Multiple symptoms: headache, nausea, dizziness, gas, frequent urination
by orange86, May 04, 2009
I have been sick for almost two months now, with a bunch of new symptoms popping up along the way.  I don't know if it's related or multiple problems. I'll be thorough.

7 weeks
- 2 or 3 different types of headaches; sometimes frontal, sometimes both sides, sometimes burning feeling in my temples. Some type of headache almost constantly, with little relief
- Lightheadedness, like I am going to faint. Several hours on, couple hours relief
- Dizzy spells. Once every few days; feels like the room is spinning
- Slightly blurry vision
- Nausea; abdominal pain/discomfort; gas; indigestion; can't eat as much

4 weeks
- chest pain off and on
- back pain (all over, especially mid to lower)
- stiff neck off and on
- frequent urination
- abnormal thirst
- waking up several times a night
- red eyes

2 weeks
- cloudy/foggy head when I wake up several times a night or in the morning
- cloudy head + burning temple/eye when I don't drink water for 1-2 hours (at night as well)
- difficulty focusing eyes;  headache when focusing far away
- discolored stool; first black, then green for a week, now dark brown with white and light brown spots (a fecal occult blood test detected blood in my stool a couple weeks ago)
- burning pain in the same spot in the left side of my abdomen; sometimes radiates to my back

- dilated pupils
- numbness/weakness in arms/legs
- difficulty swallowing
- memory and concentration problems

I've also had these weird attacks (which is how this all started 2 months ago) of fear/nervousness (usually upon waking up) like I've just been frightened (although there's nothing there to scare me) with increased heart rate, sweating, over heated, frequent bowel movements; brain feels hyperactive, "on alert," can't relax, can't concentrate, can't sleep (I've had three or four of these overall, went to the ER twice for it)

I've been to the ER a few times, and they couldn't find anything. I've also been to the family doc a few times, and she's run some tests, but nothing significant has come back.  She did determine that my heart skips a beat every minute or two, but two ECG's and an ECHO were normal (she's sending me for Holter Monitoring now).  Fasting glucose was on the lower end of normal (but the doctor says that's fine).  TSH and CBC were normal.  Ferritin (iron) was low and I started taking iron supplements. There was blood in my stool, but she wants me to do it again (apparently she doesn't believe it?).  Blood pressure is usually around 110/60 (I thought it was low but the doc said its normal)....but sometimes it goes up to 135/70.  This is starting to drive me crazy... it's really hard to work (or do anything) sometimes.  Nobody can figure out what's wrong with me.  Any ideas?  
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by Professor410, May 06, 2009
Hi, is like u ar describing my ailments. I have been sick for almost 6 years now and any action i take to fine remedy for my ailment is futile. The world is like very useless to me because i cannot do anything, i cannot even continue wit my education. I want to study Bsc in Accountancy but restricted.

Please if you fine a remedy to your ailment let me know how you achive that because is our joint-concern.
I wish you speedy recovery and good health. I will always pray for you.

E-mail me to: jallow20 ***@****
by JJ615, May 22, 2009
Hey guys, both of you are describing many symptoms that I used to have frequently.  It used to really scare the **** out of me wondering what was wrong with me. My doctor ran tests and they all came back normal, after that she diagnosed me with IBS.

I've found out that IBS symptoms are mostly all triggered by your mind. I used to get online 4-5 times a day just to do some more research on my symptoms, and next thing I knew I had 1000 things wrong with me!!

The doctor put me on some mild antidepressants, wich seemed to help. I was also getting over a breakup with a girlfriend when all of this started (I think that played a big part in all of these symptoms starting).  Back in December I met a great girl, and between the medicine and meeting her, my symptoms have almost gone completely away.

