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Symptoms up the wah-hooo anyone else experience these in early pregnanc...
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Symptoms up the wah-hooo anyone else experience these in early pregnancy

Hi All - I have a question for women who've either had a baby or are pregnant.
I've taken 3 test that all came back negative and I know (hope) that it's b/c I took the tests way too early. Patience is a virtue that I wasn't born with anywho- there are the syptoms (symptoms)

1DPO - Fluttering in my stomach - cramping in the left groing are (the space between my hip and leg)
2DPO - Hiccups - Butterflies - the cramping continues
3DPO - Hiccups - Headache - Cramping - Insomnia
4DPO - Hiccups - Headache - Nausea - Vivid dreams - Insomnia
5DPO - Left side cramping - V Vivid dreams - Heartburn
6-10DPO - Left side cramping - Constipation - CM (yellowish) left leg went numb a couple of times - Moved weird and got a shooting pain in my lower abdominal area - weird dreams - HEARTBURN- a booze drink I love didn't taste or feel right (BFN 8DPO)
11DPO - Can't sleep - Heartburn - Dizzy - Nausea - Vivid dreams - Sweaty while sleeping - CM - HPT BFN
12DPO - Constipation - heartburn - dizzy - super bitchy - sore nips (finally lol) I creid over something stupid. I don't cry
13DPO - left side cramping - heartburn - TIRED- I must have yawned 100 times today - thirsty - not hungry at all  - dizzy - Insomnia - dreams of being pregnant and going into labor - did I meantion left side dull cramping. Gassy
14DPO - I checked my Temps this morning they've been holding steady at 97.7 for 4 days now. that's high for me.
Fingers crossed and so annoyed by the BFN's. My AF was due two days ago.nothing! I refuse to test again until my regular AF would have been complete.( four days from now) I can't take another BFN.. I've fooled myself before and conviced myself that I was prego only to have my heart broken again and again. Walked fast earlier and my bbs killed.
I've been actively TTC for 14 Months. I'm 32 and the clock is ticking. Please share any like sypmtoms with me to keep me sane while I wait this one out.
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Well I do know the early symptoms (at like 1-5 dpo) are not pregnancy. Like the fluttering, etc. It's impossible to be related as at that point you're not even pregnant yet. If you're trying it's possible to just over analyze symptoms as well that you might have that day. Since you don't wanna test just yet, wait a week or so and retest with first morning urine. (first response is recommended) if that is still negative, see a doctor for a blood test.
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Well, I sure hope your pregnant !!  I agree that I wouldn't look into anything until 7-10 days because that is when implantation happens.  As far as everything else, the only thing I had was vivid dreams.  Heartburn for me doesn't happen until the 3rd tri because of everything being pushed way high in my stomach.  I hope it's not all the stress of all of these symptoms that has delayed your period because 2 days late you should be getting a bfp. Keep us posted :)
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