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Dilated Pupil Stuck Open
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Dilated Pupil Stuck Open


I had a cornea transplant and now my pupil is stuck open. Surgeon tried various drops with no success. Eye is still recovering from transplant so vision is vey poor...

• Is this common?
• WIll this impact my vision? My eye is now very light sensitive. I assume a pupil must be able to close to properly function and cut out light.
• Are there ways to fix it by releasing it? Surgery?
• Has anyone had a similar experience and pupil released?
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Often after this type of surgery drops (often with red top) are used to keep the pupil dilated and at rest. You should discuss this with your surgeon.

If it has been less than 4-6 months since your surgery it is impossible to say what the final position of the pupil will be.

Yes there is a thing called "blown pupil" that follows that type of surgery that is permament. Again you need to discuss this with your surgeon and that is all we can tell you here.

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