I'm never hungry & seeing/smelling food makes me sick
by TheCheeseLady, Apr 06, 2008
I used to always love food. I never had a problem with it. I'll admit that I was and still am a picky eater, but for the past 6-7 years, I've never really been hungry. I seemed to have forgotten what hunger feels like.

I have no problem with my wieght or with the way I look. I'm active because I play sports year round. I'm currently 17 years old and this never being hungry thing tends to get in the way of many activities. Being that most people my age enjoy going out to eat or pigging out at a friends house, it poses many problems for me.

I can't eat big meals at one sitting, and I must force myself to eat small snacky stuff. Some times throughout the day, if I see or smell food, it can make me sick to my stomach. I've been to the doctor concerning the stomach issues, but the only thing they came up with was that I had a little more acid in my stomach than normal. That wasn't what was making me not hungry though.

I went to a psychologist just to see if it was something to do with, But nothing came out of it. It is quite frustrating to deal with and nobody seems to understand. Some people even take it as rude when I don't eat. I guess I could live with the eating snacky stuff throughout the day thing, but my biggest concern is me being sick to my stomach most of the time.

I feel sick every morning. The sickness usually tapers off by the afternoon. Some people I've talked to said to try to eat breakfast, since I never do/can. I've tried to force myself, but it jsut seems to make matters worse. Are there any people out there with some of the same symptoms? Are there anyways to stop myself from feeling nauseous?
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by sheamus, Jun 10, 2008
whats up this is my first post. to be honest i have had similar symptoms. i never eat cuz it makes my stomach sick. i dont know whats going on ive gone to a gastro doc and they think its stress. i have trouble with almost everything and i feel like im losing it. I use to love food. give me feedback if you know of anything
by shay_shayL, Jun 15, 2009
When i see or think about food it makes me sick. I love food but for the past week or so i don't even want to think about food. It is mostly meat. I always loved meat and now i can't stand the sight,smell.or thought of it. Meat is not the only food that does that to me but i don't know what it could be.i never want to eat now because i am scared of what i am going to feel like after words.. I want to go to the doctors but i am scared that they will tell me i have a eating disorder or something. Honestly I LOVE FOOD. I have love the weight that i am! I am 17 years old and a female and i cant be losing my appetite. If you know anything please tell me what i could do?
by sunny1978, Jul 12, 2009
My mother has dealt with this problem her entire life she has also been extremely skinny her entire life, My mother also is/was an alcoholic, so she did get calories from beer. The doctors never listened to her because she started gaining weight a few years ago and was even told she needed to watch her weight. When she explained that she doesn't eat, she is never hungry the smell of food makes her nauseus and even throws up.
A few moths ago she started vomiting and couldn't even hold down water. Trips back and forth to the doctor did no good, they could not find anything wrong, About a month ago she was hospitalized and she was completely depleted of all her vitamins, she lost her ability to walk and has been completely confused, they diagnosed her with encepalopthy  and it was caused from her not eating for so many years and then throwing up. My mother is not anerexic or belemic she just could not eat she was never hungry and if she smelled food it made her sick. She has been getting treated with vitamins, folic acid, B1 (thiamin), potassium and several other things. She literally was starving to death. Even though they still do not know why.  They are currently treating her with Remeron, it is suppose to make you hungry, help with the nausea and vomiting, she is showing great improvement. We still do not know if she will be able to walk again because she had starved for so long, but she is back to her senses again, so that is a start.
Just like with my mother Doctors will not listen, and I do not know why, but do not let this continue. It could kill you it almost did my mother.. Make someone listen, in the mean time make sure you take vitamins because you can starve your brain, especially of B1 Thiamin, and I promise you do not want to go through what we have been threw. Ask your doctor about Remeron.
by nlcgrnhlgh, Jul 18, 2009
your 'problem' is very similar to mine.
i came across this site when looking for an answer on the web. no look. all i came close to seeing as a possible answer, was either diabetes or a form of depression.
i myself have always been a fussy eater, never being able to eat a full meal, or if i am to go out to a restaurant for tea, this means that if i want to finish that meal, i am best not eating anything else all day.

it's been like this for around 3 years now.
it's more of a 'faze' for me, completely going off my food and not even realising i haven't eaten. the smell and sight of food will make me feel sick to my stomach, most of the time i will just heave as there isn't anything inside of me to throw up.
my longest 'faze' lasted around a month, i just drank constantly. but i knew it was bad when i ended up fainting in the showering. yet, i seem to just pray it will end. the few people who know, either think i am doing this intentionally or give me some advice to go to the doctors. but really, what can they do? i would rather to just go through the 'faze'
but it scares me and i want an answer, i'm just worried of what it will be.

by SassyLassie, Jul 19, 2009
My dad has this problem, and I do too at times. For me it is depression and anxiety, but for dad, I am sure it is a Zinc deficiency. I did some research on Zinc, and I found that if you are low in this mineral, you will not be hungry and food will taste "weird". My doc did a zinc test on me and sure enough, I am low. I would add a zinc supplement to your diet and give it a couple of weeks to really kick in.  

Oh, how is your sense of smell? If you do not smell things, like food, then it won't taste good either, zinc will help this problem as well.

Food allergies can sometimes cause the problems that everyone is mentioning, but that is not too common.

