-Some chest pain
-sore jaw
Hi -
It feels almost like tiny gas bubbles to me, almost like an all over nervous feeling - i thought it was afib too- but i had a 10 day holter monitor and i check my pulse when it happens, and it sometimes is a little fast - about 100 or less.  i am beginning to think it may be gastric related and I have a hiatal hernia, so i have been taking my antiacid at night before bed.  
This sight is so amazing. I can't believe that so many people share the exact same symptoms!! My husband never understands why I can't control my anxiety. I need to show him this site, so maybe he will see that this is a true problem and not me just being dramatic. He doesn't understand why I can't see that my symptoms are just anxiety and not a fatal disease. Also church has helped me a lot, and my Zoloft!
I have to say that two years ago I had most of the symptoms listed above. I thought for sure I had HIV,ovarian cancer, something was wrong. I ended up in the ER thinking it was over. My husband kept saying it was in my head. I was so embarresed when they diagnosed me with anxiety. For about a year I was on Xanax and it helped. I finally got tired of having to be doped up to do anything so I slowly stopped taking them. Now when I feel it coming on I just tell myself its the anxiety, i'm not going to die and it doesn't get to the point of dizziness and ER's. Also I have to say that because I was trying to get pregnant and they tested for so many things including HIV that my anxiety has decreased significanly. (now I just worry about heart disease now and then,ha ha, probilbly need a heart scan) Anyways I just wanted to give a little hope that it can get better. No pills for over year and only slight anxiety compared to the past now and then. Take care everyone!
Has anyone ever looked into hormonal imbalances as a cause of anxiety?  i am looking into it now and and going to get saliva tests.  I have a great life and i truly feel that my anxiety is a SYMPTOM of something else....  maybe if i had anxiety only when i was stressed or it was just when something bad happens, i could buy it, but i have it 24/7.
yes, I considered it to stem also from hormonal imbalances, or at least get worse because of that.  What types of test do you ask for from your doctor?  What are "saliva tests"?
thanks for the info...
Actually, i didnt get the idea from a Dr.  I got the idea on my own by doing a google search for hormone imbalance anxiety.  All kinds of stuff came up.  Then i found a nutritionalist who says she agrees with the possibility.  if you want to know where i got the kit from, or if you want to know what she tells me, let me know.  it will probably take a couple weeks to get any results back.
Can you tell me the web site?  and where to get a kit too...

sounds really interesting-
Avatar_m_tn  Now remember, I just started this and I don't know much about it.  I don't know if there is really a link as this is just a hunch.  Best of luck.
Here are some of my SYMPTOMS...
Feeling like i am in a dream, Unreal
Acid Reflux
Tingling and numbness anywhere that come and go daily (persistant)
Sore leg Muscles
Morning Tremors/viberating sensation in legs and arms (persistant)
TMJ/ears pop and neck muscles experience a throbbing pains (persistant)
Feelin like im gonna pass out or die
Scarred I have ms or some other neurological disease (persistant)
Racing heart
Feeling like I have to gasp for my breath
Back and neck cramps
Hands and feet go numb REALLY easy,  if im sleeping on then or if im seated a certain way (persistant)
Easily worked up by scarry or action packed movies (persistant)
Cry easily
Obbsessive thoughts/fears of the unusual
Cold extremities

I could probably go on, but here yah go!
1.Feeling of unreality like im in a constant dream and everything looks  fake(persistent)

i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee that feeling.

mine are :
sweating , tremors, fear of dying/doom, rare crying spells, nausea/gagging, trouble consitrating, racing heart, switching body temperatures. i go from hot to cold, obsessive throughts, shortness of breath, heat flashes, drowsyness, frequent urination, sometimes diharrea, heartburn, feeling of being rushed, cant calm down, muscle aches,  constant thoughts of death, fears of disease/illness, grind my teeth, feel like the doctors might of missed something and this isnt axiety, but a bad disease, shaking, chest pains, stomach pains, gas, IBS, loss of appitite, thinking of food makes me gag.
theres sooo many.
I think many people tend to think that anxiety is not a sickness and that its all in our heads.......but the truth is ........
its a real health issue that is overwhelming and paralyzing(in the sense that it stops us from being able to function)

So here goes.

Nervous feeling (persistent)
Headaches (all to often)
Heaviness in the head
Inablitlity to focus
Uncomfortability(if thats even a word)
shakiness (worst in a panic attack/mild in an anxious state)
Stiff and tense neck and shoulder muscles/tense stomach muscles
Stomach aches
Feels funny to walk like im not in my body/heaviness in walking(dont know if that even makes sense)
helpless/confused/worried state of mind
fatigue ( alot)

theres probably more....

wow so much of these symptoms that i have. and that i have never heard anyone saying anything about,thought i was the only one. here is mine

1.Hands and feet go numb REALLY easy brusing easy
3.allergy problems increase
4.heart palpitations.( not fast just hard)
5.tightness in my head
6.weight lost
7.insomnia ( sometimes no problem falling asleep but staying asleep)
8.vibrating feeling when i go to bed an/or when waking up
9.burning sentsation in my back, or all over when i realy feel bad
10.muscle twiching
11.chest tightness, like a bar is pressing on my chest
12. sweating hands, feet and face
13.breathing in a ammonia sentsation. and a funny taste in my mouth
14.feeling like im going to die from somthing the doctor missed
15.always going on the net to find other reasons for the symptom, and always relating them to some kind of cancer, heart, kidney or liver problems even hiv through getting a tattoo last year

i think i pretty much covered it, sorry for such a long list i just had to get that out an off my chest, an you know what, i feel so much better now knowing that im not the only one with some of these symptoms
I love all of ya'll at this point.  I am so convinced I did not accidentallly stumble upon this website. I recently had a sleep study that showed I was actually having nightime panic attacks when I hit my deep wave of sleep. (I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea 3 yrs ago which can mock night time panic attacks. however, my sleep apnea is controlled) I would wake up  out of a dead sleep with my heart racing 130-150 beats, my blood pressure 185/115 (which I normally have low blood pressure) I can't catch my breath, feeling like I was going to die, completely convinced I was having a heart attack or an adrenal gland tumor (pheocromocytoma).  I did so much self research because I was afraid to fall asleep.  Now that I know I have this problem because it has been documented,  I am glad to have all of you to lean on..I also have these attacks but mildly upon waking up in the morning after a couple hours of sleep. I was put on antidepressant, mood stabilizer, valium and heart/blood pressure medication to offset the adrenalin rushes.  I have bipolar disorder that has been pretty well controlled for a number of years and now as of the last two months been feeling like I am going nutz!!!! Here is my lovely list o' cr@p:

1. Constant anxiety about flippen everything
2. heart palps
3. doom, doom, doom, it is all going to happen to me!!!!
4. Total foggy head off and on all day
5. heavy brain feeling
6. floaters in my eyes, spots
7. complete tensness in neck and shoulders
8. headaches
9. insomnia
10. feelin agoraphobic, scared to go to far off places
11. Sex drive WAYYYYYYY down
12. loss of appetite (very unusual for me, I love to eat)
13. IRRITABILITY, can we say "lock her up now?"
14. Mood swings
15. Crying off and on
16. Concentration???? What's that??? LOL
17. I hear people talking to me but have a hard time comprehending them.."what did you say?
18.Oh, there's more......much more

Love you all  )))))hugs(((((((

1.muscle pains
cant stand that one    

1.muscle pain
2.loss of breath
3.cant think clear.
4.short tempered
5.cold hands. idea where i am
7.feel like im on fire
9.cant sleep
10.nervous mind
12.worried about pointless things
13.muscle twitching
14.weight loss no appetite
15.cant keep focused
there are more but you get the idea              
Hi first i'd like to say how are you Alicia hope you are feeling better .. and these answers are helping you and others alot . it sure helpd me a bit. :) Ok some of these symptoms are very similar to the ones i have not all but some. glad tehe ;) i was worried like hell. well i have alot lets start with this..

i predict bad things are going top happen in my life only bad
i think im going to pass out or die out of the blue
i think im goin to have shock
i think my heart is going to stop or fade away grow smaller or have a heart attack out of the blue
i am very paranoid
i have voices in my head telling me to yell out some thing for no reason
i feel so lazy dizzy out of breath and heavy
i have shock feeling all the time.
im a hypochondrict
loss of appetite
seeing the future as a death whole
sweaty hands feet and hot body
feel every thing is unreal or not even there like a dream perhaps
feel exhausted
feeling depressed and stressed
feeling angry and sad
crying some times
feel that only one thing is keeping me alive and if i lose it i will die
feeling if i dont go some where or do some thing i got told to do i will die
strange thoughts
might be relaxed but not in the inside
stomche problems
sharp pain
i predict im going to die the next die or wake u dead
i think that the symptoms i get might cause me to die.
fear of the fear.
i hope this helps u alicia good luck to the rest and keep posted i know how you feel its dreadful isnt it. Good luck :) :)

had to get on it and list mine ummmm here goes

1) chest pains daily (very scary)
2) palpatations
4) blood pressure obsession
5) fear of there is something wrong with my heart
6) chest tightness
7) breathless
8) scared of sleeping incase i dont wake up
9) cardiophobia
10) hypochondria
11) obsession with heart tests (i have spent hundreds)

feel a bit better all thats of mi chest xx
Forgot to mention that I always have nightmares........anyone else have nightmares all the time? Im always dreaming that someone's after me...chasing me...trying to kidnap me...kill me.....It started when I was young
1- Constant worry
2- Brain fog
3- Dizziness
4- heavy pressure and tiredness in my eyes (constant)
5- I don't like to go outside my house
6- Feeling of irreality
7- Severe anxiety when I have to speak in public
8- Occasional depression
9- Hypochodriasis
10- Unhappiness (most important af all)
I have had social anxiety my whole but didn't know about until a few years ago... now I having crazy panic/anxiety attacks, insomnia, nightmares...

1. Pressure in my head, like my brain is swollen
2. Feels like my ears are plugged, and sometimes painful
3. Short tempered, snapping for no reason
4. Skin crawling, numbness
5. Tremors, entire body
6. Muscle twitches
7. Always thinking im going to die
8. Scared to sleep, thinking i wont wake up
9. Blurred vision
10. Concentration, focusing
11. Heart beating quickly
12. Always thinking people are talking about me
13. Cant talk in front large groups
14. Headaches

I was wondering how people live like this and go to work everyday, i am struggling every morning to wake up and go to work, when you start a new medication haev you taken a stress leave to see how you react? I just started a new medication yesterday and had to leave work because I was having really bad side effects...
I have GAD,

1. Insomnia.
2. Persistant worry
3. Numbness in limbs
4. Floaters
5. Hard to make decisions
6. Joint Pian
7. Memory loss
8  Headaches
9. Brain Fog
10. Dizzy
11. Sharp shooting pain
12 Clumsiness...LOL!!!!!!! ..then again i always bumped into things
13. More that escape my memory now..:D

Easy on the ol folks now!
here's mine:

1) Fear of dying or being in an accident
2) Fear of medicines
3) Feeling that everything is surreal.
4) Constant tiredness
5) wake up gasping for breath
6) Rechecking things
7) Need to control everything
8) Feeling I'm going to stop breathing
9) Feel like I have disease and they haven't found it
10) Constant worry
11) find it hard to motivate myself
12) think i will develop allergy to nuts or prawns.

it's hard isn't it to always be worried? i am jealous of "normal" people and their happy little lives.
i'm thankful this thread was opened, it brought me back down to reality...
anyways i don't neccessarily want to title these as symptoms cause i don't know if one thing has to do with the other...but here it goes.
lightheadedness/random dizzy spells
brain zaps
cold extremeties
sore lower back
tension in shoulders, neck and jaw
tmj problems, grinding of teeth, soreness
trouble falling assleep, and trouble waking up in the morning
no desire to leave my house on some days
rapid eye movement
constant fear that something is wrong
fear that i am or will go crazy
self awareness
paranoia to some degree
random extreme changes in mood

there's more but i can't think of everything right now.
I too have many symptoms. I wonder if im too paranoid of it. Lately i have these symptoms..can someone let me know if something is wrong with me?

