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FSH blood test 7.5 level, is that okay? What else to do? What tests?? D...
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FSH blood test 7.5 level, is that okay? What else to do? What tests?? Do I try again? 3RD M/C?

Is 7.5 a normal range for a FSH test. I just called for my results and my Dr is gone, but the assisant said it is 7.5. Is that okay. I had this done, since I had 2 concecutive m/c.Any ideas ladies??

Also, I had every thyroid test done, including antibody-since DR thought maybe that is why I miscarried. They all came back okay.All women in my family have hashimotos or hypo and she was concerned about family history.

I was put on prometrium 200 per day after 1st m/c, my levels were barely low at 9.5. I took that throughout 2nd pregnancy but still had m/c at 6 weeks.

What else should I do, is their something else they should test me for?

I have 3 children, no issues, so they dont think it is a chromosone issue.The last child I had was 11 years ago-what could of changed in that 11 years that would prevent me from carrying a baby past 7 weeks?I got pregnant easily-

I am 34, tad chubby but relatively good health.I took all my prenatals,  low dose baby aspirin and folic acid with each pregnancy that ended in m/c. I did consumme caffeine, but only with first m/c, I stopped all together with second.

I was told that I have a tilted-slightly uterus at my last examine. Even though I was never told that with previous live births.Would this cause m/c?

I am just grasping at anything. My dh of 16 years is ready to forget it all and not try again. I dont know if we should try again after 2 m/c in a row or not.

Can anyone tell me what conditions they had that caused m/c that could be my problem.

Any info would help me.I AM SO FRUSTRATED.SORRY SO LONG!!
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I was told that FSH of 10 and below is good!  Mine was 6 and the doctor told me it was you sound in the perfect range!
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