Went in for last US before D&C and found baby with Hearbeat and Blood Clot in Uterus
by Kimbr7, Jan 30, 2007
I went in yesterday to the doctor with some brown spotting know that my HCG levels had not rised liked they should have.
1/15 - 208
1/17- 425
1/22 -1,000
1/25 - 1,300

I went in yesterday and he told me he wanted to do a D&C because I was spotting and my numbers were showing miscarriage. I got in and long behold there was a baby in the sac with a heartbeat.  The doctor was lost and have no idea who this could have happend.  The only bad thing is there is a Blood clot next to the baby in my uterus.  He said the reason I am bleeding in because of the blood clot. He took more blood and told me to come back on Thursday.  Has anyone every had this happen?  Do you think my baby is okay and he/she might make it?  I am concerned about the blood clot and if that will hurt my baby.  Has anyone had a blood clot with pregnancy before? The blood clot is right behind the baby, but not attached to the sac. HELP!!!
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by Trudy80, Jan 30, 2007
Oh what a save by the bell experience you had!  Having a hb is fantastic news and I really cant offer you any self experience on this matter but wanted to say I am thinking of you and hope all turns out well for you from here on in.  Cross fingers that the blood clot dissolves itself over time (not sure if that is possible?).

by kaydiane, Jan 30, 2007
how lucky. congrats and good luck. I hope everything is ok xx
by deanne11, Jan 30, 2007
This happened to me with my last pregnancy, although my drs could not be sure if it was a blood clot or fluid leaking from the placenta or what....

My baby never had a hb though...sadly, I had 3 u/s at 6 weeks, 7 weeks and 8 weeks with no hb.

I had blood count done with HCG of 42000 the day of my 8 week u/s then scheduled the d&e 2 days later.  I had them run another HCG count and it only increased 1200 and still no hb.....

Your are a step ahead of me b/c they did detect a hb....GREAT news for you and I'd say you have more than hope....GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE.
by pepperlane256, Jan 30, 2007
Congrats! I praying that everything turns out ok. Keep us updated.
by anxiousmomtobe?, Jan 30, 2007
Good news on the heartbeat.  Congrats/
by jennifer1977, Jan 30, 2007
SOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear this!  Congrats, and God Bless you.  I think you and baby will do just fine:)
by raurie, Jan 30, 2007
I was speaking to you at the begining of last week.  I too have been spotting for whats going on three weeks.  However I think it is stopping finally.  But whose to know.  I went for my sono on Friday and there was only a sac and yolk, and they said I was only 5 weeks 1 day.  so I am going back on tuesday the 6th to hope that there is a fetus.  Anyway, I dont really know about teh blood clot, but I just wanted to say that I am happy for you that your baby  has its heartbeat!!  I hope all goes well for you.
by boogaloo, Jan 30, 2007
I had a blood clot with my son.  I was sure I had miscarried.  There was so much blood and I was only 13 weeks along.  He's a healthy happy 4 year old now.  It's hard to tell if the clot will cause issue or not.  I think it probably depends on if it grows and the location.  I hope your pregnancy ends up well.
by candie26, Jan 30, 2007
Congrats! What a wonderful surprise. I wish I had info for you, but I have never heard of that before. Try to google it! Keep us posted!