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high tryglycerides and LDL cholesterol
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high tryglycerides and LDL cholesterol

Hi everyone,

I have not been on this site for a long time, but I just got my lab test results after 24 weeks for G2b
and am still undetectable, which is great news. Do I wait 3 months and the 6 months for blood work to see if I am
totally SVR?

I haver one concern, my triglyceridea are very high at 565, usually I am at 120 or lower.

Could the interferon and ribavirin have caused this?

Also , how long till the medication gets out of the system?

Please reply if you can help


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Hi Mick--

Congratulations on completing your treatment. SVR is officially declared at six months post treatment if you continue to remain undetectable for virus. A three month test is highly predictive for this, but the six month test is still a requirement. As you’re probably aware, genotype 2 patients are successful roughly 90% of the time. Good luck, by the way.

You should discuss the lipid results with your doctor soon. Triglycerides above 500 can cause short term problems; my GI doc was concerned when mine approached 350; he said high elevations can trigger spontaneous pancreatitis; it’s supposedly very painful, among other things. When my triglycerides were elevated, the doctor ordered me to take omega 3 fish oil supplements… I asked for how long, and his response was for life.

Best to you—

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My husband also had high triglycerides (424) about 8 months after starting treatment (he's a geno 1, still treating), and he was advised to lay off the sugar and take about 2000 mg of omega 3 fish oil daily, like Bill1954.  
As far as the high LDL, my husband has been taking a statin for a number of years as well as keeping to a low-fat/low-cholesterol diet as much as possible.  Hope that helps, and good luck.
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yes the tx drugs can push you into diebetic (diabetic) territory and high tryglycerides are an indicator that is happening.

for best assessment you need to have a HOMA calculation. If you are on tx the A1C will not be accurate. Get a fasting insulin and glucose test, and then we will help you do a HOMA calculation unless your doctor knows how..this is to determine if you have become type 2 diebetic (diabetic) (insulin resistant) IR.

PM me for more info.
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