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No power for six days and counting! Question?
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No power for six days and counting! Question?

It's been six days since we had power here in Connecticut.
The Halloween snow storm knocked my town off the grid.

Luckily we have a wood stove in the basement and a fireplace.
My biggest concern was staying warm.

I am off the steroids for a week and developed a sinus infection.
Am I more prone to infections after steroids?

Also, can the cold cause already problematic walking worse.

I notice when I am outside,my calves cramp up.

Thanks.  I feel like I am living on the prairie.
Thank god it happened now and not two weeks ago when I was in the hospital and getting the daily steroids.

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You would have been better off if it happened while you were in the hospital.  They have backup generators for electricity and heating.

For MS any stimuli or stress can cause a flair-up.  Heat will cause cognitive and fatigue and cold will cause muscle issues.  Both can cause balance issues to be worse.

For me riding in the car down a busy road takes toll on me because of all visual stimuli.

The same is for financial problems, family issues, solitude or too many people.  
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Yes you can be more prone to infections while on steroids.

It has been my experience that cooler weather makes my calves cramp up and stay that way longer. I take more flexeril in colder weather.

Glad you have means to keep warm. Being without power sure is a challenge. Hope you get power back soon. Lest you can put stuff outside to keep it cold. OK so that's stretching it spot a bright spot.

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Thanks guys.

Its actually not as bad as it soundsl

We are living like pioneers.
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