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List of symptoms~
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List of symptoms~

Would love to hear what kind anxiety symptoms everyone is having~

Sometimes I have
numb/tingling sensation around face and scalp
head and eye pressure
weird sensations
sometimes heart races
fear of having some deadly disease!
I use to have these symptoms really bad about 8 months ago! After a month or so I took lexapro and it got a lot better so I stopped taking it. Now 8 months later some of the symptoms are coming back but def not as bad as before. I started taking lexapro again, but I think instead of stopping i'm just going to stick with it even after I start feeling better! :)
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Anxiety and depression made me wish i DID have 'some deadly disease'.  I was always disappointed when I'd go to the doctor and learn that I didn't.  
Anti depressants are not a 'cure' for depression.  You take them to help you get back to feeling better and help you to maintain that.  Never stop taking it unless your doctor gives you the ok..   You may very well not need to stay on it forever but leave that decision up to him/her.
We have all gone thru this, it's very typical for this condition.
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Oh boy,  here is my list.

Numbness and tingling in my face,  one whole side of the body or both arms and legs.
Heart races
Heart palpitations
Blurred vision
Feeling like I can't breathe
Entire body or just parts are hot/cold and vibrate
Pain in the jaw,  arm and chest

And a lot more.
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heres my list and i gotta it bad rite now and i feel these everyday allday except when im sleepin have had tons of blood work ekgs stress echo chest xrays go wed for a brain mri by my docs convinced its anxiety gad she called it she said i need to stop focusing on all the symptoms but it is so hard when u feel them all the time if the mri comes back fine then i will throw myself into therepy and whatever else i need to do

weird headpressures and sharp pains that last a few mins threw the day
neck shoulder upperback and arm pain
feelin like im gonna faint but never do
feelin like somethin bads wrong with me and i need medical attention quick
cant drive anymore
cant enjoy going anywhere
cant focus
racin thoughts
left right and center sharp chest pain that last a feww mins then go away
constant worry about everthing ecspecially physical symptoms
loss of appettite
extreme fatigue
trouble swallowing
feels like someones got their hands around my throat
feelin unreal like im dreamin
tremors inside my body all the way to the bone
etc etc etc
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I understand you want to know what is going on with you is anxiety but  it is good not to focus on your symptoms. It only causes you to worry about them more. Continue to take the lexepro and follow the doctors orders. Its very common for symptoms to come back after stopping the meds. As someone posted earlier, the medication helps get the symptoms under control and allows you to be functional again. Dont stop the medication until your doctor has given the ok. Just because you feel better does not mean that you do not need it anymore, usually its the medication that is helping balance things to help you feel that way.
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Well here's my list:

Legs & arms falling asleep (which makes me think Im having a stroke)
Heaviness and sometimes pain in my chest (which often reinforces my stroke thoughts)
Constantly looking for heart attack/stroke symptoms
Breathing problems
A really BAD choking feeling...OMG its the worst :-(
Cant swallow
Im normally awake everynight till at least 3am
Sometimes I get a weird head feeling
Upset stomach
Cold chills
Sometimes Im shaky like Ive been drinking caffeine all day

These are the reoccurring symptoms. But Kel5 is right. Focusing on the symptoms often worsens things (at least on my end). I take Xanax as needed because Im afraid Im going to become a drug addict :-( Sometimes I dont know what else to do but sit and listen to music or distract myself till I get sleepy.
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Along with my face and body going numb,  during that time,  it is hard for me to think or speak correctly.  Does anyone else get that as well?
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yes i have what you have,,but each person has there own personal anxtys that know one else has
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Constant negative thoughts I can't control
Feelings of hopelessness/no future
Physical and mental restlessness
Neck, back, and shoulder pain/stiffness
Trouble finding words
Inability to enjoy hobbies
Feelings of unreality
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Untreated anxiety disorder can lead to serious physical disease.  After a lifetime of good health except for the panic, I'm now fighting extreme high blood pressure. Out of the blue.
Doc knows it is anxiety related but will now have to treat the bp or I'll have a stroke.
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