Now obviously I'm not a doc, but my experience is that if the doctors run tests, and don't find anything wrong, and they say you're ok.. You're probably ok.  I know that's hard to understand when you feel like ****, but try not to focus on it.  Try to get your mind occupied on something else, and don't spend a lot of time searching for the answer on the internet. :)

I hope this helps out a little, I just wanted to share my experiences.
by Jono1981, Nov 13, 2009
HI Orange

Thank you for the piece of advise, i think you are right, i to have these symptoms, and i resently changed my lifestyle and started working out and eating right, and wham its started wit the headaches, etc, so i started looking on the net, ,,, like i am doing right now , and i know i should not diagnose on the web , because everything is either cancer or someserious dissease, i jumped from thinking i have brain cancer to cancer of the pancreas to dyestomania, lol, i do have the headaches, and i do feel faint at times, but the ret i think is me having anxiety attacks over the headaches and making it worse, i went to the doctor and he tested my sugar levels and did some manual tests for a brain tumour and said i was fine my blood pressure fluctuates between 140 / 83 and 129/79 do thstd not to bad.... anyway i agree with you, its all in the mind, and if something more serious was wrong i would show more serious symtoms and fast... regular check ups is recomended to evryone sick or not, may i suggest that if any of you also have these symtoms research anxiety attacks. maybe you will find the answer.

i wish you all of the best
i know this is an old blog but what the hell, hehe, i still read it.
by opinmin, Nov 13, 2009
How old are you?  Taking any medications?  Any history of conditions and/or diseases?
Experiencing high stress level in your life at this time?
by sweetgirl12, Jun 15, 2010
Hi Orange,

Since two or three days, i have been having symptoms like nausea in the morning, fatigue, dizziness, need for sleeping,headaches, slight pain in my neck, frequent urination and heaviness in my head.I've taken vitamins and it gave me little relief.
Please help me and let me know what's my problem. Am feeling very scared.
by sUuee, Oct 31, 2010
The symptoms where you wake at night from sleeping sweaty, hot, heart beating etc could be after a blood sugar low. I get exactly the same, and I have hpyoglycaemia-look into it, and consider changing your diet.  There are lots of online advice.  Your dr wouldn't have tested for it as its actually extremely rare.
Best of luck, hope you get some relief.  
by KJETIL, Dec 11, 2010
Either LYME and Co Infections or MERCURY POISINING or both.
Do you have almagan fillings or have you ever been bitten by a tick?

I know your symptoms very well and I am getteing better but it is gonna take time.
by strangedaze, Jul 30, 2011
same symptoms blood pressure up to 198/105 at its highest, turned out Yes high blood pressure, no big surprise there. However all heart ecg and blood tests came back normal.  Then i found a compounding chemist/health professional and he put me on "Bio Ceuticals" ultra Clean EPA/DHA PLus (which is like pure fish oil), and "Nutrition Care" Formula SF88 and Formula 33SE Forte, and "Nutrition Care" Muscleback Energy Magnesium compound. Thing about these brands is they are pure, and simply the best.  the Dr also put me on a high blood pressure tab with an added duretic.  The result is the world has changed for me in under a week.  I can think, I can make a decision, I am no longer in flight or fight fear mode, I am no longer standing in a vortex of noise (which wasn't noise but without it I realize I am quiet).  I feel calm.  Stomach is more active but in a good way as it is purging and settling and not painful or strained or feeling uncleared.  I have been told that the lack of magnesium in your body not only causes cramping but also stops the bodys essential building blocks to function properly.  the entire body doesn't talk to its cells properly, as does all things mineral and essential lacking create.  The combination I am taking addresses all my problems.  I know that if I can feel mentally and emotionally so much better within days, then I will be restored.  the gas/bowell thing is strange as it is not settled but in a strange way it feels like it is now working itself out.  No mor uncomfortable silent pain just a settled feeling, which has moments of  rumbles and emits gas then settled.  I feel this is on the path to recovery also.  I feel 80% better and blood pressure down within 2 days.
by jkoko, Dec 29, 2012
I have had not of these symptoms for well over a year. I have not had white bowel movements....I have had vomiting, diarrhea and crazy dreams as well. I have had all sorts of tests and nothin has been found. I have been told its food allergies and nothing more but I have cut out the foods and I am still having the problems. I don't understand what could be happening an why the doctors can't find anything.