Sex after D&C
by ElenaJ, Apr 01, 2007
I just want to ask if this is ok?, I had D & C done on the March .22 and the doctor told us to wait for 2 weeks to have sex, but it happened faster. It was only a week and 2 days. Is this is okay? Did anybody do that faster then doctor tells???
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by tam2girls, Apr 01, 2007
I had a partial dnc and our doctor advised us to wait to concieve to mourn the loss of the baby but other than that he didn't say no sex. Within a couple of days we had decided to ttc and resumed sex and it did me no harm. As long as it was not painful and felt right then I don't think it should be a problem.
by ElenaJ, Apr 01, 2007
Thank you, it is helpfull to know.
by tina1111, Apr 01, 2007
My dr said wait until follow up to be sure cervix was closed. It was and she said was ok for sex then. That was a week after d&c. If cervix is still open can get an infection.
by Jaces312, Apr 01, 2007
Well my DH and I only waited 1 week after my D & C. All went well with us, but i also almost no bleeding at all.
by specialteacher, Apr 01, 2007
My husband and I waited about 1 week after the D&C.  It didn't seem to cause any problems.
by chellybeans, Apr 02, 2007
my doctor advised me to wait two full weeks as it takes that long for the cervix to completely close. the reason for no sex is you can introduce foreign substances into there and get a life and/or fertility threatening infection. that being said i had no problem waiting two weeks.
by charlize11, Oct 27, 2007
i had d&c ocotber 16 and after a week, my husband and i ahd sex without using condom. am i at risk of getting pregnant again?or am i safe because ovulation starts 2 weeks after d&c or miscarriages..we are not able to get pregnant if we're not ovulating, right?
by pabloewaa, Jul 09, 2010
well, i had an uncompleted dnc and had to go for a second procedure after 6days and had sex two days later.
we had been off for well over a month cos i started spotting abt 3weeks before the first procedure.
it was my first pregnancy and praying that the second try would be a success.
by adrixherz, Aug 17, 2010
Hi my name is Adrianna I went vacation to cancun for my 21st bday and a day after that I had to get a d&c prodecure. I cant stop thinking about it i was suppose to be 17 weeks but the baby's heart beat stop at 14 weeks. They induced my labor and I had a d&c procedure right after. He was a little boy. we waited 5 days and then had sex. Has anyone done that or had it sooner? The doctor said we had 2 weeks but I just couldnt  seemed to wait it help with the mourning process. I was to send out my thoughts and prayers to those who all have been through this difficult procedure. May our little ones rest in peace.