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Depression in making me fat.
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Depression in making me fat.

Hey, I am 25 and a mother of 4.

I get stress alot and then depress. All I can think of is eating and eating

I don't want to do any activities with my kids and even one of them is gaining weight,so I am very worry.Not to go far just this past weekend we staid home all weekend with out doing much just eating and waching tv. I know this is very bad for my kids so please help me.What can I do each day that passes is worst I am starting to gain weight and this is making me be more depress.
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Handling four kids can certainly cause alot of sress in addition to work, whetheer you work as a housewife or have an outside job.

What you descibe could in fact, be a reaction to depression. In order to determine this however, you need to see your doctor(with all symptoms in hand) or a mental health provider.

People no longer have to suffer depression since there are alternatives such as counseling and medication available.

The downside of most anti-depressants though is that they cause weight, although a few won't cause many problems.

You however, also have to do your part in controlling any depression or anxiety you may be having even before seeing a doctor.

Make sure you're eating a proper diet, that you exercise(walking for 30 minutes is good) and getting enough sleep.  You may also want to try some other therapies such as acupunture or tai chi. I find all useful in controlling depression.

Keeping a journal of your daily moods, food intake, sleep and other daily factors can be of great assistance when you see your health care provider, since he/she can get an actual picture of your situation. Most importantly, be truthful about your lifestyle. If you use alcohol or drugs make sure they know about it.

Let us know how you're doing and don't loose faith because this sounds relatively easy to turn around.

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I will try to set an appointment with my doctor but I am afraid to start using medications. I will like to find other solutions other than medicine.
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A lot of good advice already. I'm not oriented about your situation more than what you have given above smily... From a point of view on food and stress I think I'm struggling a little bit with the same: In periods I eat a lot and other times I have no appetite at all. This is something I have with me from the past. I struggled with eating disorders (anxiety-related). I was afraid of food. The "cure" or step in the right direction for me was to lean strongly on a 4-hour plan of meals. Never miss out on breakfast, don't eat more than what you need (healthy servings) and eat next meal when it has been 4 hours. It is ok to eat sweets too, but on weekends. Sugar is addictive, I've heard (and noticed).

For myself, I have added a weight-tracker here on MH. I never let go of watching my weight - but it is called "weight keeper". If I go above my comfort weight, I'll need to be more careful about how much I "overtreat" myself on goods and sweets and if I drop weightwise - something is wrong.

Do you work in addition to having 4 kids? Do you have a partner that has a job? With 4 kids, the tempo must be quite high all the time. How old are they? Do they keep each other active?
I have 1 child and someone needs to go on a cleaning spree in my house or I'll stress out soon (e-hem)...

Anyhow, I do agree with the above reply that if you think it could be helpful to have support from your GP or get a referral to counseling, maybe that is a good idea? I don't think medications can give all motivation alone, so try support where motivation is to find.

What about stress-management classes? Pilates, have you tried? It's wonderful! What about a walk in the evening when the children are asleep? It is much relaxation and gives a bit of energy?

Stay in touch and post back!
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Thank you,

I do work and also my husband, my kids are 9,6,4,1 so it is very hard. they play alot but also they fight alot so imagine how it is! I am only 25 so this makes it harder on me, but i will try to get help from somewhere because this is already affecting my kids too.
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