- Feels bloated even when drink and eat small portion.
- Blurry vision
- Stomach discomfort for many monts now
- I recently notice pulse at my freaks me out
- Noticable palpitation lately
- Sometimes dizzy
- Random muscle twitch everywhere on my parts of body(too often)
- Feeling tired n sleepy even after more than enough sleep
- Feeling that im gonna die soon
- Sometimes nervous when thinking about unfavorable things
- Feeling anxiety of something terrible is going to happen

OMG. im no the one right?
Well, geez... was wondering if my symptoms were just anxiety related or something real.  Having dealt with major anxiety and depression (on and off) for most of my life, I should know better, but the symptoms aren't always the same.  A few of the current symptoms:

1.  Joint pain, muscle tightness, weakness (comes and goes so I figure its a lie)
2.  Dizzyness, lightheadedness - feel like an elephant is sitting on my head, pushing me down
3.  Loss of appetite (good - maybe I'll lose some weight)
4.  Fear of some crappy disabling disease (not particularly afraid of death though)
5.  Freak out when I'm in a situation where I don't feel in control
6.  Generally uncomfortable in social situations
7.  Occasional bouts of IBS/nervous stomach

It *****.

Fear of dying (persistent)
Thoughts of brain tumors/ heart attacks/ tumors (persistent)
Uncomfortable in social situations
Feeling of fullness/ air bubble in my head (persistent)
Burning patches
Numbness and tingling around my eyes
Neck/head cracking
Panic, headrushes
Tightness in chest
Nervous stomach, nausea
The need to be able to escape a place or situation, need to be near a hospital (persistant)
Pain in hips, knees, ankles(persistant)
Feel that nothing is real
Strange vision
weird electric feelings in limbs
crawling sensation on forehead
restlessness, cant keep still (persistent)

I could keep writing this list for hours, haha
oh and heart palps, racing pulse
shortness of breath
i have shortness of breath,heart palps,feeling like im going to die or pass out or go crazy ,feel like im seeing the room move,umm like im going to die because of a pain i have,umm not going to wake up from sleeping ummm i get tingling feelings in my hands arms feet head, umm my head had shocks go through them like a lighting bolt umm my ears hurt sometimes my arms have pain in them sometimes my chest feels heavy and like i cant breath and i feel like im going to shake my head and go crazy lol my eyes feel weird sometimes , my stomach has issues i do have crohns disease so that could be the reason for that. um i chedk my pulse all the time.i look on my body to see if anything has changed and if it has i freak out i freak out over a sore that is so small , i cant stand to go to the er because i have to ask them ever 3 secs is everything okay i have had a ekg and everything was fine i also have gerd i have had blood test done and all that so i should be find right? well if anyone needs to talk or would like to talk i have yahoo my name is ***@**** !  and some times i feel like something is taking my breath or its going to take it i get burning in my sides oh yeah if anyone has had that let me know and i have shocking pains like lighting bolts go up my stomach and my sides and stuff to and in my legs too, umm i sleep pretty good unless im really anxious i have a fear of taken medicine , i am taking xanax right now .25  so far its help take it when i need it tho.. well it think that is about it !
i am so glad i read this thread. there are so many symptoms and feelings we get through anxiety. i cou;ld write a book on mine! It would be great to just be able to live a "normal" life. If you havnt suffered with anxiety it is so hard to understand it. i dont fully understand it myself really. I would rather have an illness that can be treated even through surgery. it would certainly be better ten feelinglike this everyday ad never knowin if your gonna get better
thanks to everyone who posted on here. its nice to know we are not alone
hope you all ave a good day today

Somehow this makes me feel better.  Anyway, here are mine.
sweaty hands-feet, heart palps, depersonalization, head pressure-fullness, irritability, WILL NOT FLY, fear of heart attack, sometimes will not leave house, cant "shut down" mind, rhinitus, all the fun stuff!!
This makes me feel so much better. I have been to the doctor several times in the past 4 months. I have had numerous tests and everything is coming back normal. The doctor finally said she has no idea what is wrong with me. After I read these posts I have almost every symptom.

Racing Heartbeat
Vibrating feeling in chest
Feel like the doctors are missing something
nose feels stopped up
weakness in legs and arms
pain in neck and back
burning in center of chest
blurred distorted vision
joint and muscle pains
can't sleep for more than 5 hours
loss of appetite
weight loss
This made me feel so much better, I never went and had test done or anything "besides to check for a overactive thyroid" came up neg.
I get almost all of these symptoms, and they all suck!
Does anyone feel it more in the morning and mid afternoon?
I feel it worse in the morning...think it has something to do with the cortisol level.
Also, I was doing some research and it seems many of us have ALL the symptoms of having the bacteria Candida, it causes so much of thiese its freaky....but atleat it is treatable.
I to have overwealmed myself looking up "symptoms" becoming a hyprocondriac....then when I read this, Ive decided to just STOP! no more will I allow this to controll me.
Mine came from out of nowhere, and runs with the "GAD" 24/7 thing, I started out litteraly shaking......thats kinda going away, Im going to the DOC today for a recheck, and Im having them check me for htis Candida thing. Its just to much of a coincidence all the symptoms....exspecially the "Brain fog, musle aches, bad eyesite, floating colors...etc.."
This website has alot of info on it, if no one knows about this, they should go check it out:)

Im new to the community, so drop me a line, Id like to hear from everyone, and there personal expierence with this crappy disease "both anxiety, and candida"
Everyone who responded to this post, can you also comment as to whether you are taking any medications and if so what they are?  It is well documented that sometimes the feels described in this thread are just side effects of certain drugs.  Hmm I wonder.  
I am not on medication for anxiety due to number 2 on my list! - Fear of medicines.
I take Paxil...50 mg daily....buspar...30 mg needed (maybe once or twice a month)
I recently started taking Prozac, been taking Klonopin for about a month...1/4-1/2 a day to stop the nervousness all the time
It is so nice to find a community of folks who are dealing with similar issues. As inside we know we feel terrible at times, and that are issues can be quite disabling. Mine are ever changing and some of them are:
  1.) An absolute FEAR of having Cancer
  2.) God complex, "why is he allowing this to happen to me".
  3.) Racing Pulse
  4.) Barely can sleep more then three/four hours a night
  5.) When I get up from such short sleep I cannot go back to sleep, I get sweaty, sometimes nauseas, tachycardia, and feel my stomach turning. I can rock back and forth in bed in a cool room and cannot get back to sleep no matter how tired I am. (does anyone else have that particular sleep disorder).
6.) Headaches "Now almost daily"
7.) Blurry Vison
7.) IBS "sometimes I feel I better not go out, or I'll have constant urges to go"
8.) Pain in groin area and urge to pee often even if the smallest amounts, took antibiotics no relief  
9.) Fear of impending death through agonizing disease
10.) Constant worry that drs. are making mistakes about my health and that they're clueless
11.) Loss of friendships due to constant sick feelings
12.) Irritability
13.) Anxiety in epic proportions
14.) Depression, I think that would go hand in hand with anxiety
15.) In past 10 years have taken about 20 Ct's, MRI's, Bone Scans and X-Rays if you add them all up. And they could have created a new human from all the blood they've drawn from me!!  
16.) Reading the internet medical sites and seeing no matter how many tests you take you just haven't taken the right one to rule out that certain disease you fear!!!!!
And that's just a brief description of my worries! ~I hope and pray that God will Bless us all with great health and happiness (though I think he forgets to bless me)~.
Ok so I have so many symptoms they are just too long to list.  I am right there with all of you on here with the symptoms.  I think I have had every symptom on every anxiety list on the web.  Oh and to the original poster....yes anxiety symptoms can be present all day everyday trust me been there done that (Thankfully I am not that bad this time but if I dont get it under control I will be soon)

My mom always tells me..."You worry about all these diseses and illnesses and just watch you will live to be 100 just because it would be ironic that you wasted your whole life worrying for nothing just to end up in a wheelchair and diapers."

I dont want to waste my life worrying anymore...I am so sick of it.  I am going to be 27 this year and I have been doing this for 10 years now... SO MANY doctors visits, ER visits, and tons of tests.  I wouldnt be surprised if I got something from all the MRI's Xray's and CT Scan's I have had!!!

It is just crazy how this takes over our lives like this!  

God bless all of you and hope to all of us that we find relief that works for each of us so we can just have fun and enjoy our lives! :)

These are feelings I get when I have an anxiety episode, which last about a week or 2. Then I'll go months without getting one.

Bad butterflies in stomach (nervous/scared stomach)
No appetite
Shaky arms/legs
Rapid heart rate
No sleep
Crying spells
Feel like I'm losing it
De realization (nothing seems real)
Night sweats
Clammy palms

Now these are when I'm having a anxiety spell... and all these symptoms occur at the same time... and its terrible. Usually have to go to the Dr. or something and have him get me some lorazepam... and tell me it will leave.

And it always does leave eventually!!! =) Always does... that's why I've got to be strong and not so scared if it does happen again.
Hey all,

I am there all the way 24/7 I suffer:

1)  Derealization, I Iive in a dream world all day every day
2)  Tired all the time even though I sleep plenty
3)  I wake up a lot and dream a lot, and I remember the dreams which tells me I'm not sleeping too well.
4)  Wake up too early frequently.
5)  Frequent episodes of jitteriness where I feel like my insides are crawling
6)  Constant forgetting of words or names in conversation
7)  Incessant thoughts that I have a brain tumor or maybe Alzheimer's
8)  When I'm in bed with my eyes closed I am usually 100% relaxed and feel great, but as soon as I face the real world I feel fake and mentally deficient.
HI everyone

Great idea this and OMG do i love this site, here goes

buzzing/tingling hands and feet (moves round randomly)
aching limbs (occasional)
bad dreams
waking in night
adrenallin rush in the night (not very often now thankfully)
constant fear that my partner will leave me through all this
lack of confidence
all symptoms are made worse when i'm alone at home for any length of time
shoulder,neck and upper back stiffness
generally feel like i'm going insane sometimes
fear of serious illness, mam died december last year of a long and painfull illness so naturally i've mimiced all her ailments even though dr gave me blood test to prove i haven't got it. thought that would make me feel better but surprisingly no.

The beauty of this site is as i read these links i can feel sooooo many of my symptoms easing away so i guess it's like a form of therapy for me. Now when i feel myself getting too worked up and "flappy"i just plonk myself in front of this site and chill, Strange? maybe but hey what works works , so keep the posts coming .

thanks all !!!
It's amazing to see how many people have anxiety, its a relief to know that we're all suffering the same sensations!  

I was just wandering whether anyone above actually ever had anything serious come out of the above symptoms?  Like a heart attack or a stroke?

I'm just thinking that maybe a bit of anxiety isn't so bad...perhaps its even normal...?

Whenever I feel anxious I just start running on the spot - its my mind playing tricks on my body so I have to do the flight and fight thing....If my mind is saying run, then I do!  

There's nothing worse when your mind, body and soul are so out of rythym - that is how I would explain anxiety.

