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Hi, I'm 13, male and 5foot1. I want to get six pack abs - will this work?

1) I do 3, 8 minute workouts a day (that are designed to use the ab muscles)
2) I do 45 seconds of planking, burpies and sit ups twice a day with 30 second rests
3) I jog/sprint on the spot a few times a day for about 5 minutes
4) I still eat normally (I'm 44kg and eat well but we do have quite a lot of pasta)

Will this get me six pack abs? Do I have to diet - if so, what should I cut back on?

I asked someone who told me that at my age, this is not good and could affect my growth - is this true and, could I not just do it less vigorously? And are there any other effects this could create that I should know about?
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