Five week ultrasound - no fetus - is this normal?
by nads03, Mar 20, 2006
Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I am 6 weeks pregnant and last week I had an ultrasound (vaginal). My doctor just wanted to make sure all was well since I had some minor brown spotting before I knew I was pregant (thought A/F was on the way). The tech was able to see a gest. sac but no fetus, she said it was too early. Now my dr. has seen my results and wants me to get another ultrasound done ASAP. What does this mean, is is normal not see a fetus at 5 weeks (it done at 5 weeks and 1 day). This is my first pregnancy and I'm worried. Thanks!
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by MandaJo111, Mar 20, 2006
Yes, you are just early on, another week or more will yeild much better results on a vaginal u/s.


by nads03, Mar 20, 2006
Thank you so much! You guys are awesome, I'm so glad I found this website!
by momm2b, Mar 20, 2006
I had an ultrasound done 03/14/06 and they saw the gest sac and yolk and measured to be about 5w6d and I am scheduled tomorrow for them to look for fetus so dont worry I believe you are just too early.
by bm1, Mar 20, 2006
Yep!! Everything sounds normal. I had my 1st u/s at 5wks 2days and there was nothing but a sac with a little black hole in the middle. I go for another one tommorow at 7wks 2days and we should be able to see the little heart beat. Congratulations!!
by DollChina, Mar 20, 2006
We only saw a yolk sac when I was a littel over 5 weeks.  It's normal.  Do you have another U/S scheduled?
by nads03, Mar 20, 2006
Thanks!! I have to go in tomorrow to see my doctor and get another requistion to book another ultrasound. I will probably get it done by the end of this week I hope. I'm nervous. Thanks for your answer.
by baby4Staci, Mar 20, 2006
It is possible that it is too early to see anything.  It is also possible that you may have ovulated later than you thought!!  The Dr.s will monitor you and make sure that things are going they way they should be.
Good luck!!
by cutiemama, Mar 20, 2006
I alos think about 15 weeks is about the earliest you can determine the sex of the baby but if you just can't wait, go to pregnancy store dot com and you can buy a gender determination kit that can give your results as early as 5 weeks but it's pretty expensive.