Love and best wishes to you all.
hey here are all my symptoms

2.tightness of chest
thinking im going to die
shortness of breath
heart racing sooooo fast
can't be anywhere crowded
theres sooooooooo many more im just not myself i just want to be that person i was a couple months ago i feel like i took so much for granted and now i would do anything to be that same person
After reading all the above post s a therapy -an exercise- may be a treatment comes to my mind.Search for the word "SWAISO" It is a chinese exercise.
Rationale; we as a habit give 70% awareness to Upper body and 30% to the lower body.Aim of this exercise is to reverse this awareness.I.e 70% awareness to the lower body and 30%  to Uupper body.
Study the article in SWAISO and practice it with full concentration. I t think at east 60% of the people wil get encouraging results.Please try and give feedback in theis forum.
i am so happy to be on this site because it makes me feel a little bit better to know i am not the only going through this... wow.. i am in awe of how many suffer from anxiety...

fear of dying from a serious illness (aids) and i got tested negative last month
heart racing
feeling to pass out and die
gas..lots and lots of gas.. burping, passing gas
stomach pains
chest tightening
can't sleep,.... i toss and turn and wake up every hour
frequent urination zaps in my head
loss of apetites sometimes
crying for no reason
getting frustrated very easily
knots in my stomach
feeling to vomit
my mind is always running 500  miles a minute
feeling like i will have a heart attack or stroke
thinking of death and dying while having conversations with people
loss of focus and concentration
feeling drained and lack of energy at times
tired and sleepy
no zest or passion for things i used to like doing
isolate myself from people
praying and asking God why me
thinking about past mistakes i have made that are coming back to haunt me
hypochondriac (which i just learned what that meant today)

what helps me is the love and support of family and friends, God, my boyfriend, and a couple of self help books, prayer and i will start doing yoga on thursday and trying to push myself everyday with baby steps and giving myself pep talks with positivity and prayer and going to see my therapist everyday.

i know that many of you are not religious but maybe more spiritual but if this helps anyone you can actually be calmed down by saying/reading psalms 23, 121 and 139. try it and see if it works. Does not hurt to try..

God bless you all and i will keep you in my prayers...
well, here's what i face, been going on for at least 3 years, maybe 4 or 5

1. extremely heavy coughs, coughs that literally have me shaking and shivering
2. wretches and nausea
3. occasional puking from the nausea
4. chest pains, like a very steady and heavy pressure on the heart
5. the pains sometimes escalate to a sharp stab that has me cringing. sometimes it just starts hurting this way for no reason
6. my sleep patterns are erratic and broken
7. my elbow and knee joints on my left side feel sprained, sometimes i limp because of the knee
8. i over-think lots of trivial things, which gets me really nervous and anxious that sets off everything else
9. i hate standing in queues, it gets me extremely restless and uncomfortable
10. for the most part, i'm very restless. i pace around way too much.
11. i cried alot at night, when i was younger. but these days, i just feel this constant sadness and dread that gets me all nervous and stressed
12. i don't know if this is medically relevant but, when i listen to music, i tend to visualize images in my head and if i miss a beat or if my mind doesn't place something right i have to reset the track. i do this more than 10-20 times before i finally piece to images right

i don't know what's going on for the most part. my doctor suggests anxiety so i'm up for a psych consultation next week. it worries me even more.

somehow, i feel alot better now to have found an active and supportive community
My anxiety comes from my fear of having a heart attack - that my heart will stop beating.

I don't know where this thought comes from, and why, I am so obsessed by it.  I don't know whether I'm actually scared of actually having a heart attack or death itself...but when I think about it, it seems so silly to worry about something that may not even happen.

Is there a Doctor that can perhaps give me some advice on how to stop me from worrying about this?  How can I stop thinking about this?  Is it possible that a heart attack can happen if you think about it too often?

class post. i have mainly head related problems.

brain feeling like theres a weight tied to it

ears ringing

low rumbling in ears

hand clenching

odd twiches ocasionally

all makes me feel like i have a neurilogical disease. looking at this looks like im not the only one makes me feel less paranoid
Symptoms have been off and on for years.  But lately they have been almost everyday - 24-7

1.  Feeling like you cant (or wont) breath
2.  Off balance sensation (not exactly dizziness)
3.  head and sinus pressure (sometimes very intense, other times not there at all)
4.  General strange feeling (very weird unrealization feeling)
5.  Feeling like ground is shaking underneath me (but it is not)
6.  cold hand and feet
7.  tingling in hands
8.  hot flashes and feelings on nausea
9.  Feeling like I am going to pass out
10. Feeling like I am going to die
11.  Feeling like I am going to lose my mind or go crazy
12.  Heart beats harder but not faster (but the above symptoms can happen and heart feels fine
13.  Constantly checking vitals ( temperature, blood pressure, pulse)
14.  Extreme fear of disease like cancer, stroke or heart attack
15.  minor headache that does not go away for few days
16.  back ache and neck cracking all the time
17.  tightness in throat and hard time swallowing sometimes (other times its fine)
18.  Strange sensation when I walk like my legs are not there (very bizzare)

The list goes on but these are the major culprits.

I have seen many doctors and had many tests.  Going for CatScan of sinuses but have seen ENT 3 times and he is not sure anything is wrong.  

Primary says I am fine and sent me to shrink.  I have seen psychiatrist for about and month and seen small improvement.

my main problem is that I cannot grasp that this could all be "JUST" anxiety.

I have been on Zoloft for 12 years hate to see what I would be like if  I wasnt!!
1. Cant catch my breath feel like Im smothering. Very scarry!!
2. Very Paranoid
3. Irregular Heart Beat
4. Insomnia, When I finally do get to sleep I continually wake up thru the nite.
5. Clostraphobic especially on planes
6. Fear of not having Friends. (I have pretty much chased them all away)
7. Fear of Death or having cancer.
8. Fear my Husband will die.
I've been suffering from anxiety since I was 13 and now I am 23. Never had any medicactions and not planning to. Throughout the years i've learned to control it. Sometimes I gotta admit it is hard but I push myself and face my fears and that has really helped. Now I get these symptoms once in a while.

1. Cold hands and feet
2. Hot flashes
3. Heart races
4. Nausea every morning
5. Nervousness
6. Muscle Tension
7. Shortness of breath
8. Dry Mouth
9. Feeling always tired
oh yeah I forgot to mention

I cannot focus in school in sometimes.

I find it funny when I tell people that I suffer from anxiety, they just don't believe me. I think it is because I am very social and out there.
Anyone ever just feel constantly cold?  Like your skin cant feel the warmth of your body.  I do warm up in sunlight/heat etc but a breeze will feel chilling and clothing feels cool against my skin. This has been going on for 8 months and started right after I had a procedure to cure my Tachycardia. I have been to 2 internists, 2 neurologist and 2 cardiologists, had numerous tests and I have stumped them all. Most suggest Anxiety and want me to see a Psychologist.  Im convinced it's something serious and can't shake this feeling.  How can I make myself feel constantly cold?  My thighs also sting when it's cold out, like my pants are freezing to my leg (hate that feeling cause I work outside).  Also, when I do get hot on a real hot day, I sweat profusely everywhere!  I have never been a sweaty person.  Anyone else have these or other symptoms that just wont go away?  My wife says to just ignore them but It's like trying to Jog with a broken foot..Just cant do it. I'm worried sick. Strange thing is, im on Zoloft and other than constant coldness, I feel great, which makes me suspicious of it being just anxiety.
I have been suffering from anxiety for a little over a month and these are they symptoms that I have been experiencing:

1. Living in a dream
2. Irritability
3. sharp pains througout my body
3. Muscle tension
4. tension headaches
5. hypochondria
6. change in bowel habits
7 wanting to just be alone so that I can worry
8. scared of what the future holds
9. muscle twitches

I'm so glad I found this site and forum, unbelievable how many of us suffer from similar symptoms, what a relief, I would like to talk to all of you.
I'm fifty and just starting with menopause symptoms which are horrendous but I always had anxiety but now it's 24/7.It  started three months ago, big boom, ended at ER with Tachycardia.
Here they are:
1.Fast pulse, fast heart rate
2.obsessed with checking pulse
3.Tachycardia, couldn't relax for the whole time I was at the ER. Pulse was 140, BP 180/90
4.Digestive problems, abdomenal (abdominal) pain, cramps, acid reflux.
5. Knotted stomach and esophagus
7.Feeling of doom, something bad is going to happen to me.
8.panic attacks
9.Fear of having a deadly disease lurking in me
10.Very bad sleep
11.Feeling of internal tremors
12. Social phobia, thinking people think I'm sick, dying or worthless.
13.Gagging with food sometimes
14. Weak legs, feel weird when walking, as if floating
15. Worried I'm going crazy!
16.Hot flashes, cold flashes
I have been taking Oxazepam, 5mg everyday now for more than three months. It takes the edge away but I'm aware that it's addictive. My doctor prescribed Beta Blockers for panic and heart beat going crazy. So I take that occasionaly. I have been in therapy for the last few weeks, and I'm planning on going on Cognitive Behavioral therapy. All this I hope will help with this nightmarish existence, I'm so happy I found people who know what I'm talking about.
I'm 35 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with GAD about a month ago. It's hard for me to tell what is pregnancy related and what is anxiety. my symptoms move around a lot, but the usually involve weakness in arms and legs, muscle pain, twitching and tingling, ibs, back, shoulder and hip pain, rapid pulse. It all completely distracts me and terrifies me and has robbed me of the joy of enjoying the last few months of pregnancy. I'm sorry you all are suffering, but it is comforting to know I'm not alone...
aches all over body
cant walk straight
heres my list.. and i wish it wasnt

-major headaches - tension related that never seem to let up 24/7
-major tension in shoulders neck and back of head 24/7
-eye probs- need for glasses because of all the tension has strained my eyes
-feeling out of it- scared to drive incase i have accident cause not with it
-muscles weak
-change in bowel habits
- Living in a dream (or nightmare in this case)
- Irritability
- hypochondria
- wanting to just be alone so that I can worry
- scared of what the future holds
I Have always suffered from anxiety but i have so far been able to deal with it the excrutiating panic attacks.. that is up until just over a month ago and i really doubt that i only suffer from anxiety. I have been house bound for over a month and this is so out of character for me im such an out going person with loads of friends who lives life to the full. I can barely leave my bedroom. Here are my symptoms...

constantly weak
weak heart beat which i can barely feel in my wrists
when i stand up i get really bad palpitations or feeling like my heart just cant cope and it about to stop
fatigue (persistant) although find it hard to sleep or even get comfortable in a bed
Constant discomfort in chest
cant lie down feel like im suffocating
constant feeling that my heart is not beating properly
constantly on edge
very sever heart palpitations
racing heart beat at times
thumping heart
blacking out for a couple of seconds where i feel like my full body has paused
constantly thinking i am going to die( all day long)
living in a dream world( everything is so surreal)
worrying i have a major illness the doctors havent discovered
constantly checking my pulse
cant leave my house, cant even consider it right now
feeling that my heart is falling into my stomach
Jerking when my heart does something funny
waking up bolt upright and gasping for air
feeling like i can barely breath
feeling of disconnection with myself
feeling of full head
complete loss of appetite and lost weight even though i am very slight
problem with swallowing food
muscle pains... all over body pain
chest pains at times which travels to my back
irregular heart beat
feelings of dettatchment
severe agoraphobia
fear of what the future holds
I cant look at anything in the same way anymore
I dont feel safe ANYWHERE

I would not wish this on my worst enemy... Please tell me if this will ever go away? I just want to return to the person i once was. I took so much for granted. Only a month ago I was normal.
Wow! I am so amazed to come across this posting! nellynell, what a great and brave posting.. which led to something that I think should be the first medical student assignement!!!!

Since I was 21, I have had episodes that I suffered from basically all of the above symptoms, give or take a few! I am actually suffering a 3rd episode that has lasted for 6 months now. I am 27 guy, new so yet to put up a pic.

I really think that we should take this blog one step further.. we need to open up an entire new forum, really!! PSYCHSOMATIZATION, or CONVERSION DISORDER!!!!!!!!!!
This is what we are all suffering from, and it is the body's response to our minds fear!! This is a real emotional disorder that is curable!! Look it up! I know, it is hard to believe or do, but I've done it before, and that I have adopted a new world of concerns, I have developed another episode, which I have hope in curing.

