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Everytime i drink a beer for the next 2 days it feels like a pill is st...
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Everytime i drink a beer for the next 2 days it feels like a pill is stuck in my throat

Everytime i drink a beer, for the next two days it feels like a pill is stuck in my throat. At first it just feels like acid reflux and my throat just kind of burns and my saliva gets real thick like i always need to spit. Then about an hour after i drink one i get this uncomfortable feeling in my throat at about the level of my collar bone that feels like i have a vitamin or something stuck in my throat. It doesnt really hurt it is just uncomfortable, and it will last the rest of that day and the next, but by the 2nd morning its gone. I dint drink often at all and when i do its just one or two beer, but thats the only time i ever notice it happening. I went to the doc cause i thought it was just acid reflux but he said my symptoms didnt sound like it. and it could be that im allergic to something. But it never effects my breathing or swollowingand doesnt make my throat sore. But what in beer could cause this? Any solutions or reasons it does this?
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The symptom you have is called Globus.
It can occur with acid reflux though there are other causes as well.
Since it occurs after your drink beer, acid reflux is the most likely possibility.
Take prilosec for relief. Try to avoid alcohol.
Maybe you should contact an allergist and have some tests done to see if you are allergic to hops or barley or anything else in beer.  Until then I would drink something else.  Doesn't sound worth it.
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