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Fluid in ears
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Fluid in ears

I have been experiencing dizziness and headaches for about three years.  A year ago I had a MRI which showed that there is a quarter sized polyp or cyst in my left maxillary sinus.  The doctor also noted that I have fluid in my ears.  I was given nasal spray and sent home.  Nasal spray did nothing to correct the dizzy off balance feeling.  This year I went back to the doctor and I was told that I have fluid in both ears, the left ear having more and it is whitish and bubbly.  What is going on?  Is the polyp causing fluid buildup?  The only other finding on my mri was a tiny non-enhancing hyperintense focus adjacent to the frontal horn of the right ventricle, not felt to be significant.  Could my headaches and dizziness be related to the fluid or should I worry about the insignificant focus.  The doctor also noted that my sinuses seem to be inflamed.  Thank you for your time.
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It is possible that the symptoms may be related to the fluid.  Normally a steroid nasal spray or antihistamine would help with decreasing the amount of fluid.

If that fails, there may be anatomical abnormalities that can exacerbate the problem (i.e. the polyp).  An ENT evaluation would be needed to determine if a surgical procedure can help.  

If there is evidence of sinus inflammation, antibiotics may be needed.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I've been exactly where you're at. You need a good Otolaryngologist that can do an ofc. endoscopic exam &
schedule a biopsy of the polyp/cyst. A Coronal CT should have
been done. Ask the ofc. for copies of reports for a home-file
& ck-out films for appt. of evaluation. All top docs say, if it
might be a polyp, remove or biopsy. I went 8 yrs. being told
'what you think you see on films, isn't'. I had 3 ear-tubes to
dry out ear but infection clogged them. I had gone to Neuro's,
ENT's, etc. When my face swelled & severe temple pain started,
I researched alot & demanded pathology. The 'cyst' turned out to be a slow growing rare tumor. It caused inflammation of the
maxillary, ETD, painful spasms, long spreading infection. Not
all polyps/tumors show up as what they are. Inverted-papilloma
of the maxillary is what I had. My surgeon had specialists ck.
path-tissue. It grew for yrs. & had 'filled' maxillary, invaded
bone. My so-called polyp/cyst was a localized cancer & took 4
major surgeries & now a life time of fol/up. My blood wk. always
showed normal except for sed-rate. I'm better now but requested
all past records + Dr. dictations. Yrs. ago, they all started
writing 'therapy needed'. Patient refuses Dx & thinks it's
much worse. My early Coronal CT showed dime-sz. You have all
these problems most likely from the sinus triggering inflamm.
Please, get records & fol/up w/ aggressive treatment. It took
18 Dr's & a tantrum to pacify me. I wk'd for MD's over 20 yrs.
This caused forced retirement due to illness. I knew how
to think out of the box. I was just slow at it because I
trusted. Even the Mayo Clinc mis-dx'd & refused pathology.
Nice/naive wks. to get opinion, but don't leave ofc. w/o a short list of questions you want addressed. Good luck.  

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I have constant ear problems, ever since I was a child.  I can not go outside in the wind, cold or rain with out something covering my ears. I'd say 3/4 of the year I"m on an antibotic (antibiotic) and dealing with sinus issues along with a earache and sore throat.  I had my tonsils and aednoids removed when I was 14 and it still didn't help.  I have fluid that drains from my ear when I have this and sharp pain.  Doctor tell me I have fluid in my ears and sinusitus and I take everything from Claritin, Zyrtec, Keflex, Leviquin, ammocillin, augmentin, sinutab, and several others I can't even remember.  I get steriod shots when I have these sometime 2-3 times.  I also use nasal drops, most of the time Afrin, because I can not breathe at all either and if I can't breathe through my nose and have to breath through my mouth, my throat gets so sore and my gland are even swollen more.  
I'm tired of living like this.  Im' 45 years old and can not ever remember more than 2 months going with out ear and throat pain.
Can you suggest anything?
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I was born with a dead left eardrum and have lived all my life with only the function of my right ear. With the exception of on and off vertigo episodes as a child, I have basically lived a normal life without any further hearing complications - only allergies which have persisted into my adult years. With the exception of the odd dizzy spell, it is only now, well into adulthood, that I have experienced chronic "wooziness", and "unsdteadiness" I went to my GP, who found fluid build up in both ears. There was no infection. The Doctor prescribed a nasal spray ( flonase ) and antibiotics. It has been almost two weeks, and even though, my ears seem to be clearing up, the dizziness has not gone away. Should I give it more time? Even after the fluid has drained, when should I expect my equiliberium to return to its normal state? Should I be making an appointment with my ENT?

I apprceciate any advice you can offer me. Thanks!
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