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Use of Burow's Solution for ear itch
One of our Westie ongoing problems is itchy ears.  He has been treated for an infection within the last 4 months and was check and and found infection free.  The vet prescribed the use of Burow's Solution (3 drops in each ear) as a daily follow up for two weeks, then for use "as needed".  

Looking up Burow's Solution I see it has medical applications and is available over-the-counter.

Given my dog continues to have minor, mostly morning time, ear itch problems I wonder if I should make more use of the Burow's solution - now using about once a week, if I think of it.  

I also note it looks like I can purchas burow's without a prescription and thus may find it lower cost, not that the cost is prohibitive, I don't remember what we paid.

I also use an K9 ear wash solution at least once a week, wash the external ear, both sides, with medicated anti-yeast shampoo, and have started using, but not every day, some Benadryl Topical which seems to help some. I plan to get some fish oil capsules for the dog and I today and will start giving him one 1000 mg capsule a day.  

I put Burow's in the subject line as this is the one item I least understand. Should it help reduce "normal" ear itch?
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