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Rapid-fire cold spots
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Rapid-fire cold spots

Hey all!  I'm a bit bothered by what's going on with me lately, and I was wondering if any of you all had some similar experiences or insights to share...

So, starting about a week ago, I've been having cold spots appearing everywhere!  I'm pretty sure these are just classic paresthesias - hmm, I guess the best way I can think to describe it like holding your hand in the "steam" the rises off of dry ice.  

The thing that's freaking me out is, the cold spots just keep coming!  Like today, I started off with two big stripes running down each leg and two spots on the bottom of each foot.  Then, about noon, my thumb, pointer finger, and maybe the ring finger too all went ice cold, with the coldness spreading down my forearm... the other hand went a little cold too in the same place.  

Then, a couple hours later, the back of my right calf (the heel area, ish) went all cold.  Then, a little later, my last two fingers and now the back side of my forearm got all cold, and a couple minutes later, it happened on the other hand too.  And then (ha, sorry, I can't say this without laughing - what am I, three? :) the left side of my butt went all cold too.  And now, there's a patch on my upper right arm.

It just seems like so much coldness all at once!  And the other thing that's freaking me out some... the coldness seems to be followed by numbness.  

Oh, and once a patch starts, it seems to die down a little after a while, but as far as I can tell, they're all sticking around...

Does anybody know what's up?  Or has anybody experienced rapid-fire paresthesias, all over your body in way-random places?  

This happened (to a smaller extent) about a week ago, with a bunch of new cold spots suddenly popping up on my legs.  I'm just worried about what's wrong.  Does this sound like an MS-thing?  I was under the impression that MS paresthesias tend to be more isolated...

Anyway, thank you so much for any help!

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Hi. This does sound strange. It's not MS-like, because with MS, sensations do not move around all over. Every MS 'oddity' is caused by a specific lesion, even though we don't know for sure where most of the lesions are.

Trying to match lesions and symptoms is a waste, but we know there IS a match somewhere. It would be most unlikely that you are developing lesions from MS at the rate you describe. Still, something neurological must be going on with you, to have the sensations you are experiencing. It's also peculiar that the paresthesias are all of the same variety. Usually we get a weird mix.

Something system-wide could be the cause, and maybe it's in addition to what brought you to the forum to begin with. So perhaps you should be tested or retested for infections, B12 deficiency, other infammatory conditions and so on.

Explaining the cold spots to your doctor won't be easy :-)  but good luck.


Thanks, ess, for your response!  This is all good to know.  I didn't think MS stuff happened like this...  And that's a good point about them being all cold!  

I'm just freaked out about all these patches accruing like this.  They don't all stay cold, by the way - I mean, they all stay weird, but yeah, that's really strange that they are all cold to begin with.  Ha, shoot, like you said - I'm not looking forward to explaining these patches to a doctor!

Anyway, I really appreciate the post :)  
I had this problem with cold spots for about 2 years now.
It is all over the place at times.My husband can feel the coldness.
Nothing I can do when it hits.I sit here in my house with 2 jackets on some times.
IAfter a dentist visit 2 years ago it started hitting me.I called the dentist to see if he did something diffrent but was told no.When I'm stressed it will feel worse.
I sure would love to find out what this is all about.
I did go to the doctor and was giving some nerv pain help.
Have you made any progress in finding out about your cold spots? I too have developed cold spots of skin and am keen to find out more.
At the moment, for instance, I have a cold spot on the top of my right hand. There's nothing to see. I think it does feel cold to the touch. Also a cold spot on back right of neck. Earlier it was my left outside ankle that was bothering me. Also my right heel.
The spots move around but haven't so far been on my torso or face. I'm unaware of it when exercising, or out and about. In bed I can get cold elbows ... the list goes on.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Are you taking any anti depressants?

I was taking them for a time, to treat neuropathy and I would experience weird cold areas too. When I changed mess the coldness eventually went away.

Good luck!
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