Isn't it amazing, that our bodies are so affected by fear that it creates endless neurological symptoms that convince us that we have an organic, physical disease?! And are dying! But that despite all the reinforcement we get and despite everyone sharing their fear symptoms, we persist that there is something physically wrong!

But its not all Hypochondrasis, conversion disorder or psychosomatisation, or symptoms of most all other emotional illness are REAL!

This blog puts so much insight on my own condition.

resently my concerns have made me very dysfunctional: the major ones being:

Extreme head stress, where my veins will swell on my temple area and even on the sides of my forehead a bit, and will subside when my stress does. I actually have a rather chronic state of head pressure, which is induced with physical exertion. It is a form of stress and concentrating to hard. This has concerned me a lot, but it subsides, and it is completely cureable. Just as are the accompanying insecure thoughts that I have! See, we get physical sympoms because we have underlying fear, and then that fear creates more fear and more sumptoms (a vicious cycle-- that we can break!)

So lets continue to help each other, help asure each other that not only are we not alone, but that if you see someone who is complaining, suffering from something that you do or once did have, then share, because your experience is their best doctor!

This altruism and love to help others doesn't only help others, it helps ourself, spiritually and we are much more likely to expect the assurance and help we need. because what goes around comes around, right?

Well take care all of you, and I hope to get that forum going, as a continuation of this blog.

With love,

Hey Yazzi,

How are you feeling?  
I just became a member the other day and just got done reading the blog that nellynell posted called, "Everyone check this out".
Anyway i thought I would inquire because I remeber reading your posts about your concerns and am glad to talk, be your friend. I have suffered episodes of the same condition as everyone else who responded to that blog and am actually going through one now. I responded to that same blog recently and think that we should keep the same dialouge going as an independent forum even, under "Psychosomatization, or Conversion disorder, because that is what it is.
I have yet to put up a picture, but I am 27 guy,
Hope you're still around,

1. Fear of death or am going to die ( constant)
2. Shaking internaly ( mostly in my back )
3. As i drift of to sleep i get a sudden rush or jolt in the middle of my head that makes me wake up in panic
4. I dont go out any more and am loseing the people closest to me
5. Feeling like the doctor is wrong and i have a serious illness
6. Persitant thoughts of doom and future
7. Pains all over my body
8. Short term memory loss
10. Stabing feelings in face and head

i could go on and on, but im still abit worried about the werid feeling i get in my head as i drift off to sleep as i havent seen it mentioned on this thread. does anyone else get it??
hi its really good to see i aint the only one who suffers from anxiety and pannic attacks .. alothough i can seem to control the pannic through breathing and realxing
i cant seem to  control the panic with onset keeps the sypmtoms coming
chect pain ...  
sweaty palms
loss of function/reality
pains in my arms
pins and needles in hand and feet
feeling sick
feeling like i need to poo
chest pain both sides
feel like im gonna die
the list is endless and im am strating to feel like i am mad i have been living with this since i was 18 im now 32 nearly and i have never had hny medications for it but its driving me nuts x                            
here it is :)
Hey guys! I'm glad i'm not alone. My symptoms are similar to both of yours. ( headaches, and light headed/ dizzyness during the day, along with accelerated heart palpitations, tingleing sensation on my left arm and finger tips, and shortness of breath at times. At night I have sudden adrenaline rushes right as I'm about to fall asleep.)  it's scary! I feel like i'm about to die of a heart attack or something. I've had blood test           ran and EKG's done and everything comes back normal. If you guys or anyone wants to talk and compare symptoms feel free to contact me on my profile. I'm a 21 yr old full time Fire Fighting student from O.C. Cali. btw! God bless!  
1. Severe Chest Pain (persistent)
2. Shortness of breath (persistent)
3. Shaking (occational)
4. Sweating (occational)
5. Weak (persistent)
6. Irritable/Moody
7. Loose Focus

Does anyone wake up at night in the middle of sleep with a adrenaline rush or jolt feeling? Also right as my body is about to actually sleep I wake up with the adrenaline rush feeling. Sometimes tingleing sensaition or numbness on diff. Parts of my body after it happens and an increase in heart rate. It's hard living with this!
Great Post, Heres what I deal with:

1. Chest Pains. Part due to Anxiety, Part due to a T7 T8 T9 Back Injury and DDD.
2. Lightheaded / Dizzy feelings.
3. Feeling like your sight is a Lil fuzzy.
4. Trouble with Short term thought process,
5. Extreme Fatige.
6. Arrythmia Feelings that Really set off my Anxiety.
7. Fear of Death
8. Fear of Cancer when I haven't yet been ever told I have it.
9. Pressure like feeling in the left side of my head.
10. Arms fall asleep at night when I sleep.
11. Left Sholder Pain.
12. Extreme Right Sholder pain. However Both can still be related to my Back Injury.

sounds to me like you have panic attacks and suffer from anxiety
you probably already know that but i figured i'd just throw that out there since my brother has all the same problems.
Yeahhhhhhhhh   I'd say so! lol
Yes it does that to me a few times out of the week, feels like something horrid trying to happen.

Im new to the forum, and you guys posts have helped me so much as im also new to anxiety symptoms. Mine are:

1. Feeling like im not getting enough air (occasional)
2.Chest pain (occasional)
3.Digestive (w/gas) bubbling, gurgling, vibration, and discomfort (Persistent)
4.Momentary feelings of "blanking out"
5.Floaters/snowy vision
6.Crazy thoughts
7.Hard time concentrating
10.Worried about having serious health issues and dying (slight hypochondria)
11.Constantly checking my pulse
12.Neck pain
13.Severe headaches w/head pressure
14. Wierd sensations in my head and stomach
15. Random tingling and pain in my limbs
16. "Not myself" feeling
17. Feeling out of place and cant "feel" my experiences
18. Worrying if i will ever be "back to normal"

This is the toughest thing i have ever had to go through, I wish everyone the absolute best, im here if anyone needs someone
forgot to add that i have contstant but small bouts of dizziness
O lol and palpitations which i found out i have 2 types of tachycardias and am now on a beta blocker
pregnant 25 weeks
Heavy head
fear of shops
fear of crowded places  
Filling of not able to come out of the place
thought (constant, persistent)of any thing
scared  of other people sickness
neck pain
back pain
not eating
mussel pain in the legs
smoke 2 much
home safe ,but with thoughts
no motivation
wont to lie down
angry ,moody
fighting with my thoughts
fear of thoughts
fear of dying
fear of never getting better
fear of change.
fear of getting old
thoughts of getting old and having cancer
  everness of the hole body every ache and pain
when i have no pain i am trying to exadurate it  or fill for IT.
don't wont to listen to people just agree
i think thats all for now .

lol been having severe anxiety for the last 8 months...its killed me in every way possible..losing name it
-obsession with pulse
-muscle tension
-agoraphobia(strange since i used to be very well liked an dout going) dont wanna leave house now
-severe trembling in hands
-right arm pain near chest
I am 80.
No usual geriatric problem.
Sensation of tightness of feet since last 5 years.
Not enthusiastic in longer life.I feel that i do not mind dying anytie as i have done all i can do for my childeren and friends.Jain monks when they have reached certain lvel of spiritual progres do Santhara- stop eating till they die. The monk who does santhara gets a very good name as a real saint. Such peope are rare. Probably i picked up idea of dying from this religious belief.I have done some spiritual practice and I am sure, I have not reached the stagge of Santhare. I do not know that this is religious belief or some mental disorder. I am financially very well placed.There is no family problem.Many time I feel like commiting suicide.Should we call it a depression,or spiritual detachment or what?I am not mentally unhappy. I am not bored. I read or surf the whole day. I do not want to go out or the house. I do not want to travel.I holistice therapy.I do lots of experiment on health, mind,and spirituality.Am i great odd ball?
I'm not alone and I know that now but how the hell do i get better? fuckkkk
-dizziness sometimes
-stomach feels strange and tingly
-heart rate seems really loud inside my chest
-constantly shaking or feeling like im shaking, like if i was hot and cold all at once
-sweaty palms and feet
-lose of appetite
-want to sleep all day, but what would i do at night
-sometimes funny vision
-achy in some spots, like weak leggs lwer back sometimes hurts
-yes i feel like im dying and i kind of want to if this **** doesn't stop!

This is the thing I hate the most. feeling this way. I have to motivate myself to do things but how can I if i feel uncomfortable where i got. I'm currently in the middle of this right now and hopfully it goes away soon! I don't want to take meds...i want to be able to get through this....
i have this constant feeling in the side of my neck almost like in the same place all the time!
Does anyone else have this?
constant heart rate over 88-92 while RESTING in a chair or couch... if i move ( xanax or not my hear is poundin)g.... constant fatigue and winded by simple movement....constant not like in atttacks but IN ADDITION CONSTANTLY all day  to my 3 times a night attacks
I was suspecting this too early perimenopause can cause hormonal imbalances... gotta get saliva tests done BUT NOT JUST ONCE the levels vary day to day week to week.... i'm wondering this cuz instead ofjust attacks with a fast scary pulse and pcv's I NOW HAVE A CONSTANT high resting heart rate 88-92 when it used to be about 65-70 resting.....anyone else have constant elevated resting rate??
I see two nurses here...  any info or idea to help me a bit???MY  "first attack" on 1/27/12  doc says was  caused by allergy or asthma like symptom which triggered panic attack... but since that day I have had an elevated resting rate 88-92 constantly all day or night ( used to be 65-70 resting i walked a lot so i would notice the ratesrest/workout to keep it up for exercise ) and I have not slept one full night without waking up sweaty and heart pounding... and if i lay on my left side i get skips and that wiggling heart pcv? for the last 3 weeks my constant heart rate has been above 89 BPM RESTING, i have 2-4 wake ups per night with  night sweats /palpatations rapid heart rate , and if i walk up stpes i'm winded.... itthe constant heart rate thats freaking me out... any comment???
Mines are

Fear nervousness
Feel like I'm going crazy
Feel like I am dying or not going to live long
Feel like I am not myself or I am in a dream
Feel like I am going to pass out or become imbalance
Pressure on the right side of my head
My vision becomes blur or far to wide
Feel the need to run
Heart beats fast
Hard to fall asleep and stay sleep
Mentally exhuasted
Feels as if there's no hope or its never going to go away
Frustrated upset .
Out of it zoned out
Fear going because ill be to embarresd to suffer an attack in public

Hi Jinx,

My attacks started back in August 2011 out of the blue. No signs or anything before hand, they just hit me one day and i suffered residuals ever since. Every day was complete hell and exactly what you are describing. every ER visit made me feel worse when they couldn't find anything wrong with me and my doctor kept on giving me meds to try. I don't do meds so I've tried everything else and i think everything else has helped in it's own way (naturopath, chiropractic/massage therapy, acupuncture, and tai chi). the naturopath helped me detox my body of all toxins that i've stored up over the years (my crazy drug enduced years). the chiro helped allign my back and release the toxins stored in the joints, the massage of course made me feel better. the acupuncture has helped with getting my wiring back in order. and the tai chi has helped with the mental focus. I started the naturopath detox back in september and held to it for 3 months (it was equally as hellish because detoxing your body feels like you got hit by a train). the chiro i did hardcore for 3 months starting in october. the acupuncture started in mid-december. and the tai chi started at the beginning of this month, february. From august - mid december i felt like death was at my doorstep every day. i couldn't be alone because i was sure i was going to die at any second. then all of a sudden, my body just started working better, the symptoms started to fade a little. in january they faded a little more, and now february, i feel like i'm ready to tackle the world again. i'm not saying this is a cure path, but it i'm convinced it has helped me, especially the acupuncture. i think it was the best decision i've made to get my quality of life back. i'm still feeling the anxiety symptoms but they are in no way keeping me from enjoying life. hopefully with more exercise and diet, i can get the "normal" feeling back for good. just dont get discouraged and you will get your "normal" back. keep your chin up, and cuss out the anxiety because it feeds on the worry.
i sleep very late watching t.v.

