How do you know if you are leaking amniotic fluid slowly?
by GNicole, Feb 27, 2007
Last night a couple of times when I woke up my shorts were wet. It was not discharge and it wasn't sweat. Could it be amniotic fluid or could I be leaking urine in my sleep??  I hate to call the doctor because I call all the time!! Please help!!
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by cantwait4baby, Feb 27, 2007
Actually I had that last month remember and I waited before calling the doctor and he got mad at me.  I did not panic because I had the doppler and knew the baby was ok.  So do call - just to help you relax I am sure you are fine.

I went in and had lots of clear discharge - he even said I shoudl have been concerned that I was not nuts but that it was not the fluid.  They check it right there and tell you withing seconds.

Now to the more gross part.  We are both the same amount along and this week has been really heavy on the fluids.  This morning especially.  And it does say in the book that you get an increase in discharge in the third trimester so I am sure that is what it is but still call your doctor.
by GNicole, Feb 27, 2007
I remember that you had to go in. I really don't want to call because I went in last week for the swelling-I feel like I call all the time. I have been fine today, no leaking. Do you still think I should call??
by newbie2b, Feb 27, 2007
I've kinda been having a lot for some time now.  Sometimes I change my panty liner 3 times in one day.  Sorry tmi, I know.
If your worried, I'd say call your dr.  That's what we pay them for :-)
by GNicole, Feb 27, 2007
I have been reading and it says if it smells like ammonia then it is probably urine leakage. It did smell  like ammonia, so I guess I am now leaking urine! YEAH!! :)  
by Marcus's Mommy, Feb 27, 2007
Don't you wish sometime you married a doctor... lol.

I know with Marcus I had no problems... then my second was a miscarriage at 11 weeks and now this one is totally different.

I've been bleeding almost weekly since 11 weeks, had my first ever UTI, my cervical mucus is an odd colour (don't ask.. nurse said some women have a green tinge... ya right, do you?) I've had constant tightening, or the feeling that I have an extremely hard shelled belly. Last night my lower back hurt so much I could barely walk or get off the couch. Going to the chiropractor helped a little but it took a while for it to feel better. Today I'm fine. Oh, and I've already started dropping.

The wonders of being with child...
Thank God for this website that we can share our stories with.
by marra, Feb 27, 2007
hello again !yeah it sounds like urine , i did leak fluid from about 34 weeks untill the water broke at 38 weeks . the only way to tell is as you say urine smells amonia fluids is sweet. good luck x x
by pixijal, Feb 27, 2007
I don't know how far along you are, but my fluid leaked with both full term babies.

I could feel it leaking, and it was just like water in my panties.  It was a very slow leak.  The u/s showed a normal amount of fluid. It happened with my daughter at 39 weeks.  I went to the dr., he ran a slide, verified it was amniotic fluid...and I was sent immediately to the hospital for induction.  Baby was born 12 hours later.

Same thing with my son.  I was 38 weeks, water was leaking, called the dr....he ran a slide, he actually had to do it twice, becuase it came out neg the first time.  I insisted it was fluid, so he ran another slide.  Sure enough, it was.  Sent immediately to the hospital for induction.  Had my son 10 hours later.

Who gives a who who if your dr. gets irritated.  He is getting paid enough from your pregnancy to purchase a ski boat.  If your water is leaking, it introduces a high chance of infection to the fetus.  Quit screwing around if you think this is fluid...Call the dr.
by CYW, Feb 27, 2007
okay guys i want someone to try this and tell me if it works. apparently i havent been there yet so id like to know if it works. You put a pad on and obviously if it is amniotic liquid the pad has a blue shade in it.. Or so I have hear i dont know if it works try it hehe
by GNicole, Feb 27, 2007
I think it is just urine because it smells like ammonia. I have never had urine that smelled like ammonia before but it sure is interesting what pregnancy does to you!  Now I have old lady ankles, leaking urine, can't sleep, can't breathe, horrible acid reflux and the skin of a teenager except that when I was a teenager my skin was great! I know it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck to you. I forget how far along you are now?? I will be 30 weeks on Friday! :)