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recent hernia repair - did i re-tear it?
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recent hernia repair - did i re-tear it?

Hello -

I recently had an open inguinal hernia repair on 11/19.  They did not use mesh because my tissue was so healthy, so it was repaired strictly with sutures.  I'm going on my third week and feeling almost back to normal:  I run a dog sitting/training business and am back to regularly walking and working with dogs (the ones that don't jump :).  

Yesterday I was walking two dogs down a hallway and they pulled after a cat.  I ended up having to try and drag 100lbs of dog all the way down the hallway.  While I didn't feel any pain during that moment (other than my extreme mental panic), I'm fairly sore today and incredibly paranoid that I've done something wrong/have become too active too soon.

My question is, would it be more clear if I'd done something to the internal sutures?  A little pain and soreness doesn't necessarily mean I've ripped any sutures, right?  I only ask because I didn't even realize I had a hernia until I saw the bulge, so I'm not sure if I'd notice if it were to recur.

I am incredibly paranoid and can't find much info from Google'ing.  I do NOT want to have to do any of this again!

Anyone have experience with this?
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Hi Kate. OUCH dang girl.   I just had triple hernia repair Monday 12-6 myself.  No the sore muscles, pain,  doesn't necessarily mean you've torn the site again.  On the flip side it doesn't mean you haven't either.  If you have unrelieved pain for an extended period of time say 3-5 days, or start noticing a lot of swelling,  you need to get rechecked to ensure all is intact.  When they do the repairs the muscles get pulled and tugged, making them stretched, lazy, easily strained, and painful, especially with exertion or force.    Did your doc give you the OK to start walking the dogs already, if so was he aware you are walking 100 pounds of dog?  Did you wear a binder when walking the dogs to help support your surgical area?  You should always wear a binder when dog walking to prevent this and other injuries in the future should they decide to chase something again.    

If you see a protrusion, it does not mean the hernia is necessarily back.  My doc told me yesterday that where the hernias were originally at,  the center of that area after surgery develops an accumulation of fluid and blood  within a few weeks resembling the hernia's return.  He assured me that it has not returned and the body will absorb the accumulation of fluid etc. over time.  He also told me no lifting greater than a gallon of milk (8 pounds) for 3 months because it takes that long to completely heal.  So your 3 weeks into recovery may have been a little soon to have to control such a large weight of animals.  I Hope This Helps Kate, Good Luck Hun.
How strange, I responded to you several weeks ago, but it looks like it never posted.  Hope you are recovering well from your repairs!!

My surgeon was incredibly confident, telling me basically I could walk dogs the day I went home from surgery (not that I'd want to, I think he was just making a point as to how strong his work was).  He described my hernia as "substantial," but that I had very healthy tissue, and that he was confident in using just stitches and that they would hold up very well.  But your doctor told you 3 months?  Perhaps since you had multiple repairs, right??

I ended up taking the rest of that week off after the massive dog tug, and I've limited myself to fewer dogs each day since then, but I still can't shake the paranoia that it's recurred/going to recur.  It was often hard to see a bulge in the first place before the repair, unless the organs were really popping out, so I can't be sure if I'm seeing anything under the swollen scar.  Although your point about the fluid accumulating around the incision is comforting...

It is still swollen and raised, and numb in some areas.  Normal, I think?  And I basically feel back to normal now going into my 5th week post surgery but for some general throbbing which I assume is normal and part of the ongoing healing.  Hoping to get on the treadmill in 2 weeks, but I'm afraid my sanity and obsession of recurrence is holding me back!

I keep forgetting not to stretch in the mornings as I usually do, and this morning I felt and heard a loud pop, so paranoia set in, though surely that couldn't have been my muscles snapping apart?

Seriously paranoid - I guess just looking for assurance that all of this is normal before going to my surgeon to hear him tell me it's all normal..  :)
I had triple hernis repair after diggy something something can't remember the name of the surgery.But they put in a mesh to help my stomach restructuring.However now after almost a yr.I have a huge lump on right side of stomach and little soft lumps that pop out when i'm having a bowel movement.It feels like my stomachs going to pop!What could be wrong.I've had a surgery every yr.staring in 2009 and frankly not happy about another one!
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