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Sleep aides and Restless Limb Syndrome
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Sleep aides and Restless Limb Syndrome

Q? Does anyone else have a problem with taking medication with sleep aides in it?
     Usually resulting in, what can best be described as, Restless Limb Syndrome

I began getting (Restless Leg Syndrome) whenever I took Tylenol PM, so I stopped taking it.
So, I began taking generic NyQuil (aka NiteTime), until I started getting Restess Leg/ Arm Syndrome.
Then, last night, I took generic Benydril (Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride) because I was itching all over.
This caused me to have Restless Leg Syndrome in both my legs.

I call it "Restless Limb Syndrome" (at the suggestion of another member), because it can happen to
my arms or my legs, or all of them.

It is a very irritating feeling, that will NOT let you stay still.  You cannot get comfortable, no matter how
you sit/lay down.

It gets so bad, that I try standing, squeezing my feet or arm, physically striking my feet or hand
(with my fist or back scratch-er), nothing seems to work.  What makes it even more inconvenient
is at the time it occurs, I really want to go to sleep, and can't.

Last night, I broke down and took one of my wife's muscle relaxers, and was finally able to go to

My Q? for any of you is:  Does this happen to you?  (when you take any medication with a sleep aide)
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Diphenhydramine (generic Benadryl) is the "sleep" ingredient in Tylenol PM.  I suspect it is also in NyQuil or any other OTC that advertises sleep help.  It is an antihistamine.  Quix pointed out recently that it can cause excitement and may make RLS worse.

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Thanks Mary,

Well, that explains why I'm having such a hard time.

I don't normally have RLS, only when I take sleep aides or Benadryl, so
I guess I better put them on my "Do NOT take these OTC's unless you
like to suffer the consequences."

Thanks again, take care and may God bless.

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