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burning feet!!!!!
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burning feet!!!!!

hi folks
im due to see the nuro on 11th march and i have been reading some post and noticed a lot of peaple suffer with burning on the soles of the feet!!!
i have had this for a long time. at night after being on my feet all day at work and put it down to bad shoes or trainers. and pain too
can this be an ms thing!! and should i tell the nuro .
thanks any thoughts would be good
regards bairdy
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Hi :-)

I'm still new at this, still undiagnosed.

My first symptom was burning/stinging in my hands and feet. I still get it in my feet.

IMO, tell your doctor. If it is not an MS thing, then it is caused by something and should be looked at.

Good luck!
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Yes you should mention it to your consultant, as with every other symptom that you experience as what may seem trivial to you could be really important to them and it helps build up a picture of you and your health.

I too get that horrible feeling of my feet being on fire and take a couple of meds which thankfully help to relieve a bit of the pain.

But this feet buring thing can be other conditions too, diabeatics also get this due to nerve damage and you also get it if you have certain vitamin defiencies so your doctor may want to do some further blood work to rule out other things too.

Don't worry there are meds out there that can help.

I hope your appointment goes well and you get some answers and help x

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