For all of you, try adding a good multi-vitamin with a large amount of vitamin "B" in it, the B vitamins will help the nervous system and they have been known to stimulate the appetite as well. Also, take a multi-mineral, this will give you the needed minerals your body needs. Also, try eating smaller amounts of food through-out the day, and eat what you crave, don't worry at this point about the calories, sugar, etc, just start getting some nourishment into you. Smoothies are a good start and are good for you. If you like yogurt, try eating some of that, just anything that you crave, this will be a good start and hopefully, the stomach aches and nauseated feelings will get better.
by Nearlyblonde087, Sep 10, 2009
So I also have the same problem. It does matter whether I want to eat or not... as soon as I take a bite of something my stomach says no way and I feel like gagging. I haven't been to the doctor but I'm sure it's not anything physically wrong. I have always been able to eat and I think it may just be stress from my last couple years of college that's making me lose my appetite. Either way... I found a website that gives a few suggestions on how to increase your appetite (legally). I haven't tried any of it yet but I figured I would put it up here for everyone...

Hope this is helpful.
by charles_darwin, Sep 20, 2009
Hello, my situation is very similar to yours. I rarely feel hungry and most of the time have to force feed myself meals, then often throw most of it up(often being like once in every 6-7 meals). Also like you, the smell of food can make me sick, especially if I have recently eaten.
The only thing that I have found to help without fail is cannabis... sorry if you didn't want to hear that. It really works though, give me one joint and ill be able to eat a supersized meal and still be starving. Munchies are absolutely amazing.
by sum12stupid4u, Oct 06, 2009
Hey I'm kinda going through something similar right now. I never feel hungry anymore at all, and I always feel dizzy, tired and nauseous. This gets especially bad if I eat... Most of the time I don't even want food, but if I do try to eat, just a few bites in I'll start feeling dizzy and nauseous, and I'll have pain in my upper abdomen. I recently discovered that meat greatly exaggerates this reaction. But, when I was around your age, the smell of certain foods would make me so sick that I sometimes would have to go to sleep and I would sleep for nearly an entire day just trying to get myself to stop feeling sick. I couldn't eat breakfast or I'd hurl. I also couldn't remember what it felt like to be *actually* hungry and when I was in school people mistakenly thought I was an anorexic because I would read through lunch and let someone else use my food card. So here goes:

I have neurocardiogenic syncope which counts for a substantial amount of my problems, but isn't likely to account for me getting sick when I smell food, and I don't think it causes appetite loss.

I will say though... that when I was in school, I *always* felt sick. It was especially bad in the mornings, just like you. I eventually figured out what was doing it. It was definitely emotional/mental, but I could never pinpoint why. When I'd wake up in the morning (even though I barely realized it) I was always filled with a sense of dread. The idea of going to school was worse than actually being at school. It was the weirdest thing, I would be sick to my stomach  five mornings out of the week, and then (unless something was planned for that day) I was fine for two.I would go all day during the week without eating.. and sometimes would go 2+ days with no food at all. Then on the weekend I felt good enough to eat normal sized meals. I barely payed any attention to this pattern, but did one day realize what was going on. My anxiety just runs *that* deep. I have a horrific fear of the unknown, even if the unknown is something simple or stupid.

Such as: I love the show Family Guy. I also love Smallville and Young at the Restless. When the latter two come on, their almost always or always brand new episodes. So no matter how bad I want to watch them, sometimes I'll wait for long periods of time before I watch them and when I go to turn it on, I just feel sick to my stomach. Whereas when I watch Family Guy, I'm familiar with 100% of the episodes, and since there is no storyline that moves from episode to episode, I feel no sense of impending doom if I watch it. So I'll watch the same episode of Family Guy 30 times even if I have a list full of brand new shows that I love.

Although I doubt watching tv or going to school is what is making you feel ill, (but hey, ya never know), you might think to sit down and consider if such a psychological trigger exists. It might even be hard to find one, because I went 21 years before I figured out that anxiety had that big of an impact on my life. So you might not think you're anxious... but nausea feel surprisingly similar to anxiety.
by ruffmagruff, Oct 06, 2009
ok, you are all saying you are not hungry, and FOOD makes you sick. and when you take a bite of SOMETHING you want to throw up.

FIRST THING  we have to ask is: WHAT DO YOU EAT...???

i fear that you are meaning doritos, or cupcakes or prepared soups or some mysterious processed food, like bread


digestion is a fickle thing sometimes, a food that you could eat alone might make you sick combined with another.

FIRST THING TO DO: try WHOLE foods seperately. as in eat just one fruit. or one vegetable, or rice, or beans, or meat. alone, separate from anything else. not any processed food as they are high in cotaminants and allergy prone foods.this should help you identify what is ok for you to eat, and what you are reacting to.

common food intolerances are to: wheat, dairy, peanuts, treenuts, soy, yeast, vinegar, citric acid...looking in preprepared or processed foods almost every kind has a potential allergen of some kind. you may always be trying to eat FOOD, or SOMETHING that is harmful to you, but there may be plenty whole foods you can tolerate

so try this and post again, and you may just see you all have certain foods that you dont want to eat and certain foods that you can eat...

try steamed vegetables (preferably organic to avoid pesticides), rice, beans, meat, or rice with vegetables, beans with vegetables, meat with vegetables. avoid using additives or sugar at first. next try adding spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric, and herbs such as rosemary, basil to improve digestion and add flavor.

towards health!
good luck
and much peace