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Open Forum Friday *TGIF* and abbreviations
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Open Forum Friday *TGIF* and abbreviations

Looks like we are having some abbreviation questions so I am going to try to give as many as I know anyone can feel free to add-on or change if any are incorrect. I also had a hard time figuring the abbreviations this is what I have found from other sites. Here goes

AF-Aunt Flo (menstruation)
AFNW-Aunt flow not wanted
AI-artificial insemination
BBT-Basal Body Temperature
BH-Braxton Hicks
BFN-Big fat negative, BFP-big fat positive,
BD-Baby Dancing (Having sex)
BCP-Birth control pills
BMS-Baby making sex
CB-Cycle buddy, CD-Cycle day,
CM-Cervical mucus
CNM-Certified nurse midwife
DD-Dear Daughter, DS-Dear Son, DH-Dear husband,
DPO-Days past ovulation,
HPT-home pregnancy test,
HRT-hormone replacement therapy,
LO-love olympics,
LP-luteal phase,
LPD-luteal phase defect,
MC or m/c-miscarriage,
NP-nurse practitioner,
OPK-ovulation predictor kit,
PCO-polycystic ovary disease,
PID-pelvic inflammatory disease
PMS-pre menstrual syndrome
STD-Sexually transmitted disease
TTC-trying to conceive
US or u/s-ultrasound
UTI-urinary tract infection
WBC-white blood cells.  

Anyway this is a good start to the ones that are more commonly used. I didn't put in the more technical terms.  I tried to pick the ones I have most commonly seen on this board.  Dragica I hope this helps.
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lol I was thinking Dh was Dumb husband lol that works to lol no my hubby is good.
Avatar n tn
Hey, this is quite useful and helpful to me as well. To think I had it covered - wow!! Yep I agree TGIF!!

Avatar n tn
Oh thi is great I just got home from a long day and thought I would take a look at the forum, been reading a little and it will be easier to read now with this ILL print it and keep it handy. Thanks a lot
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Thanks these are very helpful
642191 tn?1226787792
Thanks for posting the abbreviations.....this is VERY helpful, as I am new to this site and was struggling with some (most) of them. :)
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