Fetal Heart Rate
by lhfoo, Oct 26, 2006
Just for fun! I would like to know what some of you ladies fetal heart was and what gender did you get boy or girl.

6wk 5 days - 165bpm
8wk 2 days - 175bpm
10wk 2 days - 162bpm

Don't know what I am having yet but hope for a girl!
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by kassnik, Oct 26, 2006
My 2 girls were in the high 150's and I am carrying a girl now who is the same.. sounds like girl to me!! good luck to you!
by kcooper, Oct 26, 2006
Just had my 18 week ultrasound and doc.appt. on Tuesday, turns out we're having another baby boy (have a 1 and a 2 year old, both boys).  The heartrate was 160.  I really wanted a girl, but was prepared for another boy.  Good luck!
by lhowell, Oct 26, 2006
My bet is on pink.  I'll bet it's a girl!  My son was always 141...and all of my friends who have girls were always over 155 and up into the 170's.  Best wishes!
by babyLevi, Oct 26, 2006
I went in at 9 weeks and the heart rate was high 150's and it has stayed that way. I am now 25 1/2 weeks pregnant with a baby boy!!
by MELISSAV2943, Oct 26, 2006
sounds like a girl to me .....

The hb with both my girls run 150 - 160

I would guess pink !!!

by twiceadopt, Oct 26, 2006
at around 7 weeks mine was 170. 16 weeks, 140. 19 weeks, 155. dont know why it varies so much but it looks to be a girl.
by kcooper, Oct 26, 2006
With all 3 of my boys the heart rates were in the 160s.  I don't think you can tell from a heart rate.
by CrystalO, Oct 26, 2006
160 bpm at 12 weeks, 140 bpm at 19 weeks, 140 bpm at 23's a boy! :)
by Crritter, Oct 26, 2006
With my son it started out fast, then dropped around 20 weeks and stayed around 160's.  This one started at 160's at 12 weeks, and just the other day at 16 weeks 4 days was in the 150's.  So hard to tell.  Usually faster are girls and slower are boys, but 160 is the gray area.  My sil has 2 girls though and her last one stayed in the 130's the whole time!  Good luck with whatever you are having!  I have no guess on mine this time, the last one I just knew was a boy from the start, this one I go back and forth, let us know when you find out, I still have another month.  Two girls I work with though are both having boys, the Dr.'s told them at 16 weeks, which is way early, but I'm so jealous.  One girl is due 3 days after me and already knows.