i get very tensed around crowds and sometimes @home i dont wanna leave my own room

i feel like i'm going crazy..

i force myself to get up and do things sometimes...

i sleep a lot

i dont eat very much

my room is my safe zone

1. tense tongue
2.tense throat
3. fear of my tongue cramping and strangling me?
4.cant breath
5. cant swallow
7.horrible thoughts
8. feeling unreal and everything around is unreal
9.heart racing
10.sweats- cold to hot
13. jelly legs
14,jaw tension
15. wanting to be alone to worry alone
16. blurred vision
17. feelings of impending doom
18. bad memory
19. unable to get words out
20. feeling numb on various parts of the body.

i could go on and on lol
Her are my symptoms. They usually last for about a month then mysteriously go away;

Fear. I mean real fear. Fear of panic and everything around me
Can't sleep well
sweating at times
ears ringing
tingly feelings in my legs and arms
Unreality or derealization
Occassional depersonalization
panic feeling in my gut
usually afraid to go anywhere eventhough I do
horrible thoughs
fear of hurting myself or others
feeling like I want to run somewhere safe but nowhere to run from yourself
I can make familiar places and people look strange or alien (mind games)
Obsessive thoughts
feeling keyed up most of the time.
thoughts of the universe and its origins
Feeling trapped and no way out of this

I need to let everyone know that I have had these symptoms many times in my life. Despite this, I have lived a pretty normal life. Have a home, wife and 3 kids. Dealing with this crap every now and then I guess is a price I pay for having it good most of the time. Medications, I take paxil everyday at a low dose. I increase when the crap hits the fan and hunker down until it goes away. Strange stuff.
muscle twitching, jerking
muscle aches
ears ringing
arms & legs feel tired
hand pain - knuckles, muscle below thumb
arms fall asleep easily @ night (dx. carpal tunnel) came at same time as everything else, though.
inner side of upper arms often feels sensitive, achy
very strange & vivid dreams

I have had many other strange symptoms, too, but these are the most "regular" ones.  After many tests, Dr.s say I have an anxiety disorder, but I don't feel that anxious.  

Anyone else have the symptoms, but don't feel mentally anxious?
I have been diagnosed with anxiety and I am currently taking 10mg Lexapro which doe not seem to be helping. I have really bad physical symptoms and I think there is something else medically wrong with me, even though the various health test that I've had all came up negative. My question is, does anyone of you suffering from anxiety feel constantly tired all of the time, feel like you are out of your body, like on drugs or living in a constant dream? I guess it's called depersonalization? But can it happen Constantly? I also have floaters, halos, white lights in my vision and doubled vision. Like, if I focus on an object, whatever other object is behind it or beside it is doubled. If you know what I mean? And when I sleep my body also vibrates. I have obsessive thoughts, I do obsessive things, I am constantly thinking, and feel like I have some kind of disease that the doctors cannot find. I cannot concentrate, I forget everything, feel foggy headed, and just feel empty. And can anxiety cause constant joint popping? I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff.  Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again. I just need to know if Anxiety can cause all of these symptoms, and constantly, 24/7 I have these symptoms.THIS IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
This is anxiety without a doubt. It is one of the most difficult things to deal with. I can tell you that I have had this happen to me many times over the last 30 plus years. I've always come out of it ok.

Many people say that acceptance is the key. Accept your feelings for what they are, your body's response to stress. The way we react to them is what causes the problems. I react to mine as a sign that I am crazy or not stable. Well, I've held a responsible manager's position for almost 30 years. How does someone unstable accomplish that?

I really believe it is our inner selves that creates these conflicts. The mind is a very powerfull organ. Even me making these suggestions to you doesn't help me. I find some comfort but I still struggle with anxiety and my fears.

Hope this helps you.
Here are mine:

Knot in my stomach
Shivering, quivering
Feeling of dread
Heart palpitation
Flashes in both eyes

Just to name a few.....tx for the thread
I too have this all, all of the time!!! Includes dizziness, also have pain under my ribs and feel like I have food sitting in my throat along with lower blood pressure chest pain weakness just can't seem to get up and do much without feeling exhausted. And my muscles feel like they are always tired and not getting enough oxygen to them!! I have been checked by neurologist doctor cardiologist wore a monitor had a nerve test done cuz I have arm and leg tingling weakness, both but right side is more. I am very much feeling alone and scared. I contantly think of dying and death and can't seem to stop thinking about what might be happening. I'm always trying to self diagnose and looking on the internet at symptoms!!! I feel like no one is listening. I had a bad axiety attack a week ago and since then all these symptoms are worse. I have to talk myself out of anxiety as much as possible but its hard. Anyone else having any more of the symptoms I have listed above???? Plz help.
1, think I am dying or have a disease, Fear of tests
2. nausea, bowel problems, stomach rumbles all day, pain in my stomach, lump in my throat, stomach hurts.
3. don't sleep, wake up , heart races,
3. panic attacks, anxiety, feel like its a dream, shakey (shaky)
3. skipped heart beats, can't breath
4. depressed, cry alot,
5, no appetite some days and when I do eat, I hurt
I feel crazy everyday my runs and I can't tell you most of the time what I was talking about I feel tensed and out of reality my head hurts my face ears and neck burns I honestly think Iam dyeing haveing a stroke or a heart attack my face tingles and feels like its drawing I constantly go to bathroom.I have something wrong everyday also I won't take any meds Iam scared ill dye from them not even Advil or runs or nothing and Iam saved I love the Lord and believe in him that he can and will heal me.I know things have got a lot better since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savour and that He is the one to trun to for any and all needs.Jesus is #1 give him a try and your life can and will change
A non specific, exercise and therapy named 'Swaiso"See the advantages mentioned and look at the ease with which one can do it.It is Japanese./Chinese exercise.Google this word and know about it.
I have completed 81 years and entered into 82 on 26th September.
I have the following symptoms.;
Tinnitus( ringing in the ears) since last 35 years. It is in both the ears and for 24 hours a day.
I have parasthesia- tightness in feet- feeling as if I am wearing tight shoes/socks.This feeling since last 8 yrs.
I can't read with my right eye because of failed operation of catract. Left is operated well for cataract but it has Age-related - macular deterioration.This may eventually deem my vision.I might hat to stop reading. If this happens, I do not do not know how i will pass my day.
Digestive disorder off and on.
Recently started High blood pressure treatment.
These are not life threatening symptoms or diseases. I pass my time in searching for holistic treatments.I am not in favor of longer life. 70 is the right age. However, we continue till time comes.
I am now 52, have had symptoms since I was 22..   Tried differenent meds, Xanax helps..   Paxil was great for a while, but then I got convinced that it would kill me.  I am curious at the ages of some others on this website.  I am female and suffering through severe anxiety and menopause.  Severe adrennaline surges at night, sweating, dizziness, fear of just about everything, visual disturbances, lots of muscle pain, some days feel like I just got off a boat.  
It does help to know that you are not alone, this is a very comforting website although it is sad that we have all spent so much energy focused on such unpleasantness.   Oh yeah, another one is fear of going crazy!
Hope everyone is well today!!
I have missed the following symptoms.
Insomnia. Take1mg. alprozalam plus 5Mg of zolpidin.
I also have frequent urination problem not amenable to treatment and disturbs night time sleep.
here are mine ::: im 24 years old and this all started after i lost my job .. last year sep ...
1) headache come in go
2) breathing funny
3) heart beating to fast
4) shaking in the inside
5)head pressure
6) grinding my teeth
7) leg gets hot (in one spot )
8)always thinking im bout to pass out/ faint
9) feeling week
10) tingley in feet and fingers
11)feeling like ive stop breathing
12) bruping for relif of anxiety
13)thinking im crazy
14)always going to the er thinking something is wrong cancer ,heart attack stoke, the wrose ..
15) dnt go out much
16) someone going to find me dead
17)always tired no matter how much i sleep
18) always eating gaining weight
19 )feeling like im forceing myself to breath..
20)blury vision some times
21 ) feels like im falling
22) chest pain

the list go on some days  are better then others sometimes wen i have my bf rub my back or have sex  everything go away   most of the times i lay in bed at 9:00 and then wont fall asleep till 3 am somenights im so tired i fall right asleep but then get back up if i got to bed to early ..i was taking xanax.25 mg and the i got the fear that it would slow my heart dwn and i would die so i stop taking them and have not took them n 9 months and man im paying for it . i dnt take any pills i stop drinking still smoke tabacco and trying to stop that i dnt like these feeling and just want to be normal again i fear so many things and one is my bf/ baby daddy of 2 yrs will leave me be all i do is say i think im going to die something is wrong w me ... this is not healthy for me or my kids and i try so hard to control this on my own and just releax and tell myself this is all a mind thing but then i panic more its like being at home is my comfort zone. im allow god to take it away im just sick of this controling my life .....any help reply to me
or email me at ***@**** if u want to talk and help each other im always online googleing symptoms i knw my spelling is off sorry!
your so right and i have been doing the same thing  allowing  god to help me and heal me from this mess i pray everynight for healing and thank him at the same time bc i knw i will be fine tonight was a bad nigt for me ..hope u get better
I am 81. I started taking alprozalam .25mg in 1991 and now taking 2mg. However recently I changed to 1mg.alprozalam and 5 mg. zolpidin. on the advice of my psychiatric friend. Taking alpro did not slow down my heart. I am trying to leave alpro and zolpidine but i am not successful.I do have interrupted sleep mainly because of increased frequency of urination at early morning(3 a.m)
Have you tested for hypothyroidism- T4. t3 and tsh. I think all your symptoms appear similar to hypothyroidism. pales check up for thyroid.Hypothyroidism gives you many types of symptoms.
i had my thyroids tested about a year ago befor i was told im having axniety by the same doctor
i google hypothyroidism and i dnt think im having any of those symptons period is only heavy in the beganing then get light .. i just had a baby in febuary and everything went well...
so true dont knw how ppl got to work every day w/o meds and make it through the hole day. i have fear of looking for a job i have been out of work for 2months last job was parttime and a full year from a full time job ..this has to stop i need to work but fear something bad will happen and ppl will be around laughing at me or talking about me being crazy sad
have your wife massage you every night befor u go to bed for 15 mins that seem to help relax u for a while ....good luck im have a attack now and it feels like my stomach and hands are swolling .. this is some thing new i have a job interveiw tomorrwo and i just want to be normal i feel the tense in my shoulders and i have to realex them it also feels like him not breathing and i have to keep looking dwn at my stomach and chest to make sure i am my hand also feels weak and like im falling and im about to pass out its makeing me think its not anxzity and im about to just die im home w my kids and there sleep no one here w me at the moment so want to rush to the ER i promise u it ***** also i keep having head perssuer comeing and going and its been out of control for the last few days ... every dsy i have i new sypthom i cant take it i refuess to take the xzanx bc it makes me think my heart is going to stop....lord be wil me and heal me ...hope u felling well today !
Ive been having theae symptoms for over 4 months.

Palpitations (random)
Chest pains(random throughout day) recently have been having less.
Heaviness/weird feeling in left arm (just started couple of days ago)
Feel not my self (always)
Feel like im going to die/have heart disease (always)
When i wake up in middle of night i feel like my heart is beating fast.

