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Headache and brain exhaustion
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Headache and brain exhaustion

Hi! I am suffering from headache and total exhaustion of my brain. It all started approximately one week before my school leaving exam. I felt good but my brain was unable to focus on anything. During the exam we had 20 minutes of preparation but I just couldn´t make any note. Now I want to read news, books, solve math problems but as soon as I start something like that I get a headache and I have to stop activity. I am worried because so far I haven´t had any problems, no headaches my brain was able to focus for longer than 4 hours without having a brake. I thought that it could be from overloading so I decided to have a rest for several days but it didn´t help. I also took pills for enhancing brain but it also didn´t help. I just don´t know what to do. I have never had such troubles even though I used to be under much higher pressure. I couldn´t remember as much as before, I couldn´t focus sa all thing considerd I cannot do any mental activity. Thank you in advance for your advices. I really appreciate it.
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Hi paul,

Just finished reading your comments. By school leaving exam, do you
mean high school  or university ? Just wondering because you don't
mention your age. I think sometimes people's brains can only take in
so much and then they become overloaded. I went to university for
four years and I often felt overwhelmed. When I felt this way, I took
a break. You can have what I call brain overload just like your computer
can experience over load. People can only absorb so much information
in their brains. I would suggest doing some things that don't require
intense concentration, nothing challenging. Read a funny book, watch
a funny video , do some relaxing activities. Literally, give your brain a
rest from challenging text, solving math problems etc. I'm actually a recently
retired teacher who taught for 30 years. This is basically the way I felt
after high school exams where you studied for hours, had very little sleep
and you were under a lot of stress to do well. As I mentioned, give your
brain a rest from challenging tasks. I recommend more than a week.
Your brain is trying to tell you something and the fact that you're getting
headaches when you try to challenge it . It's important to listen to your
body's clues that it needs a rest. I wish you well. Eve
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It could be brain exhaustion, in which case you need to take a break, maybe get some physical activity. Physical activity is directly related to increased brain function.

Or, it could be your diet. If you're on a diet that extremely restricts carbohydrates, you're brain is going to tire out more quickly. Your brains main energy source is glucose, and without it, it basically starves. Make sure you get enough complex carbs and stay hydrated (water) in your diet whenever you're going to need to focus for long periods of time. And sleeeeep :)
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First of all, tkhanks for your respond. I meant high school, sorry for not mentioning that. Before my exam I and my classmates went out to celebrate the end of high school despite the fact that we were going to take part in the exam. However, no one was afraid of exam and we spent wonderful day.Then we had week off in order to get ready for exams. I have been having brain issues since that day.  First two or three days I had troubles with concentration and then it was even worse. It was as if my brain refuced to serve me. I lost motivation, sense of my life and I felt emotionally empty. That´s the way I´m feeling now. I do physical activities, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but headache doesn´t want to leave me. The only help for me are pills againts ache but it helps only for few hours. It is more than weird that none of my classmates experience such problems as me even though they were studying 8 hours every day and I didn´t study anything due to problems with my brain.  I have been having headache for 40 days and I did many things you adviced. I wonder what happened to my brain that day and what else should I do in order to get through it.
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Hi Paul,
You're very welcome. I just finished reading your response to me.
As it is the summer, this would be a good time to make an appointment
with your family doctor. Have you told your parents that you are having
continuous headaches? You say you've been having headache for 40
days. That's one month plus 10 days. Perhaps one of your parents or
a caregiver can accompany you to your doctor's appointment.
I think it's time to tell your family doctor what you are experiencing,
particularly the fact that you have daily headaches. I wish you well, Paul.
Please make a doctor's appointment to rule out more serious issues.
There are all kinds of things that can cause daily headaches. Headache
pills only work for so long. You have to get to the cause of your headaches.
Too many headache pills aren't good for your liver. Be well. Eve
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