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Day 3 FSH fertility test results advice
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Day 3 FSH fertility test results advice

I have been trying to conceive for 7 months with no luck, my GYN prescribed a day 3 FSH fertility test and these are my results:

This first test was taken during mid-cycle:
Prolactin: 15.38
Progesterone: 21.11

This test was taken on the second/third day of my cycle:

FSH: 8.44pg/ml
LH: 5.49pg/ml
Estradiol: 22.98pg/ml

My GYN told me that I have low estrogen levels for my age, 28 years old - off the pill for 1 year. I have researched this issue online but could not find any info for people with low estrogen and normal FSH.

My GYN put me on Progyluton for 3 months but I could only take it for one as its side effects were too severe for me. My GYN advised me to go see a fertility specialist when we are ready, not sure I am yet.

My question is: given my low levels of estrogen, what are my chances of getting pregnant naturally? If they are low, what are the options available to me?

Thanks for your advice.
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I do not think you have a low estradiol for your age. On cycle day 2 or 3 the estradiol should be low and so you have normal estradiol for cycle day 2 or 3.  
I do suggest that you see a specialist in fertility called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist.
They can complete the work up for fertility and give you further options to get preganant.
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