moving joint pain
by tkn3113, Dec 06, 2009
Help! I have been having traveling joint pain for about two months now. I think this all started when I got a really bad strep throat infection. About two weeks after the infection pasted I started getting bad burning pains in my wrists when I move them (especially flexing them up or down) It was so bad I couldn't get dressed by myself in the morning) I started wrapping my wrist and that seemed to help.About a month later my wrists started to feel better, but I started getting the same pain in my ankles, and my left knee. It really hurts alot when I walk or have to lift my knee. My knee almost feels swollen. I have never heard of a joint pain that moves around I am so lost. I am tired of taking Ibprofin and sleeping on a heating pad! I went to my primary DR. He took blood, x-rays and urine, but they all came back normal. I am only 31, and I don't want to keep dealling with this with no answers. Can anyone help? My dr. hasn't suggested sending me to a specialist, but I think he's just playing a guessing game at my expense.
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by TrudieCBlank, Dec 06, 2009
Having your doctor send you to a specialist is a good idea.  Your primary DR is not the best skilled at diagnosing joint problems.  But a rheumatologist is.  They often use their own labs with much more senstitive testing and can also use physical exams to help in the diagnosis since some arthritis and auto-immune situations can take time to build in your blood.  
by Raven17, Dec 06, 2009
In my research into psoriatic arthritis, I read there is a connection between strep and the psoriasis.  Exerpt from National Psoriasis Foundation,, "Guttate psoriasis often comes on quite suddenly. A variety of conditions can bring on an attack of guttate psoriasis, including upper respiratory infections, streptococcal throat infections (strep throat), tonsillitis, stress, injury to the skin and the administration of certain drugs including antimalarials and beta-blockers."  There may be some connection here between this and the arthritis part of the condition.  something to look into.  My joint pain from the psoriactic arthritis certainly moved around from joint to joint in the beginning years.

by Leddy0139, Jul 04, 2011
I am having the exact same problem.  Please please let me know what happens.
by BuffyS, Jul 08, 2011
I had a serious urinary tract infection and five days later, started experiencing extreme joint pain in shoulders/knees/wrists.  Based on googling, I assumed I might have contracted reactive arthritis.  Made sense to me.

High sediment rate on a blood test ordered by my GP indicated I needed a rheumatologist.  Specialized bloodtests show I likely do not have reactive arthritis, but rather rheumatoid arthritis or mixed connective tissue disorder or sarcoidosis.   Still being diagnosed.

Don't be sedentary about your pain and don't let forums like this be the end of your research.  Get yourself diagnosed asap.
by monikaa864, Aug 02, 2013
i ll keep it short. migratory arthritis is something i  had for over a year ( ten years ago). i was free from it without any warnings. i t came unexpectedly and left me the same way. now its back. i did all the tests that are possible, nothing came out. no diagnosis no cure. I am not sure how this is going to help u but i am am sure in this: my pain is work related. i used to work something that involved my head to be bent down for a long period of time, when i left the job, the pain left me. now i work as a dental nurse and i am very tall woman that in order to match my  dentist and assist in various treatments i bend all the time. suddenly i got back all my symptoms from 10 y ago. i am checking a back specialist because i know i have spondylosis which can affect certain nerves in my body to cause pain. however there hasnt been a diagnosis for moving arthrytis, so i suggest u to follow ur living and diatary habbits and to visit a specialist and neurologist.