Odds of getting pregnant on birth control?????
by pmom, Jun 12, 2006
I am sorry to post another question but I have a question. I am currently on the pill and I did have my AF, it was 2 days late and it only lasted 4 days anjd it was light. Anyway, I have been feeling very quesy and  I am very moody, I am not normally this moody. My question is what are the chances of getting pregnant while on the pill and having a short....light AF? I know the only way to really know is to test but i am a little scared and I was wondering if it has happened to anybody. Also yesterday I and before my AF I had slight bloody CM....I was curious as to waht that might be? I know none of you are doctors but you all always give such good advice. Thanks in advance for your help.
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by stephmal, Jun 12, 2006
I'm not sure what the odds are, but I know that my sister was on birth control for years and then in october she got pregnant. she's now eight months and due on july 19th. the doctor said the baby is progressing fine and healthy. everyone asks her if they we're trying and when she says no they ask if she was on the pill. she gets quite a few surpised reactions when she tells them yes!
by momm2b, Jun 12, 2006
I know they try to tell you the pill is 99% to work however it varies from person to person as I have discovered I am 18w6d and was on the pill. Have you recently taken any prescrition drugs as that will increase the risk of pregnancy.
by Crritter, Jun 13, 2006
I got pregnant on the pill too with my first baby, didn't miss any, took them at the same time, not on antibiotics (like mentioned above, they can decrease the effectiveness of the pill), still happened.  Same thing with my mom, she got pregnant with my little brother on the pill.  Nothing is 100%, and my Dr. warned me since it wasn't as effective for my mom it may not be as effective for me either.  Of course my son was a wonderful surprise nad I'm so thankful for him, but definitely not a planned baby, my last pregnancy was not planned either...take a test if you are unsure they are pretty accurate.
by princessjenn, Jun 13, 2006
I was on BC for 3 years and never skipped one. I got pregnant with my 1st daughter. 6 weeks after she was born, I started BC again. 4 years years later out popped my youngest daughter!
by ima1, Jun 13, 2006
I know pill and nursing hormones are different, but here is my story, maybe it will help you.  My dd was 12 weeks old, and I got a light period.  Lasted for about 4 days, mainly spotting.  I did not think I could be pg since i ws nursing full time.  About a week later I started to "suspect" and took a test - negative.  I wainted another several weeks, and started giving some bottles, and got a positive.  Moral of the story - it is definately possible to get light spotting with a viable pg, especially if other hormones are involved.  I would hpt.  Good luck.
by cherry_pie, Jun 14, 2006
i took the pill religiously and got pregnant twice! .. both misscarridges tho
by crystal1990, Apr 21, 2008
i want to
get pregnate so bad but i dont want to whait till my next depo shot to have to start conceving is there any thing i can do to get pregnat fast
by mercye_1, May 19, 2009
I curently am haveing sex at least 3 times a week and i am on Depo.... we chose not to pull out what are the odds of getting pregnant?