Tylenol with codeine during pregnancy?
by Waiting4myprincess, Aug 20, 2007
My OB prescribed me Tylenol with codeine on Friday for severe migraines that I have been getting. Has anyone else been put on tylenol with codeine and did it effect your baby at all? I have noticed that she doesn't seem to move around as much when I take a pill. I am trying not to take the pills unless I absolutely have too but my headaches have been SOOOOO BADDD with this pregnancy and regular tylenol doesn't even touch the pain. Any ideas? Suggestions? Anyone go through something similiar? Should I not be taking these at all? HELP! lol. (I am 22 weeks along) I don't want to take them if there is ANY risk at all. I was taking tylenol with codeine before and everything looked OK with the baby at the 20 week scan, so am I just worried or overreacting? Please help, I am a nervous wreck.
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by Darkestlight, Aug 20, 2007
You are overreacting. lol. I took tylenol with codeine for a gallstone and my baby is perfectly healthy and fine at 33wks. You are fine. Don't worry.
by AnnieBrooke, Aug 20, 2007
I'd take the pills; just talk to the doc near the end of the pregnancy about weaning off them before the baby comes.  Probably the codeine makes the baby sleepy and this is why you notice reduced movement.  But you don't want the baby to go through codeine withdrawal after being born.  Your doc can advise on this.
by peekawho, Aug 20, 2007
Don't overuse it.  Not only can it lead to dependency issues, it will make your headaches worse (rebound headaches) if you take it often enough.  

Just limit it as much as you can tolerate.  
by luv_babies, Aug 20, 2007
My cousin was on it for migraines during her pregnancy and my dr prescribed cough medicine with codeine for a horrible cough I had and both our babies are fine.
by joyfulmom, Aug 20, 2007
I took that when I was pregnant with my DD.  I had a week long BAD headache.  And it didn't even make the headache go away!  But it is safe to take.
by surprisebaby, Aug 20, 2007
I took tylenol with coedine throughout my pregnancy, for severe pain in my back.  My baby is fine.  It was suggested that I wean myself off of them prior to the birth (by my Doctor and Pharmacist) so the baby would not go through withdrawal, so I did, and there were no complications,  I took them full dose (6-8 tablets a day for approx. 7 months).  
by AnnieBrooke, Aug 20, 2007
Another suggestion also -- I never was able to get even the slightest pain relief for headaches from Tylenol, I might have just as well been drinking a glass of water.  But recently I have taken Tylenol 8 hour, and it is a whole different story.  I can even get rid of a headache with two of them.  Possibly you can reduce your use of the codeine if you take Tylenol 8 hour instead of plain Tylenol.