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That wonderful MS ITCH........
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That wonderful MS ITCH........

Does anyone get that know the one.......

It just appears out of nowhere especially when it is hot.

I have the chilblain itch in my feet...itch itch itch.

I have the invisible itch on my shins, scratch scratch scratch...

I have the bite itch on my fingers....itch...burn, itch, scratch, tingle, burn..pain itch.....

I have the itch on my scalp....itch itch scratch, look...check for nits....itch scratch scratch wash hair....itch scratch no relief.

I have the itch on my shoulder ...... itch itch, check for spots or hairs nothing....itch itch....scratch on door post.....

I have the itch on my face quick check in mirror to see if there is a crawly or hair on my face ... nothing, itch, tickly, itch itch, tickly back and forth to the mirror nothing.

Oh no I have that awful itch in my ear.......arrrggghhhhhhh

Itch itch itch on and on.....I cant wait for the heat to go away lol.

Is it just me?

It feels like my nervous system is stuck on high lol.

Any advise apart from wearing mittens to stop me. I have even made myself bleed on my shins........

Blooming itch.
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738075 tn?1330579444
Oh, you mean like the itch on my scalp when I get into the shower and start washing my hair?  Or the itchy back when I get out of the shower?  For me, it's more heat related.

I hear you're having a bit of a heat wave over there...
739070 tn?1338607002
I know "the itch" quite well!!! The only thing that eases it a little bit is a cool compress then lots of lotion. It doesn't make it go away completely but it doesn't make it may main focus so I can think of other things.

With total empathy,
Avatar f tn
I know the itch too!!! Three yrs. now. Itch when overheated, itch when nervous and body temp. rises. Leathery looking , red, split scaly skin on left hand only. Bleeding when I get carried away with scratching . I have to use an ice pack until the itch starts to fade. I also had the ER doc. prescribe a topical cream , forget the name, starts with a C. It cleared up the awful leathery look.

Ice, Ice and more Ice!!!!! LOL

Oh yeah, I have had the itch behind my knees when I get hot, also itch on the fold of my arm.
I have had the itch on my shins too. It S U C K S !!

Hope it goes away,
923105 tn?1341831249
Oh yes I too know that itch!!

I can scratch and itch until my hands or arms until they are red raw.

Mine is set off my stress. I'm under stress at the moment having the whole family here for Easter, so I'm just waiting for it to start,

Hope you get some relief,

Avatar f tn
Hahahahaha.  Not funny I know so well...  I look at the itch as the inability for my mind to connect the fingernails to the itch being scratched.  You know - scratch with your fingertips, but not connecting?  I simply refuse to scratch my itches when it happens.  It's like feeding a hungry bear grapes.
1470552 tn?1300609507
Hi there, I had this prom too. I use to itch my arm tell i bleed I have scars all over my left arm. So I started using tea tree oil and also taking 2 fish oil pills  a day and my skin is so soft it feels like it did at 30. I never believed in this stuff but it worked. so maybe it would help you too. I even had these wart looking things growing around my ankles and they are all gone. My skin would flake from dryness and now i did not even use lotion and iam not dry.

I hope this well help T
1168317 tn?1330266437
boy do i know that itch lol
i get it on my feet , shins, hands and fingers, but most of all i get it sooooo bad in the inside of my legs near my groin area .
sometimes i can scratch till it nearly bleeds!!!!! so not nice
cold compress and gabapentin work for me
regards bairdy
1660929 tn?1319762389
OH THAT ITCH!!!! Itchy here, itchy there, itchy everywhere Lololol!!! I get that itch in my scalp, chin and neck area. What works is a cool cloth or pack sometimes ice and some lotion.

Maybe it might work for you cause that itchy can drive you CRAZY!!

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