Can you lose your mucus plug at 13 weeks!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!
by colleen831, Jul 03, 2007
I am 13w 4d and yesterday after I went to the bathroom I wiped and had a clump about the size of a quarter of a thick light yellow colored mucus!! At first I didn't think anything of it as I have had small amounts of this come out before and just figured it was normal, but then I got worried about it and called the dr's office after hours and of course the worst dr I have ever met was on call and told me he could not asses this over the phone, but if I was not in any pain or bleeding to wait until the office opened in the morning and he also said that discharge during pregnancy was NOT normal especially a large amount like that!! Has anybody ever experienced this before or does anyone have that thick mucusy discharge? Thanks!!
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by cmroark, Jul 03, 2007
hey, so losing your mcus plug that early is totally not normal although you may not have lost the whole thing. and i would go and so your doctor asap. i started losing mine around the same time maybe around 18wks or so not quite sure, but nothing happened.. i had a healthy baby at full term. i'm sure nothings wrong, but i would talk to your doc anyways just to assure yourself nothings wrong. i never told my doctors or anything so i don't know what it could be for sure, sorry.
by amberd5191, Jul 03, 2007
It could be part of your plug or it may be a bacterial infection around your cervix that is discharging. I would go to the dr asap. My thoughts are with you GOOD LUCK!
by chellybeans, Jul 03, 2007
if it is your plug it can be just fine. they regenerate.

it may also be an infection. don't worry, just go see the doctor this morning and get some reassurance. either way antibiotics or time will take care of it. :)
by peekawho, Jul 03, 2007
While he may not have been very nice about it, he was right.  The only thing to do is to go to the office and see if anything is wrong.

You can have a mucus discharge that may or may not mean much, so just wait and see if they can tell anything.  Let us know.  
by colleen831, Jul 03, 2007
I just wanted to give you guys and update and thank you for your reassuring advice.  I saw the midwife at my dr's office and she said that it is highly unlikely it would have been the mucus plug at 13 weeks. If for some reason it was the mucus plug it would have been brown or there would have been some brown or maybe even red in it.  She said if it were an infection that I would have known it b/c it would itch and burn and the mucus would have smelled bad.  She said that sometimes the normal discharge that we see can (the milky white stuff) can hang up in the vaginal area and when it comes out it can be thick and clumpy.  So, for future reference anyone who has thick yellowish clumpy mucus that doesn't smell or isn't bloody or brown it is actually normal. Thanks again for your advice it keeps me sane!!
by gab7, Jan 16, 2008
Oh, I'm glad I read this and found your final update.  I just had the same thing happen to me today.  Huge mucus discharge, but only white/yellow in color.  I am 16 weeks 3 days and have my ultrasound in 2 days, so that will help me reassure as well.  Thanks for sharing your story!
by dwab, Dec 29, 2010
I am 6 weeks pregnant and today while using the restroom I released a large amount of mucus like substance that was about 2 to 3 inches in length. I have 2 other children and never experienced that. Am I having a miscarriage?
by missy226, Jan 16, 2012
i was wondering the same thing cause the same thin just happend to me like 2 sec ago
by tmonteleone, May 11, 2012
When I was pregnant with my first (now preys with #3) I had a huge tampon shaped discharge that I swore was my mucus plug. I was just shy of 15 wks. Went er everything was fine. I followed up with my Ob that I have kept for all my 7 pregnancies ( had 4 miscarriages due to other issues) I asked him if a could have passed my mucus plug. He tells me that's not even remotely possible considering the fact that you don't technically even develop a mucus plug until very late in you pregnancy..
Closer to more like last trimester and you only start to lose it due to your cervix dialating. Being a very high risk pregnancy all the time I'm loaded with questions and concerns for my doctor... luckily I have an awesome Ob staff that take their time to answer my questions and explain my concerns. You should be just fine.... however if you're really bothered by it and not sure.... speaking from experience.... there is no better piece of mind then asking your Ob :) hope this helps and good luck.