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Fibro? HELP...feel wrong diagnosis. Who do I see?
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Fibro? HELP...feel wrong diagnosis. Who do I see?

I am going to lose my mind without help anymore. Here is my synopsis (shortened version) and any help is appreciated. 3mo ago I started having shoulder pain (as if slept on it wrong), I ignored it, but it didn't go away. I then started waking with stiff fingers that would not move with joints swollen. Then slowly wrist and forearm weakness. Every morning I wake with fingers aching. I went to Rheumatologist-xrays ok, blood tests ok-except one non-descript auto immune came back elevated. Then tests again and nothing. Sends me to ortho hand dr., he finds nothing, sends me to ortho shoulder-nothing, EMG nothing, MRI of neck only-nothing. Rheumatologist throws Cymbalta at me and now on that. Meloxicam didn't help, Tramadol doesn't help. One day I take Tramadol with .5 Ativan and my pain was relieved. I sleep on my sides, it feels like a tight wide rubber band holding my fingers and hand/joint pain during day like I punched someone and it's the next day. Wrists when squeezed shift/crack. Tonight pointer finger numb and shoulder burning again. HELP.
Could this be Rheumatoid? Shoulder injury pressing on nerve? EMG said no nerve compression. I don't think Fibro is generalized-we don't have pain one day for nothing! My body is telling me something. More stress aggrevates-but I type a lot at work and they said no carpal. I'm so lost. Any orthopedic doc that would actually feel my shoulder and press and move it and feel around? Isn't that normal??
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I'm running in to the same problem.  I think the problem with those kinds of symptoms it takes awhile for it to actually show up on a test.

I'm well in to year 3 without a real diagnosis.

They told me fibromyalgia, however they have not ruled everything else out so I'm not sure how they get away with that.

It seems like something has to be visibly noticeable before they do anything about it.

The medication they throw at you with a hokey diagnosis usually doesn't work.  If it works, then maybe there's something to it.

If you feel pain then something is wrong.  End of story.  It's a matter of not throwing too many symptoms or being too detailed with your doctor.  They'll think you're a hypochondriac.  It's an old school way of thinking.  Doctors forget that the general populace is a little more informed these days.

Usually a good place to start is by making sure your primary care doctor is a well educated and experienced internal medicine doctor.  Not a general/family doctor.  No offense to any of those kinds of doctors but they are more suited to handle general situations with adults and children.  Internal med docs are adult specialists and family docs often confer with them.

Describe the primary thing you feel.  Shoulder pain.  Maybe mention you feel stiff in the morning and that it just started a few months ago.

If they are worth their salt you'll get a full set of tests done.  Then your next step could be a rheumatologist or neurologist.

They may just tell you take some excedrin, do stretches to see if that helps in the meantime.

Watch for things new symptoms but don't worry over it.  Don't flood your doctor with new symptoms unless they're pretty serious.

Hope this helps and good luck...
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