Chest pain 2 weeks after a fall
by JP1939, Sep 01, 2009
I fell flat on my back about 2 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing pain in my whole upper chest, all the way to near my under arms, just below my collar bone. I'm ok sitting but if I have to cought or sneeze, the pain is severe and sharp. Deep breaths bring some soreness; but not the pain I get from sneezing, which is the worst! Also, trying to lean back or get out of bed, brings shooting, sharp pain. Any kind of activity using those muscles causes the pain to get worse.
I don't have any swelling or bruising, not even right after the fall. Should I use ice or heat?
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by Dr VinodBlank, Sep 01, 2009
Dear JP1939,
You should use ice packs for healing and we would advise also a X-ray and anti inflammatory drugs along with it. Take rest, have restricted movements and rest your chest for couple of days by not going for any exercise or exertion as this would increase the inspiration and breathing and normal breathing is fine.
Take care!