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what is right third cranial nerve paresis and duane's type 3 cocon...
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what is right third cranial nerve paresis and duane's type 3 cocontraction

so i found my records for when i was 7 months old and the doctor wrote that i had either two conditions, but when i tried to look the third cranial nerve paresis one up the only thing that i could find was third cranial nerve palsy, but the report said paresis, any info behind it would be really appreciated.

just for fun i will post the other info,
high hyperopia
poor fixation behavior with right eye, normal with left
pupils asymmetrical, right larger then left
palpebral fissures equal
motility- -2 limitation of elevation and depression, -3 limitation of adduction.
varied from orthophoria, to large angle exotropia on right side
anterior segment and funduscopic examination were normal
retinoscopy was +6.00 ou
"paresis" means a weakness; "paralysis" means complete failure to work.  It is too much typing to spell out all the specifics but you can Google 3rd cranial nerve paralysis and it will give the components, then Duane (Stilling-Turk) Syndrome and see its components.

You can look up the other terms. Most children with these conditions wear thick glasses, have reduced vision in one eye (amblyopia) have had the "good eye" patched (you the L) to try and equalize the vision. Surgery is sometimes done but never makes the eyes move perfect or the vision perfect.

you children, grandchildren and nieces/nephews are are high risk (20%) for these so besure all are checked young by a pediatric ophthaljologist.

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