possible of gettin pregnant when havin sex night before ovulation?
by Fistful, Jan 27, 2007
is it possible that u can be pregnant when u have sex a night before you ovulate???
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by lovefamily, Jan 27, 2007
You can respond to all the post you want.  It's the intial post themselves.  That's the way I understand it.  I seen some folks get pretty irrate with some on here that didn't know.
by pertykitty, Jan 27, 2007
pregnancy can only occur when the egg is released. at ovulation. the sperm can live in the body for a little time. so the chances of concieving with the sperm sitting there waiting at the time of the egg release are good from the night before. once the egg is released and it isnt met with sperm it will disinegrate within 12-24 hours i believe. maybe its 48 but i am not 100% sure.
by fancy1231, Jan 27, 2007
You have a Great chance, this is how I conceived my little one im carrying now (actually it was more like 3 days b4  i ovulated b- cause i was not wanting to get preg at that time after 2 m/c i wanted to give my body a little more of a break, but was thrilled!), 20 weeks today! and its a Girl, Good Luck, hope your get your BFP!!
by *heartagram*, Jan 27, 2007
That's one of the best times to do it if you are TTC.
by lovefamily, Jan 27, 2007
Highly possible.  If trying to concieve it is best to have sex right before ovulation.  The sperm can stay alive in your body for several days.  So once in your body before ovulation, everything is in place for getting pregnant.  I hope that's what you want.
by Monkeybeanz, Jan 27, 2007
It is ONLY possible (lets say 90%) to get PG BEFORE you ovulate. You do not usually get pregant after you ovulate. Your fertile time is BEFORE you ovualte. (Usually a day or couple days before.)
by lovefamily, Jan 27, 2007
Fistful,  just for your information...I just noticed that you posted 4 questions in a row.  The way I understand it is they only allow so many questions posted on here a day.  You should try to group your questions all together.   Some people get pretty upset when they see that someone has used up so many post.  I'm not upset...just giving you some friendly advice.
by Baby Vol, Jan 27, 2007
wow. i am glad u posted that, does that mean responses to posts or just posts themselves. i never knew that! does it take up room or what exactly. this is the first forum i have ever joined in. thanks for info!
by BusyMom92960206, Jan 27, 2007
We are right there together!  I will be 20 weeks Monday and I am having a GIRL too!  That is cool, my little bean is already measuring large though so she may get here a little earlier, it will be up to my Dr.  He induced me with my last one almost two weeks early due to size.  Keep me posted on how you are doing.  Take care!