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Aortic arch syndrome/ subclavian steal
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Aortic arch syndrome/ subclavian steal

I'm using up my 2 ?s quickly ;0)

I overheard the doctor that performed my TEE mention subclavian steal during the TEE and to another doctor after. Could you elaborate on this condition - causes/treatment, something you would consider in this case?
Symptoms include:dizziness,shortness of breath upon exertion,left arm pain and weakness,jaw weakness,vision disturbance(light regulation),chest pain(especially when laying,especially on the left side),occasional speech difficulty (saying the wrong words).Diagnosed with severe AI.

My blood pressure in my left arm is unusually low (mostly 70s/50s-varies-never over 80s/50s) my right arm is usually near normal-a bit lower with the Norvasc (5mg).During a recent TEE,no one got a manual reading of blood pressure on either arm, they could not hear a pulse.The only readings came from a machine.I am wondering the cause of the variance.Because my numbers (from an ECHO) look good, could the symptoms be related to the blood pressure/ secondary issue-not the AI.Any suggestions for discussion or exploration on next appt. are welcome.
Thanks so much!
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I am impressed that you got 2 questions posted so quickly --

subclavian steal syndrome is caused by a narrowing in the subclavian artery before the vertebral artery.  Because of the decreased blood flow beyond the blockage, the arm "barrows" blood or "steals" it from another source -- your brain.  This leads to some but not all of the symptoms you describe.  Many of your other symptoms (jaw pain/weakness, left arm pain, chest pain) can be related to severe AI.  The low blood pressure may be caused by a blockage in your subclavian artery.  

Sometimes with sedation, blood pressures drop.  This may be why they couldn't detect it.  I can't explain why the blood pressure cuff picked it up and they could not.

Low blood pressure can cause some of these symtoms (symptoms), but not all of the them.  The chest pain and arm pains are fairly classic for AI.  Like I mentioned before, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

It sounds like you are doing the right research.  I hope this helps.  Good luck and thanks for posting.
PP --

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