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Vp shunt
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Vp shunt

I had a vp shunt surgery two weeks ago. my visions getting worse. I used to read with out having my reading glass on but now it's hard even with my reading glass on.  could you please advise.

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Hi Dee welcome back!!

May I ask have u been checked for other conditions like tethered cord?

Also, do u also have chiari...or a syrinx?

Ne of these conditions can add to ur vision issues and surgery can trigger them into being symptomatic.

Do u mind saying where and by whom u had ur surgery?

Sorry, I do not know what to tell u at this point.....I can not remember ur history.....if u don;t mind giving more may help....if u prefer not to in the public forum, u can PM me.


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Hi I am Zenji by the way.

What was your shunt for?

Mine was for increased inter cranial hypertension and I experience so slight vision problems prior but it got worse till about a month after the shunt. I know in my case my blurry vision was called by the pressure of the fluid on the optic nerves and my neuroophthalmologist said some people have pressure before vision where as some people have the vision problems first.

How that helped at least a little
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My VP shunt was to control the hydrocephalus that developed after CM decompression surgery. I am assuming this as a reason for your shunt surgery. Hydro and CM are closely related.

After my VP shunt surgery, I lost quite a bit of long and short term memory. Did you experience any of this?

Also developed double vision and epilepsy. My neurologist explained to me that these were from the shunt, it was causing more pressure on the brain creating new problems. But this is a tradeoff. Controlling the fluid in the brain is more important than the side effects.

Hope you get more answers and can adjust to your "new" head.

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Thank you for your response! My husband has experienced memory loss and double vision since his VP replacement surgery this past May.
How long did your vision problems or memory problems last? What specifically did the neuro opthamologist recommend or say? We are frustrated because his condition is not getting better and yet the neuro surgeon says the shunt surgery and CT scans are just fine. It is so frustrating!
Thank you for your input...
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