Cold sweats after exercise
by Holly710, Sep 26, 2011
I am 24 years old, of great health, and exercise regularly. I typically do a 2mile run three times a week and give myself plenty of time to cool down after, about an hour. I even do a cool down walk after this run to get myself back to a resting rate. However, instead I will become freezing after only about 15 minutes from completing the run/cool down walk, all the while continuing to sweat profusely and this lasts for sometimes well over an hour. I then will of course try to shower and I have tried to take cold showers, hot showers, lay down, walk around,etc. but continue to freeze and sweat after the shower. I will then continue to freeze and sweat for another almost two hours. It is most uncomfortable and I will have to change t-shirts several times after showering and sometimes feel like I need another shower. It is mainly my back and around my chest that I sweat the most. Is this just a terrible characteristic of sweating or is this treatable?
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by S. Kaul, MDBlank, Sep 28, 2011
Hi there!

Well, it is normal to experience shivers or cold feeling immediately after stopping exercise and sweating is also considered normal with increased physical work which may take sometime to settle. However if this is abnormally prolonged and does not seem to respond to measures like a hot shower or coffee, it could indicate hormonal/ endocrine or autonomic issues. I would suggest consulting your primary care physician to evaluate for these and for appropriate management, if suggested.
Hope this helps.

Take care!