Constantly googling symptoms and thinking i have these problems

Since im over weight and on high blood pressure meds i had the doctor do an ekg and he said its fine and sounds like anxiety. Please someone shed some light.
I am in my 40s and have had anxiety and panic off and on for about 15 years. Mine comes in all different forms. It can be any or all of the following:

Rush in the head
Heart racing and skipping beats
Sudden twitches
Nervous ticks like tapping my lip with my finger while driving
brain zaps (mainly during cymbalta withdrawal)
Rambling thoughts
generalized pain
stomach pain
nervousness before and during eating lunch
sweaty hands

Ever felt so twitchy that you felt like you had Tourettes or Parkinsons?
short of breath
Thinking i have Heart Problems
Food Not digesting right
Headaches ( Head pressure)
Cant take a good deep breath in
always tired
left arm pain
scared im going to have a heart attack
thinking i have some kinda heart disease.  
This was such a help along with the other forums I've been reading lately. I to am an Hypochondriac. Having anxiety triggers all these negative thoughts which causes more anxiety. One day I had Diarriah because of junk food from the previous day. The next day my hypochondriac started. I googled and start reading all these possibilities of having a diesase. Which triggered my anxiety. That night I had cold sweat in my sleep which was cause by anxiety from stressing that whole day. Every since then the hypochandriac got worse I started googling why that was happening which caused more anxiety. The thing is the diseases it said I had wasn't adding up to my true symptoms. I realize that everything I was going throught was Anxiety. Ppl have to realize that they cannot google physical symptoms. But ways to get through their anxiety. Google can literally cause panic attacks and even worse. A bad life from having all these bad thoughts. I still suffer from thinking I have something bad but in reality we have to snap into reality. Ask ourselves is this thought positive or negative. I'm still trying to get through it but with support and prayer we WILL get through it. Having anxiety is a mind thing. Don't google !! Instead read forums like this. You will notice that it helps. God bless! I know how hard anxiety is. Its worse then anything because it can effect your whole life . Stay positive and tell the negative thoughts to GO AWAY.
Shortness of Breath
Yawning (Constant)
Feeling out of myself
Fear of public places, overcrowded
Heart Palpitations
Chest Tightening
Sense of worry, over thoughts on everything
Trembling or sense of trembling
Loss of Appetite
4205995_tn?1351173108 head pain headaches memory loss pins and nediels in head neck pain sharp stabbing neck pain ere pain sore throat and outhe mouth issues

2. Stabbing chest pain on both sids but manly on the left shortnes of breath fast heart beat skiped beats worm feeling in chest twitches in chest

3. Up set stomach pains in stomach twitching in stomach

4. Pain in arms hands fingers legs feet and toes

5. Feeling like im in a dream lightheaded thinking in dieing of some kind of cancer or heart attack and maney other things

6. All ways feel the need to go to the hospital

That is just a few things from head to toe but there r many other things that i cant think of  
I too have these same problems... I'm only 20 years old and I recently began these problems. Maybe 3 months ago.
Chest Pains
Irregular heart beats
Feeling like I can't breathe while sleeping
Feelings of unreality

Idk what to do anymore :(
Doctor says I'm fine and that I'm suffering from anxiety...
What to do ???? I was 100 % normal 3 months ago

I think maybe its because I smoke ? Does anyone else smoke and suffer all of this nonsense ?
I am 81 and i have smoked for 50 years.first 20 years 20 cigs a day and Then 10 cigs a day. Except insomnia, I have no matching symptoms. Insomnia also was due to irregularity caused by club life.
Of course smoking has many side effects. If you do not leave smoking now, it will be very hard for you to leave smoking. Do it right now. And if you are doing excessive masturbation, reduce it to minimum. Do some yoga. visit superbrai yoga website.You will find a sqatting exercise. Three things are added. Hold your ear lobes, curl your tongue, and and touch the roof of your mouth with tip of the tongue.Breath in when you go down and breath out when you come up. Do it 15 times twice a day. This will brighten your brain and solve many of your problems.You may learn yoga, You can also do a chinese exercise swaiso.(Google it). Wish you best of luck.
Pleas note I could leave smoking after 50 years' smoking. In spite of knowing yoga and many holistic therapies, I could not leave smoking. You are young and your habit cannot be old.So it would be easy for you to leave smoking. I am sure, if you leave smoking many of your problems will be solved.You should have multiprogramming approach to solve your problem good diet, good exercise, cheerfulness, You are at the right age for self improvement. Do not miss the opportunity.Best of luck and a happy new year.
A lot of these symptoms are due to the habits we do.  Smoking, weight, stress, caffeine...etc. some people dont worry, we do. When i feel chest pains, i sit up straight. It goes posture is poor and this effects the muscles in my chest. The constant stomach issues are caused by my coffee drinking and spicy processed food eating. When i switched to a more natural healthy diet, it went away. The full feeling in my head and rushing noises are due to the menieres condition i was recently dx'd with....fluid doesnt drain from my inner ears causing this plus dizziness and vertigo. Stress (and worrying about ones health is stress too) causes many physical effects. It sends our bodies into chaos. As far as irregular heartbeats, it isnt serious most of the time. When i was training to be a cna i was taught many people have it. We had to check each others and many had thready fluttery beats...instructor said its normal. To feel like ur heart acts up when u lay down is normal too. If u lay on ur left side it puts ur weight on the mitral valve causing it to stick to the wall. Lay on the right side and it goes away. Stomach issues can cause pains in the chest because the nerves run together.  do things that avoid the anxiety. Get a full body scan...this allows the dr to see everything. A good scan will prove nothing is wrong. Theres nothing this scan can miss. Avoid excessive weight and smoking as they give symptoms that scare u. When i stopped smoking and eating poorly my symptoms disappeared. Behavior changes and lifestyle changes work best when it comes to becoming panic free.
Chest pain every now and then
Heart palpatations (persistant)
Hypocondria ( always asking doctors or sesearching the internet for answers that I already know)(persistant)
Always sleepy now matter how much I sleep(persistant)
Hard heart beat
Fast heart beat
Fear of my demise(persistant)
Fear of being alone(persistant)
Fear I'm having a heart attack or stroke and won't be able to make it to a dr.(Persistant)
Fear of driving(persiatnt) always triggers anxiety attacks
The need to run when I'm feeling this way(persistant)
Clammy, dizzyness, tingles (persistant)
Its funny because I was about to have an attack and like I always do I hopped on the internet and I found this. Just writting this down for everyone to see made it go away. Thank you guys for starting this page. I may come back here when this happens and repost if that ok. I been living with anxiety issues for over 2 years. They just came on out of the blue one night when I was driving home from work and scared the crap outta me. Its like I went somwhere else for a little while then came back to myself. Oh! Out of body experience(persistant) I take 40mg of celexa and adivan as needed but they still happen nearly on a daily basis and I hate taking medication I wish it would just stop. Like I wish I could just turn it off. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this guys. Hope u all have a blessed and beautiful day.
All the above and destroying my life. Where just wonder upstairs and break down on the bed. Tried 2 types of meds from doc and just felt worse. I feel lower than any stage in life I've gone through. Also suffer from ptsd. Any advise.
I have the same problems im only 16 and i feel like the world is going to end or im going to die before i get to have my own family and i am very scared:(
Hi Guys,

I felt like I was the only one that had these symptoms. Mine are as follows

1. Feeling as though I am going to die from a heart attack or stroke.
2. heart palpitations
3. seeing floaters
4. feeling like something is pressing against my chest.
5. Sudden hot flash, just on head and shoulders and it goes through the rest of my body.
6. Constant yawning (regardless of how much sleep I have gotten).
7. Slight ringing in ear (usually brings on other symptoms).

I used to smoke and drink way too much caffeine but I quit both of those cold turkey almost 2 months ago, when my problems first started. It started at work and I almost passed out and when to the ER. Then I quit smoking and drinking caffeine, thinking that was the root of my problems. Now I cannot even hear bad news, as it starts out this pattern of problems. I am only 30 years old and the doctors think that I am some crazy hypochondriac but it does feel good to know that there are some other people who feel like me. What are some of the ways that you guys calm down from anxiety without medication?
I am suggesting few exercises. they are stand-alone exercises. Google one by one and pick up which you like. Learn and practice for a long time.
superbrain yoga
Yoga for beginners.
cold showers.or alternate hot and cold showers.
Google the above and read and evaluate. Wish you best of luck.
Hi, yes definitely, my main symptoms include:
1) chest pain
2) shooting body pains
3) headaches
4) tingling
5) twitching
6) painful vision, etc...
But regarding you feeling like you're in a dream/not like yourself/floating, I believe I know what you're feeling! Have you ever looked up depersonalization or derealization? I know I've had some bad "trips" of depersonalization over the past couple of months... It's VERY disturbing, I get tunnel vision and this horrible feeling like I just got bad news, and something is telling me that I'm not real. It's like the feeling you get when you look in the mirror too long and think "THAT'S me?", but it happens out of nowhere. If that's what you're feeling, it's VERY scary, but a lot of times is from common things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, etc. You feel like it may never stop, out of touch with reality, it's not you actually touching things, etc...
If you look up depersonalization that might help you because that really helped me, and I'm going to see a therapist for it because it's usually just a symptom of emotional distress. In the mean time, if you experience that "feeling" it helps to try and interact with your environment: make a phone call, watch TV, babysit, etc.
Regarding feeling like you're dying, I feel that way too and I think it's just from lots of health anxiety, and it would be good for us both to get some help!!!
Good luck!!!
Hi everyone.

I've been experiencing these symptoms for the past 6-7 months or so, here they are:
My head has felt either light headed or felt heavy/sort of filled. Hard to explain (Heavy head feeling has been more recent). My heart has been racing. I sweat excessively at times even when I'm not participating in any form of physical activity. Pain in my chest (not as consistent as it once was) my vision becomes blurry from time to time. I feel as if I don't want to go anywhere or I'm skeptical of doing anything. A few more I may have forgotten.

I have a feeling it may be anxiety, but I just wanted to see if anyone could help me here!
Hi, I'm no expert but with all the tests I've had done for my own anxiety I can tell you that anxiety can definitely cause symptoms like these, including the sweating, heart racing, chest pain (and MANY more)... Regarding feelings of head pressure and blurred vision it's best to make a doctor's appointment and just sit down and express those and all symptoms, but most of those can definitely be from anxiety so just schedule a doc's appointment and in the mean time try and enjoy yourself! Best of luck X
Heres mine..
A) fatigue.. feel wanna sleep for the whole day
B) itchy on my chest and neck
C) constipation
D) night sweats
E) shortness of breath
F) weight gain... always looking for sweets chocolates and chips...
G) nightmares... EVERYDAY
H) Feel like there is a lump in throat
I) dry mouth

Omg where to start
Sharp stabing pain on my head( not every  time)
Lose stole for almost 2 months
Tingeling on my fingers
Heart pulpation
Chest pain
Very weak specialy left arm ( done echo ekg chest x ray everything ok)
I think I have some kind of illnes or some type of cancer any small thing to me is huge
Sceard of dying
3 times in ER( thought heart atack or stroke)
Done blood test 3 times, checked for thyroids everything ok
Blurry vision at times
Metallic taste in my mouth
Stiffness on my neck
Back pain
Going to do
Endoscopy  colonoscopy, nerv study because of weaknes and twitching , MRI  plus adrenalin glad test is a 24 hours urine test.
Going to remove my iud think that has to do with some of my symptoms or making them worst.
If any one wants to know what the doc or the result will be let me know so you can have some idea for your self, all this will be done starting next week.good luck everyone
what can I do to help myself get better
wake up every night out of my sleep
   1) heart racing
   2) shortness of breath
   3)  numbness in my arms and hands
    4)head feels heavy
    7) feel like im dying
     8)off balance
1, Issues breathing - Paranoid about my breathing this has been going on since February causing me to Hyperventilate. I have raised blood plates so I'm wondering if my anxiety is linked to any of this. I struggle to walk and breath at the same time sometimes - walking up a hill seems hard. When I walk I tend to look for things that I can walk past just in case I can grab hold of them.  I had a fainting spell over a month ago and thought I was going to collapse really scary and lucky I was with friends who understand anxiety.
2.Weakness in hands all over body, legs feel light - dispersonalisation, that feeling that you can't seem to move in the morning and feel detached from your body and senses,  I can't seem to get going and it takes me ages to get ready. I'm moving but I don't feel there somehow. This has been going on for 2 months now.
3. Having a laugh with friends I miss this and still go out but I feel uncomfortable when I laugh it's as if I can't my mouth goes dry, throat feels like it's closing up causing me anxiousness clicking mouth sound - It's frustrating I'm normally a fun time person who loves a good laugh.
4.   Frustration more than anything in that last year I was doing things and now I can't seem to only very light things.  I'm not working currently because I don't know if I could hold a job down in the current state I'm in. I take Lorazepam x 1 daily but could take 3 if I wanted not sure of taking anymore though and also take medication to reduce my blood plates to - so the dry mouth could come down to taking medication since February,
5.I have a tight rib cage which is weird when I come to touch it it feels uncomfortable sensitivity, if someone hugs me I feel a bit too overwhelmed for this and get a bit sensitive
6. Sensitive to light - doesn't help when the weather is so gloomy
7. Don't like too many people around me, noisy people seem to put me off I go outside and just get out the room for fresh air.  I was one of these noisy people once.

