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Chest Pains

I am 21 years old, i have no family history of heart disease.
For the past 4 months going on 5 I have had sharp chest pains that radiate from the left to center to right sides, and sometimes into my back and left shoulder and into my left arm.
I have been to the ER and ekg's and x-rays multiple times but to reveal that they don't find anything.
I have tried ib profin 800 mg, nexium, klonopin...well anything i can think of and the doctor could think of to stop the pains and nothing has worked. He now wants me to see a cardiologist to get a heart echo and stress test done.
I am only 21 years old, and I am very confused why this is happening to me.
I am starting to get very scared because the pains do not get better but only worse, and I am also scared to see the cardiologist because i'm afraid that they will find something wrong with my heart at only 21 years of age, I want a happy enjoyable life, I'm too young to be worrying about my heart.
Is there any other explanations for these pains?
I am at a loss and can find no explanation.
Thanks for your time,
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Thanks for the post immortal,

In all likelihood you will remain immortal after visiting the cardiologist.  I agree you need further studies, if only for the reassurance that nothing is wrong.  IF they do find something, it is always better to know sooner than later.  It is the right thing to do.

Based on what you have written, it does not sound like your heart or aorta, but it is always safer to do the tests to make sure.

I hope you find an answer.  Good luck.
Thank you for your kind words.
I will be seeing the cardiologist monday.
I will report what they find if anything.
Thanks again,
Immortal (hopefully) lol
I have mitral valve prolapse and PVC's and get sharp pains under my left breast. They aren't very painful just annoying. I also get a weird feeling in the same area, it's hard to describe, it feels almost like a flip flop/spasm feeling. Does anyone else feel pains under your left breast. I've had an x ray and ultrasound done there and both came out with nothing.
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