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Both! Graves & Hashimoto's DISEASE
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Both! Graves & Hashimoto's DISEASE

soo.., my last TSH level was 0.003!!!   Worse than when I was originally Diagnosed with both Hashi.' & Graves (0.006)
I really want to try NatureThroid.!!  my ENDO Dr., changed my Levothyroxine from 112mcg a day..TO 112mcg one day & 100mcg the next.......
I am still also taking Liothyronine 5mcg in the Am & 5mcg @2pm! Every day!
  these pills & these diseases I feel is Ruining way tooo much of my Life! mainly because not only am I suffering !! My FAMILY is also dealing with all the torture & run arounds from Dr.s & the Legal system accusing me of Neglect & abuse!!!

They have no idea what my body is going through!

On top of all of this my oldest child (age 9) has had 3 abnormal labs come back & will not listen to me GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tammy, not so fast my dear!

This will take some time to sort out.
First your Endo must distinguish between Grave's and Hashitoxicosis
by doing a Color Doppler Ultrasound. They have 2 quite different presentations in the vascularity where in Grave's it would be a very intense vascular picture and in Hashitoxicosis it would range from normal to slightly vascular.

When this is assessed properly, then the appropriate course of treatment will be determined.
In Hashitoxicosis (which sounds more likely in your case), being a transient phase, the intermittent hyper symptoms should  resolve within a few months of the onset and the hypothyroid treatment can be revisited and monitored according to your symptoms and NOT necessarily to your Labs, specially when tested only for TSH, T3 and T4 which are not indicative of cellular thyroid function.

The one other important thing to pay attention to is to find ways to distress
-I know, easier said than done, under the circumstances- but please do whatever it takes like breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, counselling, to avoid the very dangerous effects of chronic stress, which have the potential to make your issues today appear like "a walk in the park".
You really need to avoid Adrenal exhaustion and the next stage, Adrenal failure.

I'm not in any way trying to disrespect the fact that you are going through some serious challenges in your life, right now, but ultimately you are
the captain of your own ship and even if you may get some help from doctors, friends and family, you are the one in charge!

Trust me, I have been in  similar circumstances in my life-(Tammy, do I feel your agony, despair and pain reading your post!)  where I had to dig real deep.
I made it a do or die situation and the "doing" obviously prevailed,lol!
Long story...

Please post again or message me if you prefer.

I hope this helps, however, it is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes.
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