There's a few interesting posts just know we are not alone
-nervous stomach
-obsessive thoughts about my health
-fear of having a deadly disease
-shortness of breath
-symptoms of the disease I think I might have
-feeling like I will lose control
-fear of traveling to far from home
-thoughts that dr is not being honest with me
THis was posted a long time ago...

"heartfluttersflyawayplz Blank  
Aug 26, 2007
To: all
heres mine
1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety)
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way)
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast )
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety) flashes/warm feelings/clammy
7. crying spells/short with others
8. dont want to leave house or do much

   thats what i have maybe a few others but thats the most i have. i dont have anxiety all the time, just when something throws me into it . like health or drugs.. just coming out of anxiety from leavquion meds. hope to stay out a while. hope ya all have a great day and stress free. barbara"


But I'll write something anyway.  This person has depression.

Helpful mnemonic for diagnosing depression:  SIG E CAPS

changes in Sleep
loss of Interest in activities previously liked
Guilty feelings (could feel hopeless for future, helpless)
change in Energy level (usually down)
problems with Concentration
changes in Appetite (down w/weight loss in classic depression, up with wt gain in atypical depression)
Psychomotor agitation or retardation (restless or kicky/pacing in classic depression or never wanting to move in atypical depression)
Suicidal Ideation

Only need 5/8 for diagnosis or any Suicidal Ideation is automatically depression

Here's his/her list:

1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety) **Anxiety often goes with depression
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way) SLEEP changes
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast ) LOSS OF APPETITE
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)  ANXIETY and somatic complaints
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety) flashes/warm feelings/clammy ANXIETY &/or hormones
7. crying spells/short with others DEPRESSION/Mood changes
8. dont want to leave house or do much ANhedonia(loss of INTEREST) & decreased ENERGY
THis was posted a long time ago...

"heartfluttersflyawayplz Blank  
Aug 26, 2007
To: all
heres mine
1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety)
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way)
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast )
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety) flashes/warm feelings/clammy
7. crying spells/short with others
8. dont want to leave house or do much

   thats what i have maybe a few others but thats the most i have. i dont have anxiety all the time, just when something throws me into it . like health or drugs.. just coming out of anxiety from leavquion meds. hope to stay out a while. hope ya all have a great day and stress free. barbara"


But I'll write something anyway.  This person has depression.

Helpful mnemonic for diagnosing depression:  SIG E CAPS

changes in Sleep
loss of Interest in activities previously liked
Guilty feelings (could feel hopeless for future, helpless)
change in Energy level (usually down)
problems with Concentration
changes in Appetite (down w/weight loss in classic depression, up with wt gain in atypical depression)
Psychomotor agitation or retardation (restless or kicky/pacing in classic depression or never wanting to move in atypical depression)
Suicidal Ideation

Only need 5/8 for diagnosis or any Suicidal Ideation is automatically depression

Here's his/her list:

1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety) **Anxiety often goes with depression
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way) SLEEP changes
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast ) LOSS OF APPETITE
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)  ANXIETY and somatic complaints
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety) flashes/warm feelings/clammy ANXIETY &/or hormones
7. crying spells/short with others DEPRESSION/Mood changes
8. dont want to leave house or do much ANhedonia(loss of INTEREST) & decreased ENERGY
Heart palpitations
Racing heart beat
Bouts of extreme dizziness
Feeling that I will suddenly collapse/die
Chest pain
Weakness/shakiness in hands
Feeling off balance when I walk
Constantly checking pulse
Obsessive thoughts
Feel like nothing is real
Terrible short term memory
Afraid to get out of bed/leave the house
Inability to concentrate
Don't believe doctors are taking me seriously
Been to the ER countless times
Hello! Glad I found this thread! 31 yr old female. I am self diagnosed with anxiety. First began a little over four years ago when I started a new job. Thought I was going to die. ER doc gave me a few valiums and that was that. I suffered anxiety attacks off and on for about a year but was able to overcome them without meds.

Then 2014 began and all hell broke loose. My job was unbearably stressful. I started having GI issues, and my anxiety crept back into my life as well. Colonoscopy found a polyp, doc diagnosed me with IBS. Endoscopy lead to diagnosis of acid reflux and acute gastritis. Started taking medicine daily for both. I decided to take a risk and quit my high stress job in order to find something with a better work life balance. It was definitely the right decision but being out of work for several months and worrying about my health AND my financial situation didn't help my anxiety at all.

My new job is a million times less stressful, but ever since I started in June I still have almost daily issues with anxiety. Most days I can work through it, but I also developed allergies this year out of nowhere and the combination of the two have caused me to miss a lot of work lately.

Last week another ER doc prescribed me a six day steroid pack for the inflammation caused by the allergies. I was nervous about taking them because I know they can cause anxiety, but something amazing happened. By day two of the steroids, I woke up with absolutely no anxious feelings! That feeling that always seemed to be in my head, either whispering or screaming, was completely gone! It has me thinking that maybe my anxiety issues have a medical cause somewhere in my body. Once again those old feelings have started creeping back in now that the steroids are out of my system.

That's all for my back story. Here are a list of my symptoms and their frequency:

1. Hot flashes (frequent, feels like someone is slowly moving a blow dryer over my skin)
2. Cold flashes (frequent, doesn't matter what the room temp is or what I'm wearing)
3. Hot AND cold flashes simultaneously (sometimes my head will feel like I have a fever but my body will be shivering)
4. Rapid heart beat (frequent)
5. Pounding heart beat (frequent)
6. Constant urge to check pulse (frequent)
7. Foggy feeling in head (frequent)
8. Darting eyes (sporatically)
9. Queasy, sick stomach feeling (frequent, I always have Pepto handy)
10. Gurgling, upset stomach (frequent)
11. Weight gain (about 20 pounds in the last year despite healthish diet and exercise)
12. Headaches (sporatically)
13. Lump in throat, fear of vomiting (because of this I constantly chew on cough drops and gum, which doesn't do much)
14. Fear of passing out (sometimes)
15. Fear of what other people think (frequent)
16. Depression (comes and goes)
17. Dread for anything that might make me leave the house (frequent, includes work/shopping/family events/social gatherings/etc.)
18. Chest pain/tightness (sometimes)
19. Tingling/pins & needles feeling in arms and legs (sometimes, one of my least favorite symptoms)
20. Difficulty falling asleep (sometimes, but has gotten better since I started taking Unisom melting tabs before bed)

I think that's it?

1. Heart palps, racing or, feels like it flutters, vibrating
2. Dizzy/light headed
3. Feel like I am having a heart attack
4. Wake in the middle of the night heart racing
5. Nauseous at times
6. Trembling, cant speak jitters stuttering
7...There is TONS more..
I know this post is old and I hope everyone is doing better. I have been suffereing from ALL kinds of symptoms for years. I have been dealing with stomach issues for years and for over a year I get daily heart palpations. Now I got anxiety symptoms and for weeks I couldnt go to Walmart I would start burping then suddenly have severe panic attack everytime I went in there. This has happen before a few years ago but it was over my b12 being low after I got that up I was able to go shopping again now all my blood work is normal besides my pottassium was slightly low but that shouldnt be causing me problems. Its like something is trigger my anxiety because I have always have these stomach issues plus heart palpation's but none of the doctors have every really diagnosed me got my gallbladder taken out and they said I produce to much acid. I recently got some anit dpressants for my anxiety but Im scared to even take that. Never took anything for depression just anxiety and all that does is turn me into a zombie and I sleep it off. Here is a long list of ALL my symptoms. They vary depending on my days. I also feel like Im going to die and wonder if I dont have POTS. I brought it up to my doctor she said shes only had 2 patients thats had it but she never tested me for it.
Stomach Issues:
1. Gas pressure: when this happens at times it feels hard to breath usually after eating. My heart will start to pound or race. Laying down until my food settles usually helps.
2. Gas Pain: it can happen randomly before or after eating depending on my days. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. Sometimes I can eat something and do fine and the next time I eat it I can feel like an air bubble but it’s painful.
Daily belching: small burps that come from my throat when hungry and feeling really sick with acid and can make me feel shaky and nauseous until I eat. After eating I start burping loud normal burps to relive some of the gas pressure from eating.
3.Nausea: This happens randomly sometimes before or after eating.
Acid Burning: In stomach or throat it happens randomly weather I have already ate or took an acid reducer.
4. Occasional Minor Stomach Pain
5. Stomach Cramps: After eating until I use the bathroom sometimes its diarrhea or normal. It doesn’t happen every time after eating usually in the mornings when my stomach issues are flared up.
Heart Symptoms:
6. Palpations: Rapid heartbeat just by doing a simple task or skipping a beat this happens almost daily at least once.
7. Heart Murmur
8. Fluttering: It has done this several times at once really fast speeding up my heart rate. I have also had a few occasions where it felt like it stopped for a second and then I start burping and feeling acidy.
Other Symptoms:
9. Weakness: Especially if I go to long without eating.
10. Fatigue: Even if I get enough sleep I usually still feel tired or take a nap.
11. Random Dizziness happens a lot espically at work.
12. Jittery/anxious/feeling shaky
13. Random hot flashes and sweating
14. Feeling really scared and upset
15. Off Balance: Feeling out of it or like I could faint.
16. High Cholesterol
17. Frequent Urination: It happens randomly especially if I’m nervous or traveling.
18. Light Sensitivity: Don’t always happen but use to get this symptom a few years ago when I was real sick and had a B12 deficiency. It happens when I get anxiety. Certain colors look brighter than normal while everything else around it seems kind of dim. It tends to happen more while I’m out shopping or around bright florescent lightening.
19. Anxiety: Can occur just while I’m riding in the car or out shopping. Usually caused from feeling sick or worrying about having a panic attack while trying to shop. Didn’t start having anxiety until about a month ago while I was at the store. Now it seems every time I go to the store I panic or start feeling really sick and scared.
20. Blurred Vision: Usually happens when I get anxiety while trying to go shopping.
21. Minor Headaches:  Happens randomly can happen for several days in a row. The pain is in the front of my head and moves to the back. I usually feel dizzy and out of it or off balance when this happens. Tylenol don’t help but Ibuprofen can until it comes back. Never use to get headaches until recently their minor just bothersome.

