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Me again....sorry....but help please.....!!!!!!!
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Me again....sorry....but help please.....!!!!!!!

Hi. Well today the school held a day at the pool, and all the whole school went. I thought i would be so happy, becaus ei could relax and wouldnt have to worry about homework andabout actually being in school. But half an hour or so after we arrived, i started feeling very anxious. And this was very very very strong. And i also noticed that i was shaking. My mouth was shaking so i couldnt smile properly, and my and arms, legs and finger too! I felt like i wanted to die those very minutes. After about 15-20 min or so, i had a talk to one of my teachers and felt alot better.
But during those intense moments i thought to myself that the slightest bit atronger and i would have either burst out in tears or wanted to somehow hurt myself. Or go and close myself in the toilets and not come out till i feel better.
I have asked this question before, but this in my opinion was alot more intense than the terrible general anxiety in school. It should have been a HAPPY day, no class, and no worrying. I dont know what is happening.
What was it. A panick attack??
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It does sound like a panic attack. If these feelings are starting to become more frequent, you might want to see about getting on something to help you with the panic attacks if that's what is going on. You also might look on the internet and see what you can do to help ease those symptoms. Often times there are books or articles that will give you suggestions or tips on things to do to help you cope with panic attacks. Or perhaps there will be some people that can give you suggestions on this forum that has gone through the same thing.

My son started having panic attacks last year due to issues at school, but subsided once he got out of the environment.  

I'm sorry you are going through this and hope you are able to figure out how to deal with your situation and overcome those issues.
Thank you. I will be sure to take notice if these feeling get more frequent. And i will do soemthing about it. thanks! :)
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