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Any Mothers HSV-1 genitally? Can you share your pregnancy experience?
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Any Mothers HSV-1 genitally? Can you share your pregnancy experience?

I have type 1 HSV on my genitals.  I got it 8 years ago from oral sex and had the initial outbreak at that time and only 1 reoccurence which was 4 year ago.  I have never had any other problems.  My husband and I want to try for a baby this fall.  Information I have obtained on type 1 says that you rarely shed (vs. type 2) and that its not abnormal to not have recurrent outbreaks due to type 1 not being at the site of preference.  I know for type 2 Mothers to be take suppressive therapy but being that I don't have outbreaks I don't want to be taking medication while preganent especially since type 1 rarely sheds.  

Has anyone delievered under these/similar circumstances?  Did you/baby have any problems?  How discret was your physician to your condition (we're debating having Mothers in the room).  I did read that with HSV if you are induced or when your water breaks they recommend deliverly within 6 hours- any truth to this?  Any advice you can lend is appreicated.

Thank you.
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I got this from GOOGLE.COM  Hope it helps a little for you.

Effect of the Herpes Simplex Virus on Infant
In infants who are known to have a herpes simplex virus infection, only 30% have mothers who had ever had a herpes rash or a sexual partner with a herpes rash. Many neonatal infections occur because of viral shedding from the cervix without evidence of a rash, usually after a primary infection. Most cases of transmission of herpes simplex occur during labor and delivery. 60% to 70% of neonatal herpes are acquired because the mother acquires an asymptomatic first outbreak. Transmission of the herpes simplex virus to a newborn (neonate) can have devastating effects. The extent of the herpes simplex infection can range from a rash on the skin, to involvement of the eyes and mouth, to infection of the brain, to infection throughout the body. All infants suspected of having a herpes simplex virus infection should be treated with IV acyclovir. The length of treatment is determined by the body system involved in the infection.

Herpes Simplex Type
The herpes simplex type determines the risk to the infant. A primary or recurrent HSV-1 infection during labor is more easily transmitted to the infant but the disease is limited to the mouth, eyes, and mucous membranes. Primary infection with HSV-2 is more likely to affect the central nervous system causing seizures, meningitis, developmental delay, and death.

Currently all women who have an outbreak of genital herpes, primary or recurrent, should have a cesarean section to reduce the exposure of the infant to the herpes simplex virus.

Treatment of Herpes in Pregnancy
Current recommendations by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) are to treat all primary outbreaks of genital herpes with antiviral medications, including primary outbreaks in pregnant women. The antiviral medications available to treat genital herpes are acyclovir, famciclovir (Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex). Acyclovir has the most data on the safety of use in pregnancy. A registry of over 1000 pregnant women who were exposed to acyclovir during early pregnancy suggests that acyclovir is probably safe as there were no increases in birth defects.

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