I just want my life back but dont know how to deal or manage with all of this going on.
Help me please! These feelings started 4mnths ago

Headaches( heavy head)
fear of death
loss of appetite ( i have dropped 3 sizes down)
fear of being alone
fear of going to places cos i may not get help if anything happens.
blurred vision
dizziness ( especially when i bend over)
heavy legs with knee aches
feeling of having a serious illness

This is a horrible experience!  Can someone pls help me .
I have an issue going on right now that has only started to happen off and on for a couple years now.  I'll be feeling relatively fine and then suddenly I have muscle twitching/painful spasms in the feet that, along with leg spasms help in keeping me awake all night, tingly and/or itchy skin, horrible insomnia, the inability to keep food or water down for no more than a couple minutes at a time, sweating, hot/cold swings, chest pressure, joint pains in certain spots, unbelievably bad shakes, and increased anxiety over the usual.  I'm normally a fidgety, anxious, shaky, anti-social person anyway, but those extra things kind of scare me.  I've seen a few doctors and they just chalk it up to general anxiety, and say I'm probably some sort of druggy as well and try to send me elsewhere or write a prescription because they can't or don't want to figure it out.  It happens for 2-3 days at a time maybe once every six weeks or so.  It's happening at this very moment, and I'm almost on day three.  I'm so looking forward to another sleepless night of muscle spasms and an empty stomach keeping me up.  Anyway, I'm sure there's more, but I'm so tired from going more than 48 hours without sleep or food or water that I can't concentrate anymore. I know this game off as a bit ranty, but I'm tired of doctors and dealing with this.  Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for all your other comments.  I know we don't all share the exact same symptoms to the same degrees, but this has been the most helpful resource for not feeling alone I've seen.   Guess I'll go watch TV.
My list.
1. Constant heart pain feels like an infection in my heart
2. Left shoulder tightness and tighness in my left arm thinking it has something to do with my heart.
3. Feel like I can't get enough air
4. Unreal dream feeling
5. Clamy skin
6. Numbness in legs arms and hands very easy
8. Feel as if everyday is my day to die
9. Wondering why god would do this to me
10. Thinking my doctors are missing something and just don't care
11. Constantly checking pulse and having bf listen to my heart
12. Scared to go to sleep fear inwillndie in my sleep
13. Once asleep wake up multiple times and eat
14. Weight gain
My list
2.heart racing
3.numbness on hands and feet
4.cold hands,feels like they are frozen my head and legs are on fire
6.a feeling of floating even when shopping, have to hold something coz l feel like l might start flying
7.problems with speech
9.shortness of breath
10. Like l have  serious disease
11.confusion,not in touch with my surrounding
12.pain in all my body muscles

Is there a cure,its very had to have to live like this,l have read in some posts here that some have been like that for years.l am new to this having started this month and have been admitted to hospital thinking l had a TIA .my attacks lasts for about 10 min. They come and go and can attack anywhere,at work,while am having a discussion, at the malls but mostly when am alone in the house.
Hahaha.. u made me laugh really.l  feel the same as you and l  dont even know how to explain to people coz there is so many symptoms going on. My doctor just looks at  me nowadays, l get a feeling of being judged,like an attention seeker when all the symptoms l have are real and are wearing me down.
Hello Everyone,

I am making a doctor's appointment today because there is a lot I am worried about, but I found this forum and thought I would ask all of you what you think first.

For the past few years, I have a constant feeling of being hot. Not warm, but actually burning skin (like I got sunburned) on my face and hands only. This is the most frustrating feeling in the world. It only goes away when I am in the freezing cold, have my air conditioning blasting (even when its cold outside, people in my car are shaking and I am still feeling hot) or first thing in the morning when I am relaxed and laying in bed.

On top of that, I have random twitching in my left eye, stomach and under my left ribcage. (this has been happening more lately)

I also constantly feel like my heart is beating fast, I feel fluttering or bubbling in my chest (when I breathe and also when I am not breathing)

Every morning when I wake up I either feel nauseas, or gassy ( maybe because I eat late at night)

Every time I go out to dinner and just want to enjoy my night and relax, I start to feel hot again, sweaty, dizzy, band around my head, shaky, not myself, and just want to leave as fast as possible.

This is driving me crazy because all I want is to feel good. It is ruining my life. Once in a while I feel fine (relaxed, not hot, and happy) and I don't want to move or do anything because I don't want to mess up that feeling and just want to enjoy the few hours I have of feeling ok. I have been to the doctor so many times to check on myself (blood tests, everything) and they say I am fine (but I DO NOT feel fine) I feel like I have cancer, HIV, and so many other diseases to the point where I am feeling my lymph nodes all day to make sure they aren't swollen.

Last night I woke up in a sweat and that got me even more freaked out something is wrong with me.

I am 28 years old, have my master's degree, a great job, a girlfriend, played sports in college, no pre existing health problems, and this is just really embarrassing. I don't know what else to do! Please help.
Thank you for all the posts, I have had very similar symptoms now for over a year, done all the right things to make sure I don't have health issues a doctor can help with and and have tried lexipro but only made it 3 days before I just could not deal with the side effects. Lorazepam in light doses has helped until recently and I fear going to higher doses will only kick up my emotional issues and depression. Lots of people ask for help but I don't really see any answers or suggestions on what has worked or what helps those like us with anxiety. Going to see a second mental health Dr next week but if there are things that any of you could recommend or other forums that you could point to I would be very grateful. This has rocked my world and I am more concerned about the others that count on me to support them. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
I have:

*burning skin, head to toe.  Like a sunburn
*make mental checks of symptoms (what's hurting now...etc)
*bursts of tears
*starting to fear going on trips (something bad will happen)
*fear of a disease doctors are missing (even had a brain MRI)
*horrible case of the "what if"s          
*I don't accept change well at all (mostly things I have planned)
*feel overwhelmed at the slightest bit of new responsibility.  
*occasional panic attacks: heart pounding, sweating, chest tightness, jittery, feeling like a caged animal, wanting to scream or run..which leads to a burst of tears and finally, exhaustion..can't keep my eyes open.  No particular trigger for them either.  I hate when they happen in a public place.  

Do you get the burning skin every day ? Is it constant?

I have had that for a while now, it seems to come and go, but when its cold outside I feel much better, but inside, I usually have that feeling. Everyone else is freezing and I feel burning hot, but not to touch, just how I feel. Have you asked your doctor about this symptom?
For over a month after doing a cleanse/ diet tea. I started to experience; heart palpation, dizzyness, lightheaded, tremors, tingling in hands and feet, numbness in body, shaking inside plus vibration, uncomfortable breathing and lump in throat, low sex drive, sometimes feeling like I will faint, sleeping problems, no energy, vitamin d is low, potassium was low, pressure in head, ringing in ears, when I close my eyes I can literally feel
My heart beat throughout my entire body, when I get really tired and sleepy I close my eyes but I can't sleep Because I have this weird feeling of pressure in my head and body and when I open my eyes it's like I'm lethargic or drugged up. Sometimes i feel  weekness in both legs or wake up and legs are numb, my menstrual cycle changed.. My GP and endo did a lot of blood work and everything came back fine. But I think they are missing something. I've never been this sick before or suffer from anxiety. I have such a wonderful life always did I am not the type of person to be or get stressed. I'm so worried sometimes is wrong with me and the doctors are not catching it. I want to get a few test done to please my mind but it's so hard to talk to these army doctors. I want to get; Adrinal gland test, candida , magnesium, and Lyme... Some of these symptoms are not constant they come and go. But what's constant  is the vibration in body, uncomfortable breathing, light headed, heart palpitations, dizzyness  and leg Weakness. I've seen a cardiologist and they did an endocardium also have a holter monitor for 30 days but I think everything is okay with my heart because with the holter monitor if they catch any abnormal beat they would've call contacted me already. I don't knew what else to do but I'll be seeing a neurologists in s week or so to see what they can do to help me. I would love any advice I can get from you guys, I am really scared something is wrong. I  forgot what's it's like to feel normal and crazy ole me. Even though I'm so sick everyday I still don't stress about it because I know it will make me feel worst. I know its not anxiety. Any help from you guys will be great.
I have been feeling off for about 6 weeks and it started off with off balance, lack of co-ordination and then I developed flashing lights,zig zags,drips in my peripheral vision, objects around me and on the to moving. The doctor diagnosed me with severe health anxiety. He increased my citalopram from 20 to 30mg and now I am experiencing blurred vision on and off, been to the opticians 4 times, everything fine. Went up to a and e about the headaches and they took my bloods and did a ct scan, all normal, now I have to retrain my brain to understand there is nothing sinister but very hard.
I've had symptoms of anxiety and depression for years but a lot these ones have come on suddenly in the past few months, I think because of recent family problems and the fact I'm unemployed right now and feeling stressed :/

• Constantly waking up with panic attacks (shaking, nausea, heart palpitations, weird migrainey visions, dizziness, sense of unreality/feeling disconnected with everything, sweaty/clammy, feel unable to move because I might throw up, sometimes head pressure and achey (achy) pains) at night/in the morning, really unpleasant.
• Unable/scared to go to sleep because of said panic attacks, sleep used to be a relaxing escape for me but now I dread it.
• Symptoms made worse by by lack of sleep (the cycle of crap, everyone!)
• Always panicky, feeling like I'm gonna cry, nauseous, shaky, dizzy and off-balance etc.
• Never really feel like eating because of nausea, often feel nauseous when I do eat.
• Head feels pressured and "full", comes and goes always in different parts of the head, feels better when I massage the area but it comes back. Deep breaths also make it better and it's never there when I'm outside, also scalp sometimes feels sensitive and bruised if I press it. This one has only emerged in the last few weeks and I hate it, it's not even painful but it's a really unpleasant feeling.
• Racing thoughts
• Constant fear that I have a serious disease/am going to die that won't go away.
• Depression
• Fear of being left alone- I used to love being alone with my thoughts but now just hang around my mum when she's home, scared that something bad will happen to me when I'm home alone and no one will be able to help- always keep my phone charged up just in case.
• Don't like/see the point of leaving the house, don't really like staying home too much either.
• Don't like things I used to enjoy anywhere near as much as I did back in the day, stuff feels dull and uninteresting.
• Hopelessness about the future/no interest in life but huge fear of death.
• Feel tearful/lump in my throat but rarely able to actually cry- sometimes I feel like it'd help.
• Feel disconnected and dream-like, nothing seems quite real.
• Feel unworthy.
• Unable to relax anymore.
• Self-hatred.
• Afraid of everything.
• Not really excited by anything anymore.
• Feeling generally ill and not myself at all.
• Had bad labyrinthitis last year where I couldn't move my head for days without throwing up, room was spinning etc. Fear of getting it back especially when I'm alone and there's no one to help because I would be literally helpless until someone found me. A lot of the symptoms I've been having are similar to what I had before but milder.
• Hate being unemployed but feel I would be unable to do a job properly because I feel like a an anxious, exhausted bucket of crap.

Yeah, should probably go see a doctor with all this crap but in a delightful twist of events I am also terrified of doctors/any medical stuff/tests/test results. Isn't life just super? But I will need to muster up the courage if this keeps on because it's driving me crazy just recently, I don't feel like I can do anything and I don't feel like myself at all :/. Reading through this has been pretty reassuring though, I'm glad I'm not alone.

Whoops didn't mean to post that to myself :P

OVER ACTIVE BRAIN ,  all these symptoms are not real and you no it but they still don't stop. anxiety can make you believe  you have cancer ect ect right down to the symptoms  .  hear is a story to show how unreal they are. on entering hospital for gut operation I was given morphine everything in your head disappears no pain no bad thoughts.  why do you think people take heroin  you are in pardise at first and a long time till addiction gets hold ,  there are more over 60year old  heroin addicts now than has ever been , they live there last 10 years in the land of the space cadett
Î have that same thing but only my include high Blood Pressure and can go past 200 over some triple digit number!
I have the same thing, only I have high blood pressure to add go it!
I just now saw your post, sorry it took so long to get back to you.

It was every day when it first started in Aug 2014.   Now it tends to come and go.  I can go a week or two and be fine, then it comes back for a week or so.
I haven't found anything that makes it better so I just try to live with it, which is hard when it's burning.  

My doctors can not find any reason for it.  All blood work is normal, MRI was done and it's normal, thyroid is normal.  

I just keep waiting it out....
I have GAD. On lexapro. Feeling
1 jaw pain,
2 restlessness
3. Doom
4. Negative what if thoughts
5. Frequent urination
6. Fear of places
7. Feel safe in room
8. Shocking pains in trunk
9. Wretching
10. Sore throat
11. Irritable
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