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A blast from the past...!
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A blast from the past...!

Hi Everyone who may remember me.

Hope everyone is doing ok?  I've been busy texting UK2 (Sam) so thought I would drop in and see how everyone is doing....good I hope.

Things with me are greatly improved.  Had my 6 month check up with MS dr about 2 weeks ago where we discussed my repeat MRi etc.  Good news is that there are no new lesions although he did mentioned something about a signal change (still not sure what he ment).  Anyway, he won't discharge me yet and wouldn't say if it was or wasn't ms although he did say that is his main area of concern, so the waiting game continues which I am ok with's a lot easier to deal with when you are feeling so much better.  I still get the old pins and needles and numbness and nerve twitches/spasms etc but that's alot easier to cope with now and I've kind of got used to it. I'm back at work pretty much full time but I'm taking it carefully as the fatigue is pretty hard to cope with at times but it seems to be getting better slowly. Luckily my work is really supportive and I go when I feel I need to go..I am very luckily here but I worked like a nutter before this all happened.

My hubby and I are trying to be positive and move on, which at times is hard with a big question mark hanging over your head but I know I'm not alone in this so won't moan too much. Hoping to try for a family...Quix might need your advice in that area this

Anyway, that's my news.  So many new people on the forum which is great to see!!!

Really hope everyone is doing ok.

Much love Em x
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198419 tn?1360245956
Hi Em!  

It's so nice to see you, and even better that you are in a good place!  I'm so happy for you.  We've missed you, have hollared out to you, but it's hard to keep things on the front page.  We have SO many new members, it's wonderful.

Sometimes all we need is a little break from symptoms, in order to be able to cope with what we are dealt, and I hope this break for you lasts a lifetim.

I wish you all the very best with starting a family! That's exciting, and I hope it all works out as it should!

Stay in touch more often, and let us know how you are,

Be well,
220917 tn?1309788081
Hey, Ballerina Girl!

So great to hear from you!  You sound wonderful.  I hope the doctor stays on top of things for you, but at least he's thinking in the right direction, it seems like.  Also glad you have no new lesions!

Feel well and stay in touch!  (Sam's one of my favorites, too!)

230948 tn?1235847929
Hi Em

I know we have caught up by text but just wanted to say its great to see you back on her.

Call me some time when your not busy at work and we can catch up some more

Love sam x


right back at you baby your one of my favorites too!!
281565 tn?1295986283
Hey Girl it is so good to see you back here. It is good to hear you sounding happy. I hope all keeps going well with you. I too wish you all the best with starting a family.

Keep in touch with us and let us know how things progess.

147426 tn?1317269232
I AM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU!!  Did you see that I called out for you a week or so ago?  I had definitely noticed your absence and have missed you since you dropped below the radar.

I have always thought you had MS and I am sticking to that.  But, we'll see.  A signal change sounds pertinent.  I wish I could hurry thiings along so you would have a definite answer.

About the kids.  Well, remember I specialized in them after all the fun and hard labor were put in.  But, if this is MS, this is what is believed and known at this time.  There is no contraindication if you do have MS to having children.  In fact there is some evidence that having pregnancies and children appears to have a moderating effect long term on the course of MS, meaning that the course may be overall milder in a good %age of women.

They already know that women with MS tend to feel their best during the pregnancy and tend to have a relapse, sometimes a good, whalloping one, in the few months after delivery.  So that should be planned for in terms of working or help, etc.

My opinion is that if someone thinks they have MS, they should still plan for the lives they want, bearing in mind that their energy may be lower, they may have to plan in more flexibility for the difficult times (relapses).  And they might want to consider how many children they want, knowing their physical resources may be more limited.  But, a lot of women here are coping with many kids and wouldn't give up a single one.

If you are ultimately diagnosed with MS and if you start one of the meds that is a Interferon (Avonex and Rebif, maybe Betaseron) that you need to be off the med for some number of weeks before trying to conceive.  The Interferons are powerful abortifactants.  This means that they have a high likelihood of causing miscarriage.  But, for the women on an Interferon who carried to delivery there was not any indication of birth defects.  All the babies have been healthy.

That's really the extent of my knowledge about beginning a family.  The technical stuff is up to you, lol.  Yes, my mom has the T-shirt that says, Let me get this straight.  My grandchild is a cat?"

215385 tn?1201806501
Hi Everyone, thanks so much for saying hello, it's so great to catch up with the gang...missed you all.

And thanks for the advice about the 'children issue'.  I actually stopped taking all my medication in December because of our plans and so far so good I've been doing ok without them.  I do get some of the old weird symptoms but I am now so used to them I would probably miss them if there weren't

I am currently 5 days late getting my period...think it would be a miracle to get pregnant after just a month of trying though....but at least some part of me might be working right...he he!!!

Really hope you are all ok though.  I'd love to know how you are all doing?

Much love

Em  x
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