Extremely swollen ankle due to bite or sting - PAINFUL
by BZMommy, Aug 15, 2008
As I was mowing this morning I was bitten or stung on the inside of my ankle.  It was the most painful thing I have every felt.  I could see a red dot where the bite/sting happened but didn't see any remaining stingers, etc.  I put some ice on it right away but had so much to do that I only kept it on for about five minutes.  I went about my day and was finally able to sit down around 8:45 p.m.  That is when I realized that my ankle had swollen to atleast double in size, is red and the skin is hot to the touch.  It hurts to step down.  The actual puncture site has no feeling to it but if I push on the swollen area on either side of the puncture site it hurts like crazy.  My body seems to be achy, my head hurts and I feel very sluggish.  I took 2 Benadryl about 45 minutes ago and have felt no relief as of yet.  I have it iced as I type.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I saw a small, green, grasshopper-ish type of insect fall to the ground after I was bit/stung but I'm not certain that was what it was.  I live in central Minnesota.
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by margypops, Aug 16, 2008
As you dont know what bit or stung you and if you dont feel any better soon go and get it checked out it could be an allergic reaction and may go down but it could get worse , I never heard of Grass hoppers biting but one never knows.Could be a Bee sting and they make you swell , go and get